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    Been seeing a lot of posts recently on "diaper training" and the like. Some of the suggestions contained within disturb me and some are downright dangerous.

    As someone who has personally been wearing 24/7 for over a decade and whose wife is a "pull-ups by day, diapers by night" accident prone girl and genuine bedwetter let me say this.

    The best way to integrate dips into your life if "24/7" or "incontinence" is your goal is to simply wear them daily and use them whenever / wherever you have to. Over time (years) your body will adjust to the "new normal" of going potty in your pants as the need arises and eventually you will be going with very little, if any, warning or control.

    Please be aware that 24/7 diapering is very expensive and WILL lead to embarrassing situations with family, friends and the public at large NO MATTER HOW PREPARED YOU THINK YOU ARE.

    Ultimately, do what makes you happy... so long as no other persons are harmed in the process. Be informed, make smart choices and please don't endanger your health with questionable or risky practices hoping for quick rewards. NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES QUICKLY OR EASILY.

    Thank you.


    So, how goes being diapered 24/7? Are you still 24/7? Have you noticed any changes?

    It's kind of the same it's been for a while 😅. I am, I am! I've been 24/7 for about 2 years give or take, I think?

    I have! My peeing is much more automatic then before. I've noticed more soggy diapers without remembering going. And I've definitely started bedwetting much more often. I used to need to drink quite a bit of fluids for it to happen. Now it's almost any fluids before bed means a soggy morning.

    I've been SO happy with this progress 😊❤. To go from a guy who was so pee shy he couldn't pee anywhere he heard another voice. To someone who pees without even noticing, has been magical 😊.

    Thank you for the ask 😊.


    So my hubby and I have a third moving in. He will be moving into my bed in the master bedroom and I’ll be moving into the new nursery. I have had some friends help me come up with some rules and one really good one helped me create this list. Still has lots of editing and still more discussions with Sir. I’m super excited to get to be a little 24/7 again as well as an additional role as a Cuck.

    Rules for diaperboys:

    - Diapers are to be worn 24/7. Thickness can be determined for time of day: one diaper and a stuffer for work, three+ diapers at home, or when out. Punishment can include obviously thick diapers being worn in public, to the bar, with friends, and under tight pants or a short shirt.

    - No bathroom privileges. Diapers are to be used fully, with the possible exception of the work setting (though a diaper bag and supplies should always be brought to work). Diapers are only changed when used fully - wet to the point of leaking or messy. Messy diapers should not be changed immediately as diaperboys need to learn to enjoy them and their place.

    - If a diaperboy has to mess in public, he is supposed to tell daddy/caretaker that he is a made a mess in his diapers.

    - Diapers can only be changed by a partner, daddy, caretaker or approved friend, with the exception of changes at work which much be with daddy or other’s permission. Diaperboys changing their own diaper or attempting to take it off will be punished. Diaperboys are also not to complain about being in full diapers.

    - Daddy, partner and others should be helping a diaperboy fill his diapers. Diaperboys should be viewed as a personal toilet, as well as when there are guests or out.

    - Diaperboys should be referred to as such. Other names include baby boy, little guy, babybear, or whatever nickname is chosen by a daddy or caretaker. This is how boy should be referred to at home, in public and by friends. Similarly, baby boy should only be using the terms daddy, sir, big brother or other respectful terms for adults.

    - Chastity is fulltime and non-negotiable. Little boys are not ready to play with themselves and should only be used for the pleasure of their daddy or other adult partners. Special privileges for getting off will be done with anal toys or a magic wand vibrator. If using a vibrator, it should be done on top of the diaper and the diaper should be wet and messy.

    - A diaperboy’s hole is meant for cum as well as piss which should be done during changes.

    - Diaperboys mouths should always be full. A pacifier or gag should be in at all times, and removed for meals, bottle-feeding and grown men’s cocks.

    - Meals will be eaten in a high chair and diaperboys will be spoon-fed. All drinking should be done from a bottle.

    - Diaperboys need to be dependent on adults, so their hands should be in mitts frequently, as well as other forms of restraint (spreader pants, cuffs etc).

    - Diaperboys should be kept well fed and hydrated to help them grow big and chubby, as well as make sure their diapers are full.

    - Good hygiene is important for diaperboys. Baths should be taken at least once a day. Showers are not allowed.

    - A diaperboy’s crotch should be smooth and free of all pubic hair. This can also be repeated for the butt and hole too, making diaper changes and cleanup easier.

    - Bedtime should be a predetermined time that must be adhered to. Diaperboys are to be tucked into their crib and proper measures ensured so that they do not remove their diaper or play with themselves overnight: restraints (seguifix etc), mitts, other bondage and locking plastic pants.

    - Littles’ wardrobe should begin to consist of age-appropriate clothing including onesies (both printed and plain to be worn at home and in public), shortalls, pajamas etc. Adult clothing should always be snug (and shirts too short) to show off diapers as well as baby’s chubby body.

    - No adult clothing is allowed at home. At least, diaperboys should be waddling around in thick diapers and pacifier. All other clothing outfits should show off being little. Punishments can include humiliating outfits, as well as humiliating outfits worn in public.

