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    Wear as little as possible.

    No, this doesn’t mean “show off your diapers!” Here’s what it means -

    First, don’t try to hide your diapers by squashing them down with tight clothes, or wearing more layers of clothing over them than you would over underwear. The pressure just makes them less effective. Take your measurements in wet and messy diapers, then buy some clothes to suit.

    Second, don’t try to keep your diapers quiet by wearing underwear over them. It doesn’t work. Wear a bodysuit and waterproof pants like the rest of us.

    Third, IN PRIVATE, go pantsless whenever possible. If you’re able to, I would strongly suggest limiting yourself to diapers, waterproof pants, and a bodysuit, and nothing else. This includes outside. If you have a backyard that you know nobody else can see into, I would add socks and velcro sneakers, but that’s it. There are good functional reasons for this and they are the exact same reasons babies are often seen running around in a t-shirt and diaper.

    • Leaks are a fact of life. The more you wear, the more laundry you eventually have to do. Combined with the extra laundry already associated with diapers, this gets old real fast and leads to getting sloppy with your laundry and hygiene.
    • Onesies are specifically designed to hug your upper body while expanding as necessary around your crotch and butt. Pants don’t do this; yes, messy diapers create a bulge in the seat of your pants, but they’re getting squashed in by the stiffness of the material, even on properly fitted pants. Onesies, on the other hand, expand much more effortlessly as your diaper does. This is important especially in situations where you are engaged in strenuous physical activity like mowing the lawn, where your diaper can easily go from clean to full in one to two hours.
    • The groin is a big part of the body’s cooling system. With insulators (superabsorbent polymer diapers, PVC waterproof pants) over it, it doesn’t get the opportunity to do that. It’s easy to restore the balance by going pantsless and keeping your legs - also great heat radiators - more exposed than usual.

    I have mentioned my previous continence issues on this account and have now been asked about them so here goes. (My country’s calendar years and school years sync up, and my birthday is in Q4.)

    I had no/minimal continence from birth up to late second grade (just after 7). “Minimal” is because after about 5 years old I could choose to mess but couldn’t choose not to mess. I never had awareness or control of my bladder until I was 7.

    With medical assistance and supervision I was pretty much completely toilet trained by about the middle of third grade. I’m still unclear on the nature of the medical assistance and supervision in question as I don’t remember it particularly clearly.

    Around the middle of sixth grade I started losing my wetting control again. This has tentatively been put down to my existing developmental nerve issues aggravated by environmental stress. I remember it as having the sensation of my control physically weakening; I was steadily less able to start peeing, less able to stop, and less aware of needing to. This started happening in about May and by December I had zero control.

    There were plans for me to continue on but in February of the next year I accidentally filled my diapers while I was in a physical fight with a bully. This was a much more rapid decline; I started having an increasing number of accidents over the next month. I was pulled out of school for largely unrelated reasons in May and by then I basically wasn’t able to use the toilet.

    I went back into school at the start of eighth grade and went through another medical treatment process and ended up with decent control by the middle of ninth grade. I wouldn’t say it was perfect but it was basically slightly weak control that required a lot of concentration, so it was possible to get by without diapers. This was more explicitly attributed to nervous system causes but again I have no idea what, as I know for a fact that I do not have the condition I was diagnosed with, which was apparently supposed to explain it.

    In early twelfth grade I started having very infrequent wetting accidents again. I ended up going to my formal (my country’s equivalent of senior prom) in pull-ups and was not completely dry when I got home. However, I was mostly in underwear otherwise.

    I went straight into undergrad the next year and had a very small wetting accident during the exams at the end of my first semester. I didn’t bother seeking medical treatment and instead opted to voluntarily go back to diapers intermittently starting late in my second semester. This got out of control and I was 24/7 by about a month before the end of my third semester. (This marked the beginning of my current period of 24/7, excluding unsuccessful retraining attempts in the interim.)

