You May Say I'm A Dreamer...

A dreamer is a person who is not afraid to challenge society's norms and not afraid to tread their own path rather than following the well-trodden path.

Mature male, 60 years young

Shellback Navy Veteran

Single gentleman, not looking, but always open to new friends.

I started this blog to share a glimpse of what I find intriguing, arousing, interesting, inspiring and enriching about this journey.

Sometimes I post things that are of an adult nature so, if you’re not 18 or older, please leave. Life can be beautiful with the right lens. I hope that you enjoy these things too but, ultimately, if it pleases me, it’s my blog and I post what I like. I'm here again, just enjoying Tumblr. Most of the images and words posted are not mine but, on occasion, I do write poetry or other things. For a look back, my archives are at /dream2bu.tumblr/archive

Formerly Haughtyspirit Unrestrained.

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