Hello! I’m Honey and I’m a good little diapered girl(: 20 years old, 18+ please!!

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2019-12-11 06:13:58

    Her babyness is showing a bit :3 

    I’m not sure why I love the sight of a nappy peeking out from short shorts / dungarees so much. I like it even more than upskirts. 

    This outfit gave her a very lovely round butt. She was out with me around Shibuya most of the afternoon like this and I made her carry her own pack of pullups at the store, which was pretty blushy. 

    I’m sure a few guys checked her butt out without suspecting she’s actually just a helpless little baby who’s not allowed to use toilets. She was soaked when we got home in the evening, one more wetting and she’d have pee running down her little legs.