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    i have a confession…i love messing myself. Like i cant control myself, im obsessed. All i wanna do is be unpotty trained and just fill my diapers no matter what im doing. I could be at home in my playpen or my bouncer. I could be at the mall or park. I could be at a party with complete strangers or all my caregivers friends…and what would i be doing? id be in the corner drooling and sucking my thumb as i mess myself and sit around like a good girl waiting for a change but never telling anyone i needed it hehe

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    my daddy and i want me to be diaper dependent 24/7 no control of my bladder if i accidentally lose control of my bowels that is OK what is the best way for daddy to force me into my new diaper training life what are the steps we should take to make it permanent what would be the best steps to do to get to that point The advice and help that would be useful we’re looking for a really good in depth list for diaper training for a little girl how has boy parts and how to probably diaper one

    For this to work, the ideal living situation is for the pair of you to be living together, either on your own or in a kink-friendly environment.

    Start wearing, wetting and messing 24/7 immediately. There’s no reason for you not to. If you need to phase it in, use this rule: every time you wear a pair of underwear from now on, you have to throw it out afterward. Eventually you will only have diapers left. You must not use the toilet in any event.

    Have locks installed on any room in your house which contains a toilet or a drain. Seriously. There’s the danger that if you start regretting wanting to untrain, you’ll start covertly using whatever toilet you can get. Not just the toilet, but the shower, bath, the sink in the laundry if you have one, the sink in the kitchen (that would be gross, but you might be desperate). You should only be in the back yard with your Daddy’s supervision.

    Your Daddy needs to be involved in as many of your changes as possible. If you’re changing yourself, out of sight of your Daddy, that means that you can probably cheat and use the toilet, which you might do on a short-term impulse, but which neither of you actually want. Get a pair of plastic pants with a locking waist chain, so your Daddy can trust you out of his sight for at least short jaunts.

    You need to be as undressed as possible around the house. It’s not acceptable for you to be shy about your diapers. You shouldn’t be in more than your diaper, a onesie and plastic pants. Ideally, just a diaper is best.

    Your Daddy needs to get good at diaper checks. When you settle on a few diaper brands to use regularly, your Daddy should be checking you visually and manually (with his hand) when you’re mostly undressed around the house, to get an idea of what your diaper feels like when it’s damp, wet, soaked, messy, etc. He also needs to get an idea of the visual difference between ‘bulky but dry’/'bulky and soaked’, 'bulky but clean diapers’/'slightly messy diapers’/'very full diapers’, etc., both without and with clothes over the top.

    Don’t ever ask to be changed. If you ask and you get changed, that means you can just hold it until you get changed, which you will very likely subconsciously want to do early on. Your Daddy should be checking you pretty much at random and should have a general idea of how long a diaper lasts when it’s on you. Your Daddy also should not change you until your diaper can’t take any more use; this might lead to a few rashes but that should teach you not to delay using your diaper.

    Protect your surfaces. You should be travelling with an adult-size bed pad and/or puppy pad at all times. There should be one on your seat on your sofa, on your dining chair and on your office chair. There should be a PVC sheet on your bed. Ideally, there should be a removable drain filter and handheld showerhead on your shower (as well as decent water pressure). You should wear at least one extra layer of clothing to take off and tie around your waist in the event of a leaky diaper or very puffy butt. Basically, you should not feel like you need to avoid using your diaper because it would be too inconvenient and damaging to do so. Speaking of which -

    You need to leak. If you take long road trips, this is an excellent opportunity. Either way, your Daddy needs to delay changing you long enough that you soak your diaper too much and it leaks from overuse. You need to know what leaking feels like and you need to get used to it, because it will be part of your life.

    Do stimulant laxative training. This is something I recommend to all untrainers now. Even if you don’t want to untrain messing, using laxatives makes untraining wetting easier by making wetting seem much less important and much less painful. Stimulant laxatives are a class of laxatives which are important because they are the only type I know of which will actively force you to have an accident. There are two types I would recommend.

    Dulcolax suppository training. These hit fast and hard. I would say the longest you will be able to keep control after insertion is probably two hours. Your Daddy should give you one of these just before you go into a situation where you wouldn’t be comfortable messing; for best results, you should be spending that time more than two hours away from easy access to the toilet. You need to get used to filling your diapers and you need to get used to the sensation of not being able to control it.

    Castor oil training. This takes longer to hit, but after it hits, you will have no control for several hours. This will help you get used to spending extended amounts of time in messy diapers, and lets your daddy figure out the difference between slightly messy, moderately messy, and very full diapers.

    Don’t be afraid to move as you need to. The body position that works for continent people using the toilet is not the same as the body position that works for soon-to-be-incontinent people using their diapers. I’m completely incontinent but I can still feel it happening (I can always feel messing accidents happening but can’t stop them, I can sometimes feel wetting).

