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    this tweet is such a perfect encapsulation of what the brain trust on twitter considers activism at this point, i swear to god

    • she was a child
    • she was a child trapped in a legendarily abusive studio contract where she was being pumped full of drugs and sexually abused by producers
    • what is the point? “think about this the next time you watch the wizard of oz”? and do what? this tweet is so pointless
    • not for nothing but she was also a lifelong advocate of the civil rights movement and held a whole press conference to denounce white supremacist terrorism after the 16th street baptist church bombing
    • there are politicians who did blackface in office right now
    • judy garland has been dead for 50 slutty, slutty years

    Hi! My name is sword, and i’m a black nb lesbian and today’s my birthday! My following has slowed down a bit because I’ve focused on OC art, and I would love it if you could promo me!

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    My life has been so much better ever since I traded my impostor syndrome to brilliant conman -syndrome. Do I deserve anything in life? Fuck no! Will I grasp it anyway? Fuck yes!

     My art has never been worth shit, but watch me bullshit my way into art school! I am a horrid goblin, but watch me make these people like me! Am I qualified to do this task? Well I sure have the certificates that say that I am! And how did I get those? Who knows! Not me! I am so good at cheating, I don’t have to break a single rule to do it!

     I am brilliant, fast, and absolutely drunk with power!

    Finally a concise, accurate description of what I’ve been doing the past ten years

    Yo, want a little trick to get more trans and nonbinary characters in your writing?

    Any character that does/did not immediately start out as the gender they are in your current draft is now trans or nonbinary.

    A character you can’t decide whether or not they’re a boy or a girl and you keep flopping between those two? Your character is now bigender or genderfluid.

    A character who is a mystery? who you just don’t know? Congratulations, they’re now nonbinary, genderqueer, or agender.

    A character who was written as a guy in the first or second or whatever draft and is now a woman. She’s a trans woman.

    That other character who you thought was going to be a woman that is now a man? He’s a trans man.

    This is also a nice way to include trans or nonbinary characters without making it about them being trans or nonbinary. They’re just a character who happens to be.