    Punishment Ideas:

    - Spanking/flogging

    - Denial of diaper changes for a set period of time

    - Forced messy diapers: enemas, suppositories, laxatives, etc

    - Funnel attached to boy’s hole acting as a urinal

    - Forced messy diapers in public

    - Obviously thick diapers in public

    - Humiliating/baby outfits in public

    - Sissy outfits/“girly” clothing

    - Extra large buttplug

    - Admitting to wearing diapers/being a diaperboy in public, to strangers, to friends etc (example, having to ask where you can change your diaper in public)

    - Enforced naptime with bondage in full diapers

    - Orgasm denial and teasing (even edging without chastity)

    Diaper Brand Suggestions:

    Daytime Wear

    Betterdry 24/7

    Abena L4

    Bambino Classico



    At home/ABDL

    Bambino Magnifico

    Bambino Bellissimo

    Betterdry 24/7

    Rearz Safari

    note: diaper supply should also include thick Abena Abri-let Maxi stuffers

    Wardrobe Ideas:

    - Onesies - printed and plain

    - Pyjamas - footed sleepers, two-piece sets

    - Shortalls and overalls - should be snug to show off diaper bulge

    - Rompers

    - Short/cropped tshirts

    ABDL Furniture:

    - Crib - fitted with restraints and/or seguifix

    - Changing Table

    - High Chair

    - Jumper from ceiling

    - Play mat for toys

    ABDL Accessories:

    - Pacifiers - large

    - Pacifier clips - for outfits/in public

    - Plastic Pants - printed, plain, locking, sissy etc.

    - Mitts - padded

    - Bibs

    - Bonnets

    - Socks and booties

    - Blankets

    - Stuffed animals/plushies

    Punishment & Bondage Accessories:

    - Mitts - locking

    - Gags - pacifier gag, panel gag, cock gag

    - Cuffs and restraints

    - Straightjacket

    - Spreader pants

    - Sissy outfits for punishments- skirts, frilly things

    Suggested Sites for Purchasing

    Diapers: https://bambinodiapers.com



    Plastic Pants: https://abdlfactory.com/plastic-pants


    Punishment items: https://www.adultbaby-shop.com/Home

    also http://adult-baby-shop.eu/ (different store)

    Onesies: https://onesiesdownunder.com/



    Furniture: http://babyapparels.com/

    Please add any other rules you may think I need to add or other ideas you’d have!!


    So jealous.  Wish I could find a daddy or pair of daddies.  


    Another Fav! :D


    Love these ideas and rules!


    Excellent job in creating the rules!!


    Definitely love this list of rules! May have to get my daddy to read this


    Interesting read!


    I couldn’t believe it !!!!

    I just got home and decided to take all my clothes off and I while still stil in my wet diaper lay in the crib while scrolling through tumblr. While looking at so post for about 15-20minutes for some reason out of no were my bottom started releasing and I started messed my diaper. It wasn’t like a runny mess but an actual bowel movement out of no were and I couldn’t stop it. I even think I didn’t even try to stop it as if it was natural and ok to do it in my diaper. Now I don’t like messing in my diaper but I know mommy has been slowly training me in losing control by using a plug in me every night when i go to bed and soon will be using a MEO plug also. I think it is slowly stretching me and I’m becoming use to my muscle being open. At this time I’m writing this while I think I’m still going in it. Once done I’m going to have to annotate this on my baby log for Mommy.


    So my precious innocent little baby is having “accidents” now without awareness. Looks like someone’s sphincter control is slowly getting weaker and weaker. So that’s why baby is in pampers 24/7. To not wear appropriate protection from this point forward would truly be foolish and totally socially unacceptable. Congratulations little one, you’re now a member of the “I have to wear pampers club” forever! You’ll get used to the “messy accidents” in due time of course. You’ll learn to keep scented small trash bags plus gloves, lots of extra large baby wipes, powder, A&D ointment, plus the medical grade deodorizer spray to cover your little messy moments just like my husband Pissy. Mommy is very proud of you! 😘😘😘 Mommy


    Looks like I’m going shopping for additional supplies this weekend....


    I've been wearing over the weekends for over a year now with quite a few days in the week as well, which has proc'd my interest in going full time. My question would be: What supplies, diapers (mainly discreet day ones), and advice would you suggest starting out? As far as work goes, I have very limited physical activities, i mainly sit at a computer all day.

    In terms of diapers, I would suggest Abena M3 or ABU Preschool. I've also heard that Lille and Northshore are excellent brands.

    Apart from diapers, you need -

    Changing space. I would strongly recommend not using the toilet or bathroom. I use a spare bedroom in my house. (Our toilet has been modified with a key lock, so, at any rate, I couldn't get in if I wanted to.)

    Diaper bag. I would recommend a large backpack with no particularly notable external features. It's also good if you can get one with a waterproof internal lining.

    Disposal bags. I would recommend cheap plastic bags you can buy in bulk.

    Mattress protector. Use a plain PVC one that can be wiped down. The absorbent ones are fine for bedwetting but for anything more than that they're a waste of time.

