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    Been seeing a lot of posts recently on "diaper training" and the like. Some of the suggestions contained within disturb me and some are downright dangerous.

    As someone who has personally been wearing 24/7 for over a decade and whose wife is a "pull-ups by day, diapers by night" accident prone girl and genuine bedwetter let me say this.

    The best way to integrate dips into your life if "24/7" or "incontinence" is your goal is to simply wear them daily and use them whenever / wherever you have to. Over time (years) your body will adjust to the "new normal" of going potty in your pants as the need arises and eventually you will be going with very little, if any, warning or control.

    Please be aware that 24/7 diapering is very expensive and WILL lead to embarrassing situations with family, friends and the public at large NO MATTER HOW PREPARED YOU THINK YOU ARE.

    Ultimately, do what makes you happy... so long as no other persons are harmed in the process. Be informed, make smart choices and please don't endanger your health with questionable or risky practices hoping for quick rewards. NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES QUICKLY OR EASILY.

    Thank you.


    my daddy and i want me to be diaper dependent 24/7 no control of my bladder if i accidentally lose control of my bowels that is OK what is the best way for daddy to force me into my new diaper training life what are the steps we should take to make it permanent what would be the best steps to do to get to that point The advice and help that would be useful we’re looking for a really good in depth list for diaper training for a little girl how has boy parts and how to probably diaper one

    For this to work, the ideal living situation is for the pair of you to be living together, either on your own or in a kink-friendly environment.

    Start wearing, wetting and messing 24/7 immediately. There’s no reason for you not to. If you need to phase it in, use this rule: every time you wear a pair of underwear from now on, you have to throw it out afterward. Eventually you will only have diapers left. You must not use the toilet in any event.

    Have locks installed on any room in your house which contains a toilet or a drain. Seriously. There’s the danger that if you start regretting wanting to untrain, you’ll start covertly using whatever toilet you can get. Not just the toilet, but the shower, bath, the sink in the laundry if you have one, the sink in the kitchen (that would be gross, but you might be desperate). You should only be in the back yard with your Daddy’s supervision.

    Your Daddy needs to be involved in as many of your changes as possible. If you’re changing yourself, out of sight of your Daddy, that means that you can probably cheat and use the toilet, which you might do on a short-term impulse, but which neither of you actually want. Get a pair of plastic pants with a locking waist chain, so your Daddy can trust you out of his sight for at least short jaunts.

    You need to be as undressed as possible around the house. It’s not acceptable for you to be shy about your diapers. You shouldn’t be in more than your diaper, a onesie and plastic pants. Ideally, just a diaper is best.

    Your Daddy needs to get good at diaper checks. When you settle on a few diaper brands to use regularly, your Daddy should be checking you visually and manually (with his hand) when you’re mostly undressed around the house, to get an idea of what your diaper feels like when it’s damp, wet, soaked, messy, etc. He also needs to get an idea of the visual difference between ‘bulky but dry’/'bulky and soaked’, 'bulky but clean diapers’/'slightly messy diapers’/'very full diapers’, etc., both without and with clothes over the top.

    Don’t ever ask to be changed. If you ask and you get changed, that means you can just hold it until you get changed, which you will very likely subconsciously want to do early on. Your Daddy should be checking you pretty much at random and should have a general idea of how long a diaper lasts when it’s on you. Your Daddy also should not change you until your diaper can’t take any more use; this might lead to a few rashes but that should teach you not to delay using your diaper.

    Protect your surfaces. You should be travelling with an adult-size bed pad and/or puppy pad at all times. There should be one on your seat on your sofa, on your dining chair and on your office chair. There should be a PVC sheet on your bed. Ideally, there should be a removable drain filter and handheld showerhead on your shower (as well as decent water pressure). You should wear at least one extra layer of clothing to take off and tie around your waist in the event of a leaky diaper or very puffy butt. Basically, you should not feel like you need to avoid using your diaper because it would be too inconvenient and damaging to do so. Speaking of which -

    You need to leak. If you take long road trips, this is an excellent opportunity. Either way, your Daddy needs to delay changing you long enough that you soak your diaper too much and it leaks from overuse. You need to know what leaking feels like and you need to get used to it, because it will be part of your life.

