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    Cauldron Paws: A collection of short exploratory comics about my little magical mouse and demon cat characters and the world they inhabit.

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    Plot + Aqua trying his best to be a good friend and a good ear for Tim while hitting him with stupid dragon puns to make him happy and maybe help him feel wanted in the world

    fuck no || not really interested || huh?? || give me more details… <>|| sure why not || OMFG YES

    Ffft, i mean that's basically what we're doing now :p

    Timaeus was busy in the kitchen getting something ready for them to eat. With less gigs going on it offered him more time and though maybe it was time for a bit of a vacation, get away from the city fore awhile.

    “A road trip? Like..together?” Timaeus had never thought about it before, it was kind of a hard thing to do when you couldn’t drive. “Where would we even go?” The idea was admittedly appealing, although it did raise a few concerns.


    Strictly instrumental pieces were some of his favourite, not that he hated non instrumental music there were a few artists he enjoyed but he often preferred non vocal and just instrumental.

    “Sounds good. I only need a new pajama shirt but that’s about it. Hm,” Stay at her place? It would make things easier besides they’d probably end up sharing a room at a hotel anyway it wasn’t that big a deal, “Really? I guess it would make things a bit easier.” He replied as the music started to play while she drove. There was something familiar about the tune, even on the same instrument no every one had a slightly distinct sound to their music depending on the style of the instrument and how they played certain notes.

    Wait that couldn’t be. No way that wasn’t possible, but the longer he heard it the more he began to realize it was one of his covers. This one in particular was probably a few years old by now, he’d posted it just for fun and as kind of a start at trying to put himself out there.

    Although he’d never garnered any huge attention it never bothered him and made him happy that the few people that did hear it had enjoyed it. Looking back on it now it was awkward and a little embarrassing, not that the music was bad parse but he could definitely hear in place where he hesitated or note hadn’t quite hit as well as he could have done.

    But how in the hell had she ever found this? He was far from the the most popular of indie performers and while he still occasionally put something up it really wasn’t as often making it easy for his stuff to get buried under those more active then him. Not to mention with the exception of a few more recent ones a lot of his covers were of more niche songs that probably weren’t as known outside of Greece.

    Looking away he wonders if he should say something or if it’d be better to just keep quiet. “How’d you find this?” He asked curiously. 

    Pajama shirt? Lame. Shaking her head mildly upset with herself for the quick thought. Jesus Mai stop it! Hes just a friend! Why did he have to be so cute. Her inner monologue fighting back and forth. Unable to help the impulsive thoughts. So long as she kept them to herself, not wanting to make things weird once more between them.

    “That sounds easy enough.” Trying to think if she had any longsleeve tops that would be comfy to wear. Usually she just went with a baggy t-shirt. Also noting to back sleeping shorts maybe one pair of sleeper pants incase the room was cold.

    “Ugh, pajamas.” Commenting aloud without thinking. Luckily the music seemed to hold his attention more. “This? Oh I just three on the INDIE genera and it came on one day. I liked it so it comes on frequently and similar tunes. "Do you like it?” Peaking over as they came to a stop light.

    Well he said Pajamas but really any loose fitting top would be fine regardless of what it may be labeled as. There were a couple shirts he owned that would have worked just fine but he wanted to take a look around anyway and never hurt to have a back up.

    Of all the music she had to stumble across, Timaeus still couldn’t believe she’d found this and she liked it? It wasn’t bad but also not one of his better pieces.

    The complaint didn’t go unnoticed but Timaeus chose not to say anything, so she wasn’t much of a fan of Pajamas. Or that’s what he assumed by the tone of her comment.

    “Hm, oh yeah..it’s.. interesting,” What else could he say, it would have felt to weird to give praise to his own stuff and it was interesting if unexpected to hear himself being played back.

    “Wonder how busy the hot spring will be?” He was fully prepared for and expected there to be some people but it’d be kinda nice if when they arrived there wasn’t a whole lot of people.”Do we have to make a reservation before hand?”