    Spare bedding. You'll obviously already have this but you'll have a greater potential need for changes of sheets; get some more.

    Rash cream. I use Sudocrem.


    In your diaper bag specifically, you also need -

    Changing pad. Try to avoid using a towel; use a waterproof-backed changing pad so that if it gets, for example, wet, you can simply fold it to keep the wet side inward, which will limit the damage for a while.

    A complete change of clothes. I would recommend keeping the pants in your diaper bag, but the rest can be stored in the car if necessary.

    Disposable gloves. The ones that only go to the wrist are acceptable, but if you can get longer ones in a comparable quantity for a comparable price, do.

    Hand sanitiser. Not everywhere you will change will have a working sink, but you will need to wash your hands.

    In your wardrobe, you need -

    Bodysuits. These should pretty much replace your underpants.

    Overalls. These are good for if you need to wear more diapering than usual; they're supported off the shoulder so there are no issues with how they fit around your butt.

    Well-fitting clothes. Even with discreet diapers, I would not recommend trying to make it in tight jeans. Use and buy clothes that fit comfortably, not squishily, over your diapers.


    Since the other person asked....I'm curious about your 24/7 experience, potty training (or lack thereof), and bedwetting? Do you care to elaborate? How long have you been 27/7 now? How long can you stay dry? How often do you wake up wet? ☺️

    This is super late and I'm sorry! But I'll try to give the best description I can 😅.

    I have, quite honestly, lost track how long I've been 24/7 now. But I totally wanted that to happen on purpose.

    My main goal with 24/7 was urinary incontinence. I figured the best way to make it happen was to make wetting and wearing absolute habit. So I tried my best to just integrate wearing all the time into my life naturally. While never writing or committing to a "start" day.

    As soon as I decided I wanted to be incontinent, I treated myself as if I was. Never holding no matter what.

    My progress seems to be kind of backwards compared to most so let me explain. My daytime control was the first thing I noticed. It seemed to diminish rather quickly. I'd say within 2 or 3 months of 24/7 I was already uncomfortable leaving the house without protection. I can hold it if need be I guess but I haven't tried in so long I don't trust those muscles. I seem to dribble while walking and any other time I still need to start the stream but its second nature now and I feel like I'm one step away from that changing.

    My bedtime control seems to be hanging on by a thread. About 5 days a week I'm dry when I wake up, and soak my morning padding as I stretch and wake up. The other 2 days I usually wet so much I leak lol. Leaks dont even bother me anymore, they are just a part of life. But I'm sure with time, that too will slowly progress to every night.

    I havent run into bowel control issues I've read others have. In fact, I'm more regular then ever thanks to predictable changing times.

    So I plan to keep on going for the rest of my foreseeable future. It's been fun and I still love my diapers just as much if not more then day 1. She has also taken a liking to me being a permanent baby sooo... even if I wanted out, that would be hard to talk my way there 😅.

    TLDR: Still have some control, not a whole lot. Love every second of it and my Domme does too. I Plan to keep going. I still love my diapies 😋.

    Thanks for the ask! Sorry for the wall of text 😅

    Wear as little as possible.

    No, this doesn’t mean “show off your diapers!” Here’s what it means -

    First, don’t try to hide your diapers by squashing them down with tight clothes, or wearing more layers of clothing over them than you would over underwear. The pressure just makes them less effective. Take your measurements in wet and messy diapers, then buy some clothes to suit.

    Second, don’t try to keep your diapers quiet by wearing underwear over them. It doesn’t work. Wear a bodysuit and waterproof pants like the rest of us.

    Third, IN PRIVATE, go pantsless whenever possible. If you’re able to, I would strongly suggest limiting yourself to diapers, waterproof pants, and a bodysuit, and nothing else. This includes outside. If you have a backyard that you know nobody else can see into, I would add socks and velcro sneakers, but that’s it. There are good functional reasons for this and they are the exact same reasons babies are often seen running around in a t-shirt and diaper.

    • Leaks are a fact of life. The more you wear, the more laundry you eventually have to do. Combined with the extra laundry already associated with diapers, this gets old real fast and leads to getting sloppy with your laundry and hygiene.
    • Onesies are specifically designed to hug your upper body while expanding as necessary around your crotch and butt. Pants don’t do this; yes, messy diapers create a bulge in the seat of your pants, but they’re getting squashed in by the stiffness of the material, even on properly fitted pants. Onesies, on the other hand, expand much more effortlessly as your diaper does. This is important especially in situations where you are engaged in strenuous physical activity like mowing the lawn, where your diaper can easily go from clean to full in one to two hours.
    • The groin is a big part of the body’s cooling system. With insulators (superabsorbent polymer diapers, PVC waterproof pants) over it, it doesn’t get the opportunity to do that. It’s easy to restore the balance by going pantsless and keeping your legs - also great heat radiators - more exposed than usual.

    I have mentioned my previous continence issues on this account and have now been asked about them so here goes. (My country’s calendar years and school years sync up, and my birthday is in Q4.)