    Do stimulant laxative training. This is something I recommend to all untrainers now. Even if you don’t want to untrain messing, using laxatives makes untraining wetting easier by making wetting seem much less important and much less painful. Stimulant laxatives are a class of laxatives which are important because they are the only type I know of which will actively force you to have an accident. There are two types I would recommend.

    Dulcolax suppository training. These hit fast and hard. I would say the longest you will be able to keep control after insertion is probably two hours. Your Daddy should give you one of these just before you go into a situation where you wouldn’t be comfortable messing; for best results, you should be spending that time more than two hours away from easy access to the toilet. You need to get used to filling your diapers and you need to get used to the sensation of not being able to control it.

    Castor oil training. This takes longer to hit, but after it hits, you will have no control for several hours. This will help you get used to spending extended amounts of time in messy diapers, and lets your daddy figure out the difference between slightly messy, moderately messy, and very full diapers.

    Don’t be afraid to move as you need to. The body position that works for continent people using the toilet is not the same as the body position that works for soon-to-be-incontinent people using their diapers. I’m completely incontinent but I can still feel it happening (I can always feel messing accidents happening but can’t stop them, I can sometimes feel wetting).

    I know that if I’m bent over, at certain angles pressure from my body can block my urethra (don’t know how to explain it because I’m sure that’s not what’s physically happening), so when I realise I’m peeing, my response is usually to lean back and open my legs. I feel it frees up any physical pressure that might be slowing down my wetting.

    Position is even more important when messing. Continent people are used to sitting on the toilet, legs shut or semi-open, to poop. I promise you that as a diapered, incontinent person, the best thing you can possibly do for yourself is when you know you are about to mess, space your feet, keep your knees open, and squat deeply, exactly like a baby would do. It frees up space around your butt in your diaper (this is intentional), and makes messing smoother, quicker, less painful, less effort, and harder to stop.


    A submitter asked:

    I wanna start going to the gym but ever since I made the switch from absorbent pads to diapers I’m afraid to start going again. Do you work out at all? If so do you do it in the safety of your home or do you go out to gym?

    I do exercise. I do it at home and in the area surrounding my home, but I used to go to the gym. The reason I moved to home is because exercise really shows up the problems with my continence :)

    I wet more because I have to stay hydrated, because pretty much any exercise makes me pee more, and because a lot of exercises get me into positions where it flows more freely than if I were sitting hunched over my work computer.

    Messing is the bigger issue. Cardio decreases my time between BMs while I’m exercising, and for some time afterwards. Lots of important strength training exercises put me through positions that make BMs easier, which in my case means “it happens immediately”.

    Combine this with the following:

    • Pretty much my whole life, I have had an unsettled stomach in the morning.
    • I exercise in the morning because that’s when I have time.
    • The foods I eat before exercise, such as red rice, generally tend to promote voiding.

    You can see how this could be a problem.

    To meet my goals, I usually do mixed cardio and strength training for 90-120min. (I’ve heard cardio kills your gainz, but I’m not after gainz, so I don’t care.) If I’m dry when I start, I will invariably be heavily wet to soaked by 120min. More pressingly, my diapers will usually be at least slightly messy by 45min and full by 120min.

    So this has two knock-on effects:

    First, obviously, I smell, which was my major reason for moving to home instead of the gym. Pee smell is not a huge issue if you can control it, but mess smell can’t really be controlled to a level which is satisfactory for gym purposes.

    Second, dressing properly is difficult. I found that shorts loose enough for me to feel comfortable in them, and to still have full range of motion in them even though I was diapered, tended to have short, loose legs made of light fabric, and would consequently ride up when I sat and possibly get me clocked (even wearing a onesie, concealment is pretty bad around the inner leg if the legs are open). I could tuck them down usually, but any full-time diaper knows that fiddling with your crotch, inner thigh and butt, even for concealment reasons, just draws attention to those regions and the fact that you’re doing that. (That would be a bad thing even if you weren’t diapered.)