    I know that if I’m bent over, at certain angles pressure from my body can block my urethra (don’t know how to explain it because I’m sure that’s not what’s physically happening), so when I realise I’m peeing, my response is usually to lean back and open my legs. I feel it frees up any physical pressure that might be slowing down my wetting.

    Position is even more important when messing. Continent people are used to sitting on the toilet, legs shut or semi-open, to poop. I promise you that as a diapered, incontinent person, the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is when you know you are about to mess, space your feet, keep your knees open, and squat deeply, exactly like a baby would do. It frees up space around your butt in your diaper (this is intentional), and makes messing smoother, quicker, less painful, less effort, and harder to stop.

    The Stages of Diaper Training!

    Stage 1: You put on a diaper and still have difficulty peeing in it. You wear cheap/thin diapers or pull ups for long periods of time because you don’t wet them as often as those who are diaper dependent. You pee in large amounts and only when your bladder is full. Bedwetting is nonexistent. You only buy thick diapers because you like the way they look and feel, but you don’t need them. You yearn for diaper dependency, but you aren’t brave enough to commit.

    Stage 2: You decide to try wearing 24/7 for a week or so, and when you put on a diaper, you feel your bladder’s muscles relax, allowing you to wet semi-freely. Your body knows that you are diapered and it doesn’t have to concentrate on holding your bladder. You wet and wear consistently to further your training. You buy medium thickness diapers because you are tired of changing thin diapers too often. You find that diaper training is fun and comforting, so you decide to stay padded and see how things progress.

    You adjust your diet and fluid intake to accelerate your diaper training by eating less salty foods and by drinking fluids that stimulate your bladder, like soda, coffee, and cranberry juice. You drink large amounts of water so that you pee very often.

    You change yourself standing up because it’s faster than changing laying down, and you don’t dribble in between changes. You wake up in the middle of the night needing to pee, but you haven’t learned how to wet laying down yet, so you get out of bed, stand still, release, then crawl back into bed. You shave your bikini area infrequently to reduce smells and irritation. You still feel like there is an obvious bulge between your legs, making it a little awkward to walk.

    Stage 3: After wearing diapers exclusively for a month, you feel scared to take off your diaper and go back to regular undies because you feel like you have to pee every fifteen minutes. It is at this stage where you can choose to stay in cute and sexy diapers like a good little or you can try to be a grown up again and go back to wearing your old unflattering undies. After some thought, you make the right decision and lock your old undies away or make them hard to get while making diapers easier to grab.

    Your bladder is very small, and since your body is used to just letting go as soon as it feels like your bladder has even the smallest amount in it, you are afraid that you might wet yourself if you stop wearing diapers. In between diaper changes, you dribble a little without feeling like you needed to go, showing you that diapers are the better choice, and that you should keep wearing them to make your life easier.

    You start waking up in the middle of the night needing to pee, and it makes your bladder hurt a little bit as it’s not used to being stretched that much. You wet, then go back to sleep. You buy thick diapers specifically to manage your bedwetting issues as your daytime diapers struggle to handle the sheer amount of fluid at night. You buy water bladders and sippy cups so that you can drink in the middle of the night without having to leave your bed. You shave your bikini area a couple of times a week.

    Stage 4: Your bladder has shrunk to the point of you needing diapers, otherwise you’d be running to the bathroom every five or so minutes, and you don’t have time for that. You’ve cut up and thrown away your old undies because they aren’t absorbent enough like your comfy diapers are, and you don’t need your panties/boxers anymore because diapers are your new undies now. You dribble into your diaper consistently, and only in small amounts. You learn how to wet in every position, like standing, sitting, and laying down.

    You buy thick daytime diapers so that you don’t have to change as often. In the middle of changing, you dribble all the time without feeling it, so you buy a diaper changing pad and start changing yourself laying down so that you don’t get your floor and clothes wet. You stash adult pull ups or baby diapers near the shower so that you don’t dribble all over the place when you’re done showering.

    Instead of waking up at night and feeling like your bladder is about to burst, you wake up in the middle of wetting yourself like a good little would. You have become accustomed to having thick padding between your legs. You have a small selection of onesies and pacifiers, and you feel secure, happy, and content while wearing them.

    Stage 5: You have difficulty remembering if you just wet or not. You need diapers now, or you’d be dribbling all over your undies and making an embarrassment of yourself in public. You start stashing diapers away to form a backup stash for emergencies. You start packing diapers in your purse/backpack, and you bring a few changes wherever you go when you need to change in public. You still feel a little self-conscious about changing in public. You start going to ABDL meetups and conventions, and you start hanging out with other diapered people. Seeing others wearing diapers is important, as it reinforces the fact that wearing diapers is a normal thing to do.

