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    COVID is slowly becoming a “third world” disease. While first world countries are hoarding vaccines, having doses for populations many times their size, third world countries can’t get any because pharma companies want to sell to the first world countries first. Even then, first world countries will receive them first. While rich countries recover from COVID, they will forget about the pandemic while many other countries live the absolute worst moment of the pandemic without being able to vaccinate their population.


    Watch also when some first world countries finish vaccinating their populations, they will turn to third world countries and “donate” or sell surplus vaccines. People in these countries will go “Oh how sweet! The government is donating vaccines to the poorer countries <3” when it was their hoarding that led to many, many third world citizens dying before they could even get vaccinated in the first place.


    african and latin american countries are also pushed by pfizer to give up sovereign assets as part of their vaccine agreement


    Yo europeans, sign the fucking petition, get the european commission to lift the patents


    This is not a bullshit useless change dot org petition by the way this is an actual thing with legal consequences. If this petition gets to a million signatures, the european commission HAS to examine it.


    They need not only a million signatures but to pass thresholds in at least seven member states - which only Belgium has done so so far. Especially if you have Italian, Irish, or Cypriot citizenship, please sign. Sign it in general, but try to circulate if you can to anyone with those nationalities specifically.


    231,195 / 1,000,000 signatures as of 10/28/21


    237,730  /  1,000,000  signatures as of 11/28/21 and the Signatory Deadline(it has to be signed by this date) is January 8th, 2022.

    PLEASE sign, especially if you’re from one of the countries that has not reached it’s threshold. (France, Sweden, Greece, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria…basically every country except Italy and Belgium)


    Minimum thresholds must be met in at least five more countries in addition to the 1,000,000 signatures requirement.

    The countries closest to reaching their minimum threshold are Ireland(89% of required signatures), France(75%), The Netherlands (75%), Spain (69%), and Cyprus (46%). If you or anyone you know have citizenship in these countries, please sign it, encourage them to sign it, and pass it forward.

    If the requirements are met, the European Commission will be forced to examine this and take legal action. Real change is a possibility if enough signatures are collected.

    Spread this.


    There is a Canadian equivalent to this petition and it ends this Saturday, December 4. Send this to your Canadian friends.


    Worth noting: this scale starts at $38,000. For a single wage earner, that translates to an hourly wage of $19 per hour. That is 162% more than the current federal minimum wage.


    In Canada, you need a wage of $50,000 to afford a house in Trois-Riviers, Canada's cheapest major housing market. That translates to a full time wage of $24.04/hour, or 1.6 times the minimum wage.

    The average home in Canada requires a wage of $109,000 to purchase. This translates to an hourly wage of $52.40/hour or 3.5 times the minimum wage.

    Source @allthecanadianpolitics


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    Rockstar, Monster, and Red Bull.


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