    I had no/minimal continence from birth up to late second grade (just after 7). “Minimal” is because after about 5 years old I could choose to mess but couldn’t choose not to mess. I never had awareness or control of my bladder until I was 7.

    With medical assistance and supervision I was pretty much completely toilet trained by about the middle of third grade. I’m still unclear on the nature of the medical assistance and supervision in question as I don’t remember it particularly clearly.

    Around the middle of sixth grade I started losing my wetting control again. This has tentatively been put down to my existing developmental nerve issues aggravated by environmental stress. I remember it as having the sensation of my control physically weakening; I was steadily less able to start peeing, less able to stop, and less aware of needing to. This started happening in about May and by December I had zero control.

    There were plans for me to continue on but in February of the next year I accidentally filled my diapers while I was in a physical fight with a bully. This was a much more rapid decline; I started having an increasing number of accidents over the next month. I was pulled out of school for largely unrelated reasons in May and by then I basically wasn’t able to use the toilet.

    I went back into school at the start of eighth grade and went through another medical treatment process and ended up with decent control by the middle of ninth grade. I wouldn’t say it was perfect but it was basically slightly weak control that required a lot of concentration, so it was possible to get by without diapers. This was more explicitly attributed to nervous system causes but again I have no idea what, as I know for a fact that I do not have the condition I was diagnosed with, which was apparently supposed to explain it.

    In early twelfth grade I started having very infrequent wetting accidents again. I ended up going to my formal (my country’s equivalent of senior prom) in pull-ups and was not completely dry when I got home. However, I was mostly in underwear otherwise.

    I went straight into undergrad the next year and had a very small wetting accident during the exams at the end of my first semester. I didn’t bother seeking medical treatment and instead opted to voluntarily go back to diapers intermittently starting late in my second semester. This got out of control and I was 24/7 by about a month before the end of my third semester. (This marked the beginning of my current period of 24/7, excluding unsuccessful retraining attempts in the interim.)

    I started dealing with messing accidents again during my fifth semester. I think this was aggravated by significantly increased exercise and voluntary dietary changes + changes in available food. I made an attempt to actively resist losing any more control but obviously didn’t really have any idea what it would entail. I aimed to make it to the toilet but only got there about one-third of the time at the best of times.

    I wasn’t really aware of how bad my control was after uni and had planned to leave diapers with minimal fuss after I graduated. To that end, I unsuccessfully tried toilet training for about 3 months in Q1-Q2 of the year after I graduated. I tried again in Q4 and had more success but was interrupted by Christmas. I had improved control, but not enough to get out of diapers, and being in diapers meant that my control fell away again. Since then, I haven’t had any real success with training, and my control has been on the long downhill to where it is now.


    People think “untraining” is when you lose all of your bladder and/or bowel control. They’re wrong.

    Untraining is when you lose just enough bladder and bowel control that you start thinking, “hmm, maybe I should be diapered to this event, just to be safe.” That is when untraining has occurred, for two reasons:

    1) no matter how much you want to hold it, you are always going to exert just slightly less control if you are diapered, and, as a result

    2) the category of things for which you should be diapered eventually expands to include everything in the universe.


    I would add that it is possible to untrain while being completely opposed to untraining and actively trying to avoid it. Untraining is the process of convincing your body that voiding without control is fine. The thing is that your body doesn’t learn from what you think; it learns from what you do and from your visceral gut reaction.

    Let’s say that you don’t want to untrain, but you’re very accustomed to diapers and have started accidentally wetting your pants. Unfortunately, wearing diapers for safety will not stop that. You got into this situation by wetting your diapers; dealing with potential wetting accidents by wearing diapers just does even more to convince your body that wet diapers are safe and control is not important, because wet diapers will always be hugely preferable to wet pants.

    This is also why toilet training is so difficult - you basically have to leave diapers, no matter how bad your control is, so that your subconscious has enough incentive to try to start sensing your bladder and bowel urgency instead. The big problem is that that takes some time, and nobody has time to go, “Hey, I’m going to seclude myself in my house for x months to deal with y hundred pairs of wet pants.” The end result is that the person who switched to diapers because they were starting to wet themself when they laughed ends up as a helpless pantswetter and bedwetter inside two years.


    Food for thought!

    Here’s a reward, featuring Holly, the former kid-show host, turned Baby Slave host~! After trying to sneak onto the potty, she’s giving a lesson about how that is off-limits to Baby Slaves, but filling her diapers to the brim to set an example to what happens to naughty Baby Slaves~!

    Join Holly next week, as she shows the proper way to receive a spanking~! Make sure to check out Patreon for much more~!



    Art by 34Qucker


    What its REALLY like to be INCONTINENT

    I see alot of people who follow me and share my posts about incontinence talking about wanting to make themselves incontinent or wanting to become a bedwetter, I saw a post just yesterday of someone sharing how they “forced themselves to be a chronic bed wetter” and I am not here to kink shame or anything like that, honestly, alot of my AB/DL followers are the ones helping me to come to terms with my own incontinence but I want yall to know, from someone who has been genuinely incontinent for 15 years what its really like!!