    I’ve also mentioned before that if you know you’ll be messing your diapers while wearing a specific clothing item, then while fitting it, you should be wearing (at least simulated) messy diapers and you should squat, to check how it interacts with your diaper. This was a big problem. Pretty much nothing I could wear to the gym (i.e., that was both socially acceptable at the gym, and physically healthy to wear at the gym) fit over messy diapers in a way that felt comfortable and safe.

    As a result, this is my current routine.

    • Low- to moderate-intensity random-elevation cardio (i.e. starting at my front door, I briskly walk around my neighbourhood) for 30-60min. I feel pretty comfortable using my old, loose gym shorts for this. Since I never sit down, the fact that they ride up doesn’t matter.
    • Arrive home and get out of my pants and shoes. I’ll usually be moderately wet and somewhat to moderately messy by this point.
    • Do my strength training exercises for 30-60min. Unfortunately my armoury of weights at home is pretty pathetic but I’m certainly working on it. Being pantsless means I don’t have to worry about seams digging into my diaper or pants limiting my range of motion. It also gives my diapers room to expand, because this is the stage during which that is most needed.
    • Put a wipe-down PVC cover on my exercise mat and do my warm-down stretches on it. I’m usually soaked and quite heavily messy by this point, but I use stretches that don’t put my weight on my butt, so there’s very little risk of leaking.

    About AB/DL appliances interacting with the gym.

    Outerwear and underwear. I will quite happily do my strength training in just a diaper and waterproof pants in midsummer. In autumn the T-shirt and socks will probably stay on so I don’t get uncomfortable. I feel winter pretty acutely so if it’s very cold I may wear a very light sleeper (I am considering getting rompers, i.e. sleepers with very short arms and legs, for this purpose).

    I usually don’t wear a onesie during cardio because I find that onesies do raise my average temperature level noticeably, and in humid subtropical summers with mean highs in the high 80s Fahrenheit, I need all the cooling I can get. However, if I’m especially wet or messy by the time I get back, then I may put one on so that heavy, saggy diapers don’t become a problem during strength training.

    Diapers. I exclusively wear at least overnight diapers during exercise. This is for a couple of reasons:

    • Obviously, I wet and mess more heavily.
    • Sweat will also cut into the absorbency.
    • Overnight diapers tend to have higher backs, which means I feel safer having to move around while messy if I’m in overnights.
    • Anecdotally, they tend to have higher quality backing and tapes, which means I can tape them more snugly, and they hold up better when I’m moving aggressively.

    The diapers I use tend to cycle through the year. Right now, I’m comfortable using Rearz Rebel (even though they’re technically a daytime diaper, but let’s be real here). However, by midwinter my cloth pull-on overnight diapers and boosters (from my bedwetter/pantswetter stage) are seeing a lot of use. This is because of a few factors:

    • I stopped using them when I started filling my pants, because I didn’t want to do messy cloth diaper laundry all the time, but dealing with one a day or every other day due to exercise, for half the year, is acceptable enough.
    • In winter, I eat and drink more, so I void more. I can combine cloth diapers and boosters to be absolutely sure I have as much absorbency as I need.
    • In combination with the other factors, all of my cloth diapers have considerably higher waistlines than my disposables. This makes their discretion way worse, especially given that they’re thick, but frees up my movement, which is great for exercise reasons. Out of cloth diapers, I’m pretty cautious with my warmdown stretches so that I’m not putting weight directly on my butt. I’m also conscious that during my stretches, I’m pushing down into the full seat of my diaper and taking a slight risk. However, with my cloth diapers, I can sit down on my butt or roll onto it even if I am heavily messy, and feel comfortable enough to do seated stretches, knowing I’m not likely to have containment issues.

    Great information for wearing diapers during exercise!