    Each week, you wake up a few times in the middle of peeing instead of every time. You shave your bikini area every day because babies don’t have hair down there, so why should you? You start using baby powder to hide the scent of used diapers and to keep things feeling dry. You are still a little timid about people realizing that you wear diapers, but you accept that it will happen and are ready with an explanation if need be.

    Your onesie and pacifier collection starts to grow. You have multiple onesies and pacifiers, one for each day of the week with spare onesies as backups in case of leaks. Onesies are your choice of pajamas each night. You replace some adult items with baby items, like shampoo, skin lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and plates. You drink from a sippy cup.

    Stage 6: You don’t remember when you last wet yourself anymore, but that doesn’t matter because your diaper takes care of you. You have lots of diapers, and you have a sizable backup just in case. You stash diapers all over the house in plain view. You buy clothes that hide your diapers better than your old clothes, and you’ve donated the clothes that don’t fit anymore. Your close friends know that you wear diapers, and they have accepted this special side of you. Since you need diapers now, you subscribe to monthly shipments of your favorite diapers to save money.

    You learn to enjoy messing yourself and you practice every day. You train yourself to mess every morning before work in your well-used night time diaper, and you have a large supply of baby wipes to help clean up the mess.

    Bringing spare diapers wherever you go is a necessity, and you have at least a bag of diapers stashed away in your trunk. You have learned to change in public without a care in the world. You wet your diaper every single night and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed with a soaked diaper hugging your crotch like a mother lovingly hugging her child. Potty training would be extremely difficult, so it’s important to accept that you belong in diapers. You learn to stop caring if people realize that you wear diapers. You wear onesies and suckle on your pacifier when you’re home, and slowly stop wearing adult clothes, except for when you work or go out in public.

    Stage 7: You are now diaper dependent. You don’t feel yourself peeing anymore; you just feel your diaper getting warmer and thicker between your legs. You take pride in knowing that you chose this goal and achieved it. Wearing diapers has become as normal as putting on a bra, pulling on a T-shirt, or brushing your teeth; it’s just another part of your daily routine. Messing yourself feels natural; after all, diapers are meant to hold all of your little accidents. You wear onesies or just your diaper and a shirt most, if not all, of the time because it’s easier to change. You bring your pacifier wherever you go just in case you need to feel a little comfort.

    You’ve learned how to expertly handle leaks. You’ve embraced the more infantile parts of the ABDL lifestyle, like wearing onesies, suckling on your pacifier to provide comfort during stressful situations, and drinking from baby bottles. You use baby plastic plates instead of adult plates. You have wholeheartedly and happily accepted that becoming diaper dependent was the right choice, and that it has drastically improved your life. You don’t care one little bit if people realize that you wear diapers.

    Your diaper stash puts ABUniverse’s warehouse to shame. You have numerous onesies in a wide variety of colors and styles, and you feel more comfortable and content wearing them instead of regular clothes. You have pacifiers that match every single one of your little outfits, and you might even sleep in an adult-sized crib. Half of your closet or more is stuffed full of diapers of all types, brands, different levels of absorbency, and styles. You feel no shame in educating others about the ABDL lifestyle, and help others embrace that special side of them.

                               Which stage are you on? Comment below!

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    So, I ended up messy in class today.

    It was my own fault really. I accidentally slept in and so was in a bit of a rush when I got ready and had breakfast before I headed to college. This didn’t leave me any time to wait to mess since my body usually starts pushing a little while after I eat, and so, kind of inevitably, I spent pretty much all of my first class in a messy diaper.

    Nobody noticed though as far as I’m aware, and the rest of the class went by without any hitches, so overall I’m actually pretty happy about this and am feeling reassured by the experience : ) As far as the photos go, I decided I might try doing a kind of… lifestyle post like this every now and again, where everyone will get a bit of a glimpse into my life in diapers, since my bladder control is gone these days and there’s a bit less to talk about when it comes to my own untraining other than losing bowel control. I figured photos from my first ever messy experience at college might be a good start, and I took these just before I got changed ^^

    The funny thing is, I used to not understand why Kali (someone else who untrained) would say that if you dealt with bowel incontinence, you should wear a messy diaper when you went to go and try on any new clothes that you were thinking of buying, to ensure you get the right fit and look. At the time when I read it, I was kind of like, well that seems a bit excessive, buuuuuut, I’m starting to see why that might be a good idea now, ha ha. Based on how my butt looks here in skinny jeans, I think I’m going to have to start taking his advice, while also making peace with the fact that more people are probably going to find out about my diapers and incontinence. Messy diapers have a certain uhm… bulk to them that wet diapers just don’t have. 


    Great insight! It is true messy diapers do add a 'butt bump'.