    People will not understand. Grown ass adults who know its a medical issue will still pass judgment, Hell!! I’ve had doctors say things to me like “can’t you just try harder to make it to the bathroom” or “how does it feel to be 26 still wearing diapers” the mass majority of people will not find it cute they will be mean.

    If you are in school trying to accomplish this it will probably be worse. I was wetting the bed for probably at least a year before I started to have accidents during the day pretty frequently. At home, wetting the bed, sure my family knew and they weren’t nice about it, but at least they were the only ones who knew. I had 3 accidents in a week at school once and that’s when the school nurse and assistant pricipal told my mom i had to go to the doctor before I could come back to school. My mom took me and when she informed the school that it wasnt something they could fix right this second and that my bladder was small and that this was going to continue to be an issue for me they wanted to put me in special needs classes, i cried humiliated until they compromised, I could continue regular classes but I could not come back to school without incontinence protection on and if I could not manage that on my own then I would still be put in special needs classes in my pull ups where I could be monitored and managed by “trained professionals”

    Kids are relentless, when you are wearing pull ups full time at age 12 or 13 they point, they laugh they mock. I had a student one time pour a bottle of water on my pants while i was seated and when i got up to clean up and tell someone the kid shouted “look she peed her pants again” and the whole class laughed, I had even been pantsed in gym and then tormented for being the only teenager in school who “failed potty training and wore diapers to school”

    Grown ups aren’t much better, they will always assume you just arent trying hard enough, I have had aunts and uncles ask me if I am just to lazy to walk to the bathroom or get out of bed.

    Incontinence is honestly difficult to hide and way harder to manage, the skin irritatation, the rashes, the constant bacterial infections and UTIs even when you are cleanly about it!! I see some ABDL users that follow me saying how they take a break from their diapers for a couple hours to prevent irritation, that sounds great!! But that’s not an option when you are incontinent. There are times I pee myself in the couple minutes it takes to remove one brief, clean up and put a new one on.

    There is appeal to being changed by someone? Thats because its an option, one day it might not be. When I was paralyzed not only was I completely incontinent of bowel and bladder but I couldn’t feel it. I would shit myself and not even know till me and everyone around me could smell it and then my fiance who i love dearly would have to bring me into the bathroom wherever we were and wipe the shit off my ass for me because I couldn’t do it myself and put a new diaper on me and I dont think there was a single time he did that for me that I didn’t cry because I felt so bad and felt so ashamed.

    Choosing to loose your bowel control as well? I still have issues on occasion with that because my sensation is decreased from my paralysis. It smells, it doesnt matter what type of brief or odor control you are using it will smell and anyone in range of you will smell it. Also, it will happen in your sleep, and shit stains are hard to get out, also the combination of feces and urine in your diaper will cause even more skin break down.

    Nocturnal Enuresis or bedwetting even if you only want that and aren’t trying to lose continence during the day you probably will. Its all the same muscle, if you intentionally weaken that muscle so you can wet the bed that muscle will also be weak during the day, leading to incontinence be it leaks or large voids during the day. Bedwetting is even more difficult to manage I think because you are sitting in that diaper or wet sheets all night!! Prolonged exposure to that urine over those hours will lead to diaper rash, dry skin, raw skin, sores, pimples in your genital area and skin breakdown!! Its also difficult to find good night time protection, to get something that wont leak you almost HAVE to be in a tab style brief/adult diaper opposed to a pull up as pull ups shift around more and are more prone to leak. If you become a heavy wetter, you will need plastic backed diapers since your cloth like ones will become damp and make your clothes bed sheets and matress smell of urine. You will need additional time in the morning to get ready as you will need to shower right away. You will frequently be washing bed sheets, pajamas and matress covers which you will need to purchase for sure otherwise you will wreck your mattress. Your room will always smell like pee, always and when you try to settle down in a relationship alot of people will unfortunately, not be understanding and will walk away when they find out you are a chronic bedwetter.

    Sex will somewhat lose its appeal to both parties. You will always be worried you will have an accident sometime during the ordeal and you will need a bedchuck under you if you are not wearing protection as incontinence is uncontrollable and you cant just choose to not wet yourself during that time. I have peed on my fiance’ during foreplay before and we just didnt have sex, because it was a turn off to both of us. Protection needs to be on or under ALWAYS even when its inconvenient.

    It is expensive!! I don’t know about other countries or all insurances but my health insurance will only cover one type of brief, it is super thin, does not manage smell well, has no absorbency and will leak after one small accident. To order enough overnight briefs for me and enough pull ups for me to use just 3 a day (and honestly I use more) costs $210 a month, thats barely enough to last me and thats not including wipes, cream, covers, matress protectors, boosters or anything like that.

    Being truely incontinent or a chronic bedwetter is way more than cute diapers and baby powder. I have dealt with it for 15 years. I was potty trained at 5 (i was a preemie with developmental problems so i took longer) and i wet the bed still till I was 7 until i was fully potty trained and then started having issues again at 11. That means in 26 years of life I have spent only 4 completely out of diapers and pull ups. Its not fun, its not sexy. It impacts how people treat you and see you, it will impact your self esteem, it will impact your sex life your job the clothes you wear!! There are so many negatives to incontinence and while its something I have unfortunately had to learn to live with, I would choose bladder control everyday over this.

