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    Here’s a reward, featuring Holly, the former kid-show host, turned Baby Slave host~! After trying to sneak onto the potty, she’s giving a lesson about how that is off-limits to Baby Slaves, but filling her diapers to the brim to set an example to what happens to naughty Baby Slaves~!

    Join Holly next week, as she shows the proper way to receive a spanking~! Make sure to check out Patreon for much more~!



    Art by 34Qucker

    i have a confession…i love messing myself. Like i cant control myself, im obsessed. All i wanna do is be unpotty trained and just fill my diapers no matter what im doing. I could be at home in my playpen or my bouncer. I could be at the mall or park. I could be at a party with complete strangers or all my caregivers friends…and what would i be doing? id be in the corner drooling and sucking my thumb as i mess myself and sit around like a good girl waiting for a change but never telling anyone i needed it hehe

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    9 MONTHS TO MAKE A BABY! well that’s how long ConsecratedBelle and I have been back together. I have had her in diapers every night since. Well, I can now report she is now a confirmed sleep wetter and Diapers are no longer an option but a necessity. She has wet in her sleep every night for almost 2 weeks. This has happened a few nights in one week here or there over the last several months. Usually if she had been drinking or was super tired. We officially moved in together a couple of weeks ago and a few other variables might be at play…. she feels really cozy at daddy’s house. I feed her a bottle each night after her diaper is on and we are in bed- either propel flavored water or Pedialyte. She has over the last few weeks wet without a diaper on 10 min into a nap, filled her diaper and woke up requesting a change before 2am twice, and every single morning woke up soaked even after both diaper changes. So if anyone wants to know how Long it takes to become diaper dependent .. it takes 9 months to make a baby.. lol.

    Testing Messy Advice

    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to chat a bit about the results of a test that I’ve been doing over the past month that I haven’t brought up yet. This test is based on a common piece of advice/knowledge that gets passed around in the untraining community that basically goes, if you allow your body to mess as it wants without interference, then over time your messes will get softer and softer and messing will become less and less noticeable until it eventually happens without the person even realising.

    Now, I was interested in trying this out, because I actually never really let things happen with no interference if you think about it, at least not for more than a few days. I basically went straight from fighting losing bowel control all the time, to taking extra fibre every day when I started allowing my body to mess as it wanted to (extra fibre keeps messing consistent, bulky and easy to clean up).

    So, if I stopped taking extra fibre and just let things happen completely naturally, would I start seeing the results that people always talk about of messes becoming softer and less noticeable as your body adjusts? The answer, at least so far at about a month in, is yes, actually, this is a real thing.

    It took close to three weeks for my body to start adjusting like I was looking for. Almost three weeks of no results, other than my messing becoming unpredictable again as my body worked to change things around with the lack of extra fibre it was used to (luckily I was preoccupied with college for most of that time anyway). 

    Since that point though, things have been changing, quite noticeably, and are starting to fall in line with that advice that we always hear. At around a month in now and messes are consistently soft, regardless of what I eat (which has probably been the biggest surprise for me, the body must intuitively know how to balance this out in some way), and the process of messing is getting much less noticeable. This seems to be because, with the extra fiber, messing happens very quickly and basically all at once so you get quite a lot of sensation, but without the extra fiber, messing is a longer process with a smaller amount of feeling, because the feeling is spread out rather than concentrated in a shorter amount of time.

    Think of it like ripping velcro apart. If you pull the velcro apart all at once it’s really loud, but if you pull it apart slowly and take your time, it’s much quieter and less noticeable.

    So, yeah, things are looking really promising so far. Consistently soft messes, check. Less noticeable messing, check.

    I’m going to keep this test up for the foreseeable future to see how things keep progressing, and I’ll put up another update in probably about a month or so, depending on how it’s all going. The only downside really to doing this is that messes are back to the regular amount of cleanup that they were without fibre, and that’s a bit annoying, but so far I think it’s worth it to see the results ^^

    Anyway, that’s it from me today, but I’ll talk to you all again soon : )

    It was amazing to think how much had changed in just under two months.  When Rachel first began wetting her bed again, it was almost traumatic. She was afraid her mother would be infuriated or her sister would tease her mercilessly.  However much to Rachel’s surprise, her mother was never anything but gentle and caring.  Be it holding her when she woke up soaked and upset, or continually washing her sheets each morning, Rachel’s mother was always eager to help her daughters growing problem.  And her mother had also made an effort to hide the bed wetting from her sister. However, after two weeks and 5 loads of laundry, Rachel’s mother surprised her one night with a package of goodnites.

    “This is not a punishment sweetie, I just think that this is the best way to help you with your little problem right now…”  She told Rachel soothingly as she opened the package and handed the childish training pant to her daughter.  

    At this point, Rachel felt guilty enough of the work she was causing her mother she agreed without any fuss at all.  And for the next week, the goodnites worked fine.  If she woke up wet, Rachel would toss them into a bin in her bathroom; and when dry she would put the pull-up into the drawer of her dresser that was filled with the rest of them.  However, a few weeks after she first started wearing the goodnites, she started to leak through them on nights she had accidents.  At this point, her mother came home with a package of thicker tabbed diapers.

    It was not switching to the much more infantile feeling garment that was the hard part of this time, it was letting her older sister into the loop on the situation.  After a few mishaps with the tapes, Rachel’s mother decided that Rachel needed help getting into these new diapers before bed, and as her mother was often busy, the duty falls to her sister often.  But even that went smoothly after the first few awkward times.  

    Now, about two months later, Rachel finds that she is looking forward to her nightly ritual. When she is diapered, she is able to relax and feel at ease.  It has been almost two weeks since her last dry morning, and to her surprise, Rachel does not mind that at all.  The rule her mother made when she first started wearing padding at night was two months straight without a wet bed was needed to get rid of her diapers, but that did not seem likely to happen any time soon.  But Rachel could not help but to wonder if her mother and sister where suspicious of her secretly enjoying her night diapers.  It had become common for her to request to be changed into them right after dinner instead of right before bed.  But if her family had become wise to her feelings, they were kind enough to not mention it to her.

    “Are you all ready for bed princess?”  Her mother asked as she poked her head into Rachel’s room, interrupting her thoughts.

    “Yah I am all set mom, see you in the morning!”  Rachel called back as her mother closed the door behind her

    Once again alone, Rachel popped her thumb back into her mouth, a habit she had recently picked back up and opened up her manga thinking that being a bed wetter may not be so bad after all.


    I am actually really happy with this one.  Decided to go with a more gentle tone that most of my other stuff.  

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