    I started dealing with messing accidents again during my fifth semester. I think this was aggravated by significantly increased exercise and voluntary dietary changes + changes in available food. I made an attempt to actively resist losing any more control but obviously didn’t really have any idea what it would entail. I aimed to make it to the toilet but only got there about one-third of the time at the best of times.

    I wasn’t really aware of how bad my control was after uni and had planned to leave diapers with minimal fuss after I graduated. To that end, I unsuccessfully tried toilet training for about 3 months in Q1-Q2 of the year after I graduated. I tried again in Q4 and had more success but was interrupted by Christmas. I had improved control, but not enough to get out of diapers, and being in diapers meant that my control fell away again. Since then, I haven’t had any real success with training, and my control has been on the long downhill to where it is now.


    People think “untraining” is when you lose all of your bladder and/or bowel control. They’re wrong.

    Untraining is when you lose just enough bladder and bowel control that you start thinking, “hmm, maybe I should be diapered to this event, just to be safe.” That is when untraining has occurred, for two reasons:

    1) no matter how much you want to hold it, you are always going to exert just slightly less control if you are diapered, and, as a result

    2) the category of things for which you should be diapered eventually expands to include everything in the universe.


    I would add that it is possible to untrain while being completely opposed to untraining and actively trying to avoid it. Untraining is the process of convincing your body that voiding without control is fine. The thing is that your body doesn’t learn from what you think; it learns from what you do and from your visceral gut reaction.

    Let’s say that you don’t want to untrain, but you’re very accustomed to diapers and have started accidentally wetting your pants. Unfortunately, wearing diapers for safety will not stop that. You got into this situation by wetting your diapers; dealing with potential wetting accidents by wearing diapers just does even more to convince your body that wet diapers are safe and control is not important, because wet diapers will always be hugely preferable to wet pants.

    This is also why toilet training is so difficult - you basically have to leave diapers, no matter how bad your control is, so that your subconscious has enough incentive to try to start sensing your bladder and bowel urgency instead. The big problem is that that takes some time, and nobody has time to go, “Hey, I’m going to seclude myself in my house for x months to deal with y hundred pairs of wet pants.” The end result is that the person who switched to diapers because they were starting to wet themself when they laughed ends up as a helpless pantswetter and bedwetter inside two years.


    Food for thought!

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    Well, an interesting thing has been happening with my messing lately, and I’m not too sure why as I haven’t changed my diet whatsoever, but I know everyone is usually interested in this stuff and it’s been going on for two weeks straight now so I thought I would discuss it : )

    Basically, rather than messing myself twice a day at breakfast and dinner like I normally do, for whatever reason over the past two weeks I’ve been messing only once a day at breakfast, and then not messing at all at dinner. What has made this more interesting is that I’m actually still messing the same amount every day like I was before, but just instead of messing at two different times during the day it’s like, all of it comes at once suddenly during breakfast, ha ha.

    In a way, it’s been good, because I’ve only had to worry about a messy diaper during breakfast just before I usually have a shower anyway, but at the same time it’s like, now that I mess like double the amount all at once it makes a much more noticeable uhm… expansion, of the back of my diaper, which is not the most subtle thing in the world if I were to try and get breakfast with friends or family for example, ha ha, a big lump suddenly appearing in the back of my jeans cx

    As I said I’m not entirely sure why this has started happening, like, maybe my body has decided to adjust its habits for some reason, or maybe in another week everything will be back to normal and it’ll be like this never happened, but I guess only time will tell and I’m not particularly fussed either way ^^


    Guess your body justifies the need to only once


    How I Became A Chronic Bedwetter

    So I just want to make a quick disclaimer at the start. This post is telling you how I, personally, started wetting the bed every night. To my knowledge, nobody else has tried doing this method, and even the people I have shared this with previously who wanted to do it never actually went through with it, so I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who has done this. I tailored this method completely to myself and can’t tell you that this will work for everyone because nobody else has ever tried it. 

    Some of you may have originally seen this method on a Wordpress site I made back in 2016, as I uploaded it there originally and it got about 500 views, but because of so many requests, I decided to rewrite it and post it here on Tumblr : )

    Scary ominous warning at the start, I absolutely detested the experience of doing this method, and even to this day, I remember how much it fucking sucked. I’m not telling you to do this, this is just what I did and what has made me a permanent, relentless bedwetter for the past almost four years.