    Again I am not trying to shame anyone or tell anyone they are wrong to indulge in what they do or for their fetishes, kinks or lifestyle choices (I myself actually think the idea of being “little” is quite adorable) i just want people who are wishing they were incontinent or are trying to become incontinent and or a bedwetter to understand and fully grasp the reality of it. The humiliation and shame might seem sexy in a controlled environment but if you are genuinely truely incontinent and dependent on some form of protection for the rest of your life their is no control there.


    Reblogging/boosting because this is so right on. It sucks being incontinent.

    The Results Of My Eighteen-Day Trial of Wearing One Insane Diaper Every 24 Hours

    TLDR: I absolutely loved it and will be continuing to wear my ultra thick diapers for the foreseeable future : 3

    Hey everyone! I wanted to apologise right off the bat for this being a few days late, as some real-life stuff happened that unfortunately meant I wasn’t able to finish writing this for the day the two-week trial technically finished, but, on the bright side, I used the few extra days to keep the trial going to eighteen days in total : )

    If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can catch up by checking out this post andthis post and this post ^^

    Also, a bit of a disclaimer, because wearing such over the top, thick and bulky diapers for such long periods of time is a massive fantasy of mine, I am not a particularly great unbiased judge when it comes to saying if this is a good thing to do or not for you, all I can really say is that all the positives outweighed the negatives for me and I’ve been extremely happy with this whole experience.

    Sooo, on to actually talking about the specifics, where do I start, ha ha. This has been an interesting eighteen-days to say the least!

    The first five or so days I would say were the real “trial” so to speak, where I was figuring things out and getting the hang of wearing such thick diapers all day, while the remainder of the time was me just kind of settling into the routine and becoming comfortable wearing them ^^

    I actually ran into two big problems in the first five days though that I hadn’t really experienced earlier in my random testing (showing the importance of fulltime trials!), the first of which was that actually, for the amount of liquids I normally drink in a day, an ABU Simple Ultra and three boosters weren’t quite cutting it consistently in the absorbency. I had a couple of smaller leaks and one large one while I was asleep during the first five days, so I decided that, for the remainder of the trial, I was going to wear the Simple Ultra with four boosters instead, which gave me enough absorbency to solve my leaking problem : 3 

    The second issue I experienced was some minor tearing in the diapers towards the end of the 24 hour period, which I quickly figured out was caused by the diaper basically having issues supporting its own weight after me wearing and using one for so long, ha ha ha. I managed to solve this problem, luckily, by wearing leggings or onesies under my clothes each day for the remainder of the trial, which provided the diapers with enough support for their weight and bulk that they stopped tearing : )

    For those of you who were very concerned about my skin and the possible bad rashes I might experience, never fear! I didn’t experience any rashes during my trial, though I definitely came close, ha ha. On four different mornings, early on in the trial, my skin felt very tingly and sensitive, which anyone with experience can tell you, means a rash is very close. Luckily for me, my skin never actually went past that point, but I did take a lot of time to care for my skin each morning while showering and also time to properly apply diaper rash cream before putting on each new quad boosted diaper (I’ll fully admit the time it took to look after my skin so much probably canceled out any time saved by not having to change during the day) ^^

    Soooo, did anyone notice what I was wearing? I did wear a Simple Ultra diaper with four boosters to work, around friends, and all around out in public after all! This one is hard to say, because unlike all those ABDL stories on the Internet, people don’t just randomly come up to you on the street and shout, “Are you wearing a diaper?!”, ha ha, though that would definitely make things easier for me to confirm one way or the other if anyone noticed : P While nobody came up and said anything to me though, I did seem to get some strange looks, especially if I was wearing jeans or shorts with my diapers, and I caught a few people who seemed to be making weird faces at me if I turned around quickly cx It’s possible that this was all in my head, but, with how thick these diapers are, I don’t think so, ha ha. It’s whatever though! I don’t really mind anymore : )

    Oh, my messing! How could I forget! On the subject of my bowel incontinence and how this trial worked with it, I’ve actually been very lucky, and my messing has stayed almost exactly the same as I mentioned before, with me messing myself quite a lot while eating breakfast in the mornings and then not at all outside of that. On only two days during the trial did this change, and on those days I did mess myself after dinner and then again in the morning in the same diaper before having a shower, but other than that everything stayed the same, which meant my skin stayed much more healthy than it would have if I was sleeping in a messy diaper every night : ) 

    So, with everything said and done, what are my final thoughts on wearing such insane diapers every day for eighteen days straight? Do I want to keep doing this? Was it a positive experience?