    9 MONTHS TO MAKE A BABY! well that’s how long ConsecratedBelle and I have been back together. I have had her in diapers every night since. Well, I can now report she is now a confirmed sleep wetter and Diapers are no longer an option but a necessity. She has wet in her sleep every night for almost 2 weeks. This has happened a few nights in one week here or there over the last several months. Usually if she had been drinking or was super tired. We officially moved in together a couple of weeks ago and a few other variables might be at play…. she feels really cozy at daddy’s house. I feed her a bottle each night after her diaper is on and we are in bed- either propel flavored water or Pedialyte. She has over the last few weeks wet without a diaper on 10 min into a nap, filled her diaper and woke up requesting a change before 2am twice, and every single morning woke up soaked even after both diaper changes. So if anyone wants to know how Long it takes to become diaper dependent .. it takes 9 months to make a baby.. lol.

    Testing Messy Advice

    Hey everyone!

    I wanted to chat a bit about the results of a test that I’ve been doing over the past month that I haven’t brought up yet. This test is based on a common piece of advice/knowledge that gets passed around in the untraining community that basically goes, if you allow your body to mess as it wants without interference, then over time your messes will get softer and softer and messing will become less and less noticeable until it eventually happens without the person even realising.

    Now, I was interested in trying this out, because I actually never really let things happen with no interference if you think about it, at least not for more than a few days. I basically went straight from fighting losing bowel control all the time, to taking extra fibre every day when I started allowing my body to mess as it wanted to (extra fibre keeps messing consistent, bulky and easy to clean up).

    So, if I stopped taking extra fibre and just let things happen completely naturally, would I start seeing the results that people always talk about of messes becoming softer and less noticeable as your body adjusts? The answer, at least so far at about a month in, is yes, actually, this is a real thing.

    It took close to three weeks for my body to start adjusting like I was looking for. Almost three weeks of no results, other than my messing becoming unpredictable again as my body worked to change things around with the lack of extra fibre it was used to (luckily I was preoccupied with college for most of that time anyway). 

    Since that point though, things have been changing, quite noticeably, and are starting to fall in line with that advice that we always hear. At around a month in now and messes are consistently soft, regardless of what I eat (which has probably been the biggest surprise for me, the body must intuitively know how to balance this out in some way), and the process of messing is getting much less noticeable. This seems to be because, with the extra fiber, messing happens very quickly and basically all at once so you get quite a lot of sensation, but without the extra fiber, messing is a longer process with a smaller amount of feeling, because the feeling is spread out rather than concentrated in a shorter amount of time.

    Think of it like ripping velcro apart. If you pull the velcro apart all at once it’s really loud, but if you pull it apart slowly and take your time, it’s much quieter and less noticeable.

    So, yeah, things are looking really promising so far. Consistently soft messes, check. Less noticeable messing, check.

    I’m going to keep this test up for the foreseeable future to see how things keep progressing, and I’ll put up another update in probably about a month or so, depending on how it’s all going. The only downside really to doing this is that messes are back to the regular amount of cleanup that they were without fibre, and that’s a bit annoying, but so far I think it’s worth it to see the results ^^

    Anyway, that’s it from me today, but I’ll talk to you all again soon : )


    I wish I could wear 24/7

    So much to the point I wish there was a way to either make it so i had no more potty control overnight or that all my potty control just vanished. Wish it was ok to wear diapees to work, around family and others, all without being terrified of people finding out and not understanding how I need them to feel normal. Wish I could use my paci everywhere, not just hidden away at home.


    The all too familiar struggle.


    Every once in a while Samantha’s deep hypnosis would have a glitch and she would snap into her former personality. First, there was a moment of shock because she could not remember where she was or how she got there. In this particular moment she was in her master’s apartment. Then she noticed her surroundings. Pampers wipes, bottles, and stacks of diapers lined every inch of the room. Lastly she noticed her own body and more importantly, what was on her body. A thick diaper like the one’s all other the room with a booster pad inside. She noticed the faint smell of pee too. She was wearing a short pink skirt and a top meant for little girls. What was she doing in a diaper? Where even was she? Why was her diaper wet?

