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2018-12-11 01:35:56

    Great 8 blog with plenty of variety to keep me entertained! Luv big boob babes, especially when pleasuring nice BIG 10" thick cock!! U like to see big cocks?

    Thank you. I sort of stopped updating my blog as frequent as I used to because I'm tired of the 1 mb size limit of gifs, I still add new stuff every now and then but i have slowed down significantly. Sorry about that.

    When it comes to boobs, I typically don't care how big or small they are, as long as the boobs are cute and make sense when seeing the girl entire body, so for instance, if the girl ass is similar in size to the boobs, I'm inclined to not like that girl because I prefer the ass being bigger than the boobs. For this reason I'm not a fan of plastic surgery on boobs to make them bigger because most girls go for "HUGE" boobs and brake the balance in proportion to the rest of their body while doing so, which I find to be grotesque looking.

    For dicks it's on a similar train, it's have to be at least normal size, so about 6'' and preferably a thick cock. But if the male actor usually performs balls deep fucking and handles the girl a bit on the rough sex side of things, I like it.