    Overall, wearing these ultra thick diapers has been a learning experience for me, considering I had to make some adjustments to accommodate them in my life, but it has been a very fun learning experience and is one that I am not yet ready to entirely give up : ) Even now I’m planning to keep wearing my insane quad boosted diapers for the foreseeable future (I do have a whole case to go through after all : P ), with maybe just occasional breaks once or twice a week back to my more normal diapers to make sure my skin stays healthy. I still have about a month before I go back to working in a school too so I figure, hey, why not keep doing the thing I’ve been really loving doing, at least until then : )

    If anyone has any questions about the trial, because I probably missed talking about something, ha ha, they are entirely welcome to ask! And, as always, I hope everyone is having a great day or night, and I’ll talk to you all again very soon 💕


    Mikey’s Guide to Unpotty Training

    My Guide to Unpotty Training

    Today I want to share the tricks and tips I used to unpotty train myself. Keep in mind that some things will being to work almost immediately (3-4 days), while others will take weeks, months or even years.

    So if you are ready to be a diaper wearing little boy like me, here’s how to start.

    1) Make the commitment. From here onwards you will only wear diapers. When I made this decision myself years ago I opened my dresser drawer and took out all of cartoon briefs and tightie whities (I never did wear “big boy” underwear). I then took my scissors and cut up my underoes so all I was left with was a pile of cotton rags. I quickly got myself padded up before I could change my mind, put on some pants and took my destroyed underwear to the trash, telling myself that I will NEVER wear underwear again.

    2. From here onwards you can only wear diapers at all times. Regardless of where you are or what the occasion, unpotty training requires you to wear diapers at all times, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The moment you put on that big boy underwear and use that potty all that training you did will be destroyed. It takes a great degree of effort to convince your body that it is okay to just let go whenever and wherever. Potty training and all those years of using the potty have created a very strong learned behaviour.

    3). Drink lots of water and juice throughout the day, this will keep you bladder full and make it much easier to practice uncontrolled wetting. It is also important to drink two bottles of juice or water within one hour of bedtime. This will help ensure you have to wet throughout the night.

    4) Now for the unpotty training. Wet as soon as you feel it, DO NOT hold it. You want to train you body to just “release” on its on. I repeat NEVER HOLD IT. By holding it you are strengthening the bladder, rather then weakening it. It’s a muscle that needs training, so ensure you are constantly training it to relax. It is not initially possible to “ignore” the conscious awareness of needing to wet, but by telling yourself to relax and “let it happen” you will find your subconscious, the part that actually keep your from wetting yourself and controls the autonomous behaviour responses, will begin to accept and adopt the new patterns and responses until you do just void unconsciously. A few days to a week of unconscious natural voiding and you will be wetting and messing just like a little baby. Continue rewarding yourself mentally for being such a good baby, and wetting and messing yourself naturally and easily, and you will never feel ashamed or humiliated or embarrassed about what you now can do. Unpotty training is a combination of both physical and mental training.

    5) Night-time wetting will take FOREVER. So have patience. Go to bed every night with a full bladder. Falling asleep with a bottle or sippy cup of water works great. Since you went to bed with a full bladder you will likely wake up and at some point and need to pee. Try to picture yourself remaining asleep as you wet, and “pretend” you are still sleeping. After you wet your diaper, relax again, and picture this happening while you sleep soundly, contentedly, and happily. Soon this is exactly how it will happen. It may take a few months [my experience] for you to sleep soundly through the night, and to wet naturally in your sleep. You may find yourself waking a while after you have wet, or just as you are wetting, but ignore it, and keep your eyes closed and fall back asleep. Remind yourself how wonderful it feels and fall asleep sucking your pacifier and hugging your teddy bear.

    6) Remember what you are doing is potty training in reverse, so have patience. It took time to become potty trained in the first place and more important it is something you have been doing for decades, so it will take patience and time to unpotty train. Continue to reward and reinforce the “good, nice” sensations of wetting (and messing) and you will soon teach your body that it is okay to be a diaper boy.

    And this here is how I became diaper dependent. But I have some bad news. Potty training is like learning to ride a bicycle, it’s something you never forget. In your subconscious you will still have that “potty training”, but this is a way to override that training and enjoying being in diapers 24/7. If you want something that is 100% effective surgery or a catheter is the only way to go. But for this little boy it’s 100% natural unpotty training for now.


    Go For it


    Well, an interesting thing has been happening with my messing lately, and I’m not too sure why as I haven’t changed my diet whatsoever, but I know everyone is usually interested in this stuff and it’s been going on for two weeks straight now so I thought I would discuss it : )

    Basically, rather than messing myself twice a day at breakfast and dinner like I normally do, for whatever reason over the past two weeks I’ve been messing only once a day at breakfast, and then not messing at all at dinner. What has made this more interesting is that I’m actually still messing the same amount every day like I was before, but just instead of messing at two different times during the day it’s like, all of it comes at once suddenly during breakfast, ha ha.