    In my strong belief, everything about each kind of untraining is hugely mental in nature. There are physical elements to it, like muscle degradation, but like 80% of untraining is essentially just retraining our body and our subconscious mind into accepting and embracing incontinence.

    What I did to start bedwetting was kind of prey on and take advantage of my subconscious in a way. 

    For a period of about a month straight, and I do mean a month, I drank a lot of water before bed and then went to sleep without a diaper on. As you can probably imagine, all that water before bed caused me to wake up in the middle of the night with a pretty strong urge to go to the bathroom (if you are not a light sleeper, this wouldn’t work). What I did was, instead of wetting myself as soon as I woke up like other guides mention (which would have been a bit unpleasant anyway as I wasn’t wearing diapers), I made myself get up and walk to the bathroom to use the toilet instead, every single night. 

    I’ll tell you right now, doing this for an entire month was literally one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. I was constantly losing sleep and was constantly tired every day because of how interrupted my rest was, but I guess the reason I stuck with it was because I was pretty fucking hardcore about wanting to be a bedwetter at the time.

    Finally, after all that, the end of the month came, and I introduced diapers to my probably completely exhausted and unhappy subconscious as an easy out to its current predicament. For those unaware, our subconscious mind will pretty much do anything it can to avoid pain or discomfort, and it will do everything it can to use as little energy as possible in running the body.

    On that first night after the month of hell, I wore diapers to bed.

    Like before, I drank a lot of water before going to sleep, and also like before, my body woke me up with a very full bladder. What was different this time though is that instead of making myself get up and walk all the way to the bathroom to use the toilet, I just let my bladder go and very happily wet my diaper while still laying in bed, before going back to sleep. 

    The next night I did the same thing again. I drank a lot before going to sleep, and I wore a diaper to bed. This time though, I didn’t wake up during the night at all. I awoke actually feeling pretty refreshed for once, which in itself was a relief because I’d gone so long waking up exhausted, but that wasn’t the only thing that had happened. My diaper was completely soaked when I woke up.

    This was the turnaround point in my nighttime incontinence. I had put my body and mind through hell for an entire month, before showing them both that there was a much easier way to deal with the problem than waking me up. 

    From that day onwards, I started waking up wet more and more. I was still having dry nights here and there to start with, but as my body kept learning and kept finding no problem in making me wet while still asleep, it kept happening again and again. 

    Over the course of months after that day, my body got fully in the habit of making me a complete bedwetter, because why would it ever wake me up when it was so much easier to just make me wet myself in my sleep? I went from three to four wet nights a week to it being incredibly strange to wake up dry even once or twice a month. I even had to get thicker, more absorbent diapers because my body just stopped holding anything back, and it wasn’t uncommon at the time to wake up in a leaking diaper in the morning. 

    So, that’s how I became a chronic bedwetter almost four years ago. I don’t think I would really recommend my method because it was just so bad dealing with all the sleep deprivation, but I can’t argue with the results that it has given me. Becoming a bedwetter was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life, and I’ve never once regretted it in all this time, even on the mornings where I wake up in a wet patch because my diaper has failed. There’s just something about it that is so insanely special to me, and unlike making yourself incontinent during the day, which I wouldn’t recommend to everyone, I would recommend becoming a bedwetter to anyone who has the interest. It’s really not that big of a deal to have to wear diapers to bed every night, and the happiness and satisfaction I get from waking up in a completely soaked diaper in the morning is just totally unmatched. 


    A very special technique! Very interesting!

