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2020-08-12 09:00:55

    so my grandmother had this poodle named loveable for a really long time...like a suspiciously long amount of time for a dog to live. my cousin and i were at her house and it came up that she had had this dog for like, 17 years and we thought that was kind of weird so we asked my uncle about it and he goes “don’t tell anyone, but it’s not the same dog.” anyway it turns out the og loveable had died like years ago and she just got an identical dog and kept up the charade and never admitted it.


    SHE bought an identical dog and told OTHER PEOPLE it was the same dog???


    yep lmao that’s exactly what she did


    i stopped trying to figure out her motivations for this kind of shit a long time ago bc it got me nowhere i’m just along for the ride now


    all r/relationships posts are either:

    • "My [26F] husband [43M] has suddenly started [doing blatantly abusive thing]. Am I in the wrong?"
    • "My [37F] husband [39M] and I have been together for 8 loving years. But three months ago, he learned about Chris Angel, and he's now decided he wants to spend his life performing motorcycle stunts in front of penguins. I don't want to crush his dreams but he's used up all of our life savings. Advice?"
    • "My [34M] wife [32M] has always had natural brown hair. Last week, she decided to dye it blonde. Should I file for divorce?"

    4. “My [42F] daughter [14F] told me today that she’s ‘depressed’ and ‘needs help.’ Should I ground her?”


    5. "My [47M] son [6M] threw a piece of the uncooked broccoli I gave him for lunch on the ground the other day. In retaliation, I set all of his toys on fire and made him watch. He hasn't stopped crying in days. What's wrong with him?"