    In a way, it’s been good, because I’ve only had to worry about a messy diaper during breakfast just before I usually have a shower anyway, but at the same time it’s like, now that I mess like double the amount all at once it makes a much more noticeable uhm… expansion, of the back of my diaper, which is not the most subtle thing in the world if I were to try and get breakfast with friends or family for example, ha ha, a big lump suddenly appearing in the back of my jeans cx

    As I said I’m not entirely sure why this has started happening, like, maybe my body has decided to adjust its habits for some reason, or maybe in another week everything will be back to normal and it’ll be like this never happened, but I guess only time will tell and I’m not particularly fussed either way ^^


    Guess your body justifies the need to only once

    i have a confession…i love messing myself. Like i cant control myself, im obsessed. All i wanna do is be unpotty trained and just fill my diapers no matter what im doing. I could be at home in my playpen or my bouncer. I could be at the mall or park. I could be at a party with complete strangers or all my caregivers friends…and what would i be doing? id be in the corner drooling and sucking my thumb as i mess myself and sit around like a good girl waiting for a change but never telling anyone i needed it hehe

    If you like my pics just reblog them, dont steal them. Credit me if you post them elsewhere <3


    How I Became A Chronic Bedwetter

    So I just want to make a quick disclaimer at the start. This post is telling you how I, personally, started wetting the bed every night. To my knowledge, nobody else has tried doing this method, and even the people I have shared this with previously who wanted to do it never actually went through with it, so I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who has done this. I tailored this method completely to myself and can’t tell you that this will work for everyone because nobody else has ever tried it. 

    Some of you may have originally seen this method on a Wordpress site I made back in 2016, as I uploaded it there originally and it got about 500 views, but because of so many requests, I decided to rewrite it and post it here on Tumblr : )

    Scary ominous warning at the start, I absolutely detested the experience of doing this method, and even to this day, I remember how much it fucking sucked. I’m not telling you to do this, this is just what I did and what has made me a permanent, relentless bedwetter for the past almost four years.

    In my strong belief, everything about each kind of untraining is hugely mental in nature. There are physical elements to it, like muscle degradation, but like 80% of untraining is essentially just retraining our body and our subconscious mind into accepting and embracing incontinence.

    What I did to start bedwetting was kind of prey on and take advantage of my subconscious in a way. 

    For a period of about a month straight, and I do mean a month, I drank a lot of water before bed and then went to sleep without a diaper on. As you can probably imagine, all that water before bed caused me to wake up in the middle of the night with a pretty strong urge to go to the bathroom (if you are not a light sleeper, this wouldn’t work). What I did was, instead of wetting myself as soon as I woke up like other guides mention (which would have been a bit unpleasant anyway as I wasn’t wearing diapers), I made myself get up and walk to the bathroom to use the toilet instead, every single night. 

    I’ll tell you right now, doing this for an entire month was literally one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. I was constantly losing sleep and was constantly tired every day because of how interrupted my rest was, but I guess the reason I stuck with it was because I was pretty fucking hardcore about wanting to be a bedwetter at the time.

    Finally, after all that, the end of the month came, and I introduced diapers to my probably completely exhausted and unhappy subconscious as an easy out to its current predicament. For those unaware, our subconscious mind will pretty much do anything it can to avoid pain or discomfort, and it will do everything it can to use as little energy as possible in running the body.

    On that first night after the month of hell, I wore diapers to bed.

    Like before, I drank a lot of water before going to sleep, and also like before, my body woke me up with a very full bladder. What was different this time though is that instead of making myself get up and walk all the way to the bathroom to use the toilet, I just let my bladder go and very happily wet my diaper while still laying in bed, before going back to sleep. 

    The next night I did the same thing again. I drank a lot before going to sleep, and I wore a diaper to bed. This time though, I didn’t wake up during the night at all. I awoke actually feeling pretty refreshed for once, which in itself was a relief because I’d gone so long waking up exhausted, but that wasn’t the only thing that had happened. My diaper was completely soaked when I woke up.

    This was the turnaround point in my nighttime incontinence. I had put my body and mind through hell for an entire month, before showing them both that there was a much easier way to deal with the problem than waking me up. 

    From that day onwards, I started waking up wet more and more. I was still having dry nights here and there to start with, but as my body kept learning and kept finding no problem in making me wet while still asleep, it kept happening again and again. 

    Over the course of months after that day, my body got fully in the habit of making me a complete bedwetter, because why would it ever wake me up when it was so much easier to just make me wet myself in my sleep? I went from three to four wet nights a week to it being incredibly strange to wake up dry even once or twice a month. I even had to get thicker, more absorbent diapers because my body just stopped holding anything back, and it wasn’t uncommon at the time to wake up in a leaking diaper in the morning. 

    So, that’s how I became a chronic bedwetter almost four years ago. I don’t think I would really recommend my method because it was just so bad dealing with all the sleep deprivation, but I can’t argue with the results that it has given me. Becoming a bedwetter was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life, and I’ve never once regretted it in all this time, even on the mornings where I wake up in a wet patch because my diaper has failed. There’s just something about it that is so insanely special to me, and unlike making yourself incontinent during the day, which I wouldn’t recommend to everyone, I would recommend becoming a bedwetter to anyone who has the interest. It’s really not that big of a deal to have to wear diapers to bed every night, and the happiness and satisfaction I get from waking up in a completely soaked diaper in the morning is just totally unmatched. 


    A very special technique! Very interesting!