    Where To Find Me If This Blog Is Deleted

    Hey everyone! Here to make a quick update post about the future of this blog and where you can get in touch with / follow me if worst comes to worst. The overall plan is still to remain on Tumblr if I don’t get deleted, but there are definitely solid alternatives for staying in touch which you are absolutely welcome and encouraged to take advantage of if you so wish : )

    Firstly, we have Wordpress, which will likely end up being my main blogging spot if it comes to that. My page is still a bit of a work in progress as of right now since all my Tumblr posts from here have only just finished being fully imported to the site today (it literally took five days to process, no joke), but, they’re all set up over there to be read and browsed through as needed, so no more worry about losing everything if my Tumblr disappears. In addition to the posts, I’ve also set up a contact section, similar to how asks work here on Tumblr. All you have to do to send me questions or messages is to put down your name (you can even just call yourself Anon if you like) and then write out your message to me and I’ll receive it, no email address required. I’ve tested this out and it’s working fine so far, so feel free to give it a go if you want to : )

    Other than that, I do have an account over on Daily Diapers, which I’ve only used occasionally so far, but which I might start using more regularly if this blog gets taken down just so I can interact with the people over in the Incontinent Desires subforum and possibly help some of them out with their own untraining journeys if they need it.

    Last but not least, I’m going to start frequenting a certain 8chan 24/7 thread again, but I won’t directly link to that one here because it’s very much on the adult side of the ABDL spectrum. You’ll find it if you look for it, but I would only recommend it if you are serious about making yourself incontinent, because while it can be rough around the edges, some of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met on the subject of untraining hang out there and give out good advice to those interested. 

    I hope this post has cleared up any of the confusion and concern that might have still been around after my previous post though! I’ve mostly figured everything out now, and even if this blog gets shut down there are at least a few other ways you can keep track of me outside of this website if you want to : ) 

    A repost from Deviantart that was requested to be posted here :)

    Messy version under the cut!

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    Not only will you get all the wonderful art that many others will receive by joining, but by becoming a startup patron you will have access to future prizes and works that are only available towards this role!

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    Testing Messy Advice

    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to chat a bit about the results of a test that I’ve been doing over the past month that I haven’t brought up yet. This test is based on a common piece of advice/knowledge that gets passed around in the untraining community that basically goes, if you allow your body to mess as it wants without interference, then over time your messes will get softer and softer and messing will become less and less noticeable until it eventually happens without the person even realising.

    Now, I was interested in trying this out, because I actually never really let things happen with no interference if you think about it, at least not for more than a few days. I basically went straight from fighting losing bowel control all the time, to taking extra fibre every day when I started allowing my body to mess as it wanted to (extra fibre keeps messing consistent, bulky and easy to clean up).

    So, if I stopped taking extra fibre and just let things happen completely naturally, would I start seeing the results that people always talk about of messes becoming softer and less noticeable as your body adjusts? The answer, at least so far at about a month in, is yes, actually, this is a real thing.

    It took close to three weeks for my body to start adjusting like I was looking for. Almost three weeks of no results, other than my messing becoming unpredictable again as my body worked to change things around with the lack of extra fibre it was used to (luckily I was preoccupied with college for most of that time anyway). 

    Since that point though, things have been changing, quite noticeably, and are starting to fall in line with that advice that we always hear. At around a month in now and messes are consistently soft, regardless of what I eat (which has probably been the biggest surprise for me, the body must intuitively know how to balance this out in some way), and the process of messing is getting much less noticeable. This seems to be because, with the extra fiber, messing happens very quickly and basically all at once so you get quite a lot of sensation, but without the extra fiber, messing is a longer process with a smaller amount of feeling, because the feeling is spread out rather than concentrated in a shorter amount of time.

    Think of it like ripping velcro apart. If you pull the velcro apart all at once it’s really loud, but if you pull it apart slowly and take your time, it’s much quieter and less noticeable.

    So, yeah, things are looking really promising so far. Consistently soft messes, check. Less noticeable messing, check.

    I’m going to keep this test up for the foreseeable future to see how things keep progressing, and I’ll put up another update in probably about a month or so, depending on how it’s all going. The only downside really to doing this is that messes are back to the regular amount of cleanup that they were without fibre, and that’s a bit annoying, but so far I think it’s worth it to see the results ^^

    Anyway, that’s it from me today, but I’ll talk to you all again soon : )