    Samantha had been one of the many young women who clicked on the abdl email virus. Opening an email she thought was from one of her coworkers she was confronted with a pastel colored flash and then the next thing she remembered was sucking her master’s cock, inside on a snowy day, in a messy diaper. She only had about twenty confused seconds before she lost consciousness. When she came to for the second time she was getting her diaper changed on a park bench by the same man who she was just pleasuring, the green leaves on the trees shaded them from the sun. All she could muster was, “Hey! What’s going on,” before she felt her conscious mind recede.

    It had been a year since Sam had used a toilet and almost 8 months since her last ‘glitch’ which meant they were becoming less frequent. Soon she would completely become an obedient diaper loving girl forever.


    Update on my reverse potty training aka. Diaper training.

    Today it has been more than four weeks since I have used a toilet at all. Everything is done in my diaper. I usually have on BM a day, which happens in the morning when I have my first mug of coffee, which makes It easy to deal with.

    Wetting, some days I’m wetting very frequently, other days if I’m very concentrated a bit less.

    Flooding my diaper hasn’t been an issue for a very long time, years I think. In fact I tend to believe my bladder capacity has greatly diminished, since I decided years ago to go back to diaper wearing 24/7.

    Strong bladder urges happens frequently, and ends with me wetting soon after. The urges are really strong and intense, and very uncomfortable when they strike, almost to be slight painful.

    I have also started to dribble a lot more, sometimes it actually feels like it’s a small steady stream sometimes. Usually when I’m driving, and when I’m either relaxing for instance holding for red light, or get out of my car, gates open and without me actively being involved my bladder decides for me and let lose.

    I also for quite a while have experienced “surprise” wettings meaning I haven’t felt anything from my bladder and all the sudden I feel warmth and wetness spreading in my diaper.

    Bedwetting, don’t really know. Tested a while back where I’d maked sure to have a completely dry diaper on when going to bed, and it was wet when I woke up, not soaking wet, but wet on the front. With me having no recollection of wetting during the night. Afterwards I have reverted back to my old habits, where I change into my nighttime cloth diaper early in the evening. Which obviously is wet when it’s time to go to bed. So yes I’m wet all the time.

    Still after so many years being back in diapers 24/7 with the advantages and disadvantages there are connected with being diaper dependent, I have never regretted one single time. I love the feeling of the diaper between my legs. I like the security and soothing effect my diaper gives me. I love the wet feeling which also is a bit naughty, talking to some one, being in a meeting and just go potty in your diaper whenever the need arises.


    Congrats on your awesome progress so far!

    Claire was overjoyed as she awoke from her nap to find Daddy leaning over her. Her pyjama shorts had been pulled down around her ankles. Daddy’s hand groped at her diapered crotch. She was soaking wet.

    “Does baby need her diapee changed?” Her boyfriend asked in a sing-song tone.

    Claire nodded shyly but she was wearing a smile. This was a milestone in her regression training. She had wet her diaper whilst asleep without control.

    Her boyfriend returned with a fresh diaper in his hands, along with wipes and powder. Claire had a sense that she was going to dependant on diapers sooner than expected.

    Mom: “Ashley, what are you doing? Are you doing what I think you’re doing?

    Ashley: “Ummm…please don’t watch…I really had to go.”

    Mom: “I can’t believe this! My 18 year old daughter still needs diapers, and chooses to poop in them too.  Well come over here when you’re done and I’ll change you, and then you’ll be wearing diaper from now on and we are throwing away all of your panties.  It’s diapers for you from now on young lady.”

    Ashley: “MOM! PLEEEEEASE NO! Everyone will make fun of me if they know I wear diapers.”

    Mom: “Well you should of thought about that before you started wetting and messing your pants a few weeks ago, and then mentioning to your father and I that you preferred diapers over using the toilet. Now come over here now so I can change your stinky diaper. PHEW! You are stinky!”

    Ashley waddles over to her mom, her loaded diaper sagging, knowing that this will be her life for the foreseeable future