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    When my sister called and invited me to visit her in Iowa, I had to go.  I hated to do it because it was going to conflict with an already-planned trip I had planned to take with a group of gay friends from college to go skiing in the Rockies and then hit Pride Week in Denver.  But this was my sister.  We were all each other had left.  We hadn’t been close growing up, she being fifteen years older than me.  But, ever since both of our parents passed away, we had bonded a little more.  I couldn’t turn down this request.  It turns out that my “wild and crazy, I’ll never settle down” sister had met someone.  She had been transferred to Iowa by the company she worked for five years ago.  I knew she’d been dating a guy for a couple years.  My sister squealed with delight when she told me over the phone that he’d just proposed to her and she accepted.  She wanted me to fly out and meet the man she’d be spending the rest of her life with.  I knew nothing about the guy other than he was 42 and worked for the same company my sister worked for.

    A week later, I was sitting in the bar off of the lobby in a hotel in Des Moines, waiting for my sister and her fiance to arrive.  I’d gotten a cut off text message from her fifteen minutes earlier, “Got stuck at work doing stuff for boss.  Running late.  I’ve…”  And that’s all it said.  I sent her back a text, but got nothing in response.  It was then that I noticed him.  He had come into the bar and plopped himself down a couple stools down from me.  He looked to me like a typical, cornfed Midwestern guy.  Deep, soulful eyes, fit, with short hair on the sides that swept up into a faux hawk.  He had to be local.  Everyone knew the faux hawk was over five years ago.  This guy was checked all of the boxes on my list of things I find hot in a guy.  I must’ve been looking too long because he turned to me, “Do I have lipstick on the side of my face?”

    Figures the guy would be married.  "Uh, no.  You’re good.“

    “Thank God!  I just came from my mom’s house.  She always slathers on too much lipstick and then insists on kissing me on the cheek when I leave.”  Hmmm…catty and judgemental.  I might just have a shot with this guy after all.  He kept talking, “I’m Rod, by the way.”  He extended his hand to me and I shook it.

    “Nice to meet you, Rod.  I’m Fletcher.”

    “Good to meet you.  So, what brings you to the entertainment capital of the Midwest?”  A sense of humor.  I liked that.  I decided not to be honest with Rod.  If this went where I wanted it to go, I thought maybe I could ditch my sister and her new man later on for some more fun with Rod.

    “Just here on business for the weekend.  Then I’m headed back to Seattle.”

    “Cool.”  He took a sip of his wine and chuckled.  "You get teased about that Chevy Chase movie from the 80s all the time, I bet.“

    "Not as often as you’d think.”  I decided to be bold.  "Most of my friends are gay.  They don’t really keep up with the Chevy Chase filmography.“  I grinned at him.

    "Really?  Does that mean…?”

    I decided to play with Rod a little bit.  "What?  Just because my friends are gay, it means I am too?“

    He seemed genuinely guilty that he thought he’d offended me.  God, I loved the Midwest…  "Hey, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean…”

    I put my hand on his shoulder, “No worries, Rod.  I’m just messing with you.  I wanted to make you squirm a little, that’s all.”  I wanted to make him squirm all right…but in a completely different way.  "Yes.  I’m gay.“

    Rod got up from his stool and moved to the one next to me.  He then leaned in and spoke softly.  "I got a buddy who says he’s gotten blow jobs from gay guys from time to time.  He says guys give the best head.  Is that true?”  I happened to notice the bartender look over at us and his eyebrows raised when Rod asked his question.  I guess he wasn’t talking as softly as he thought he was.

    Fuck my luck!  I’d come here to see my sister and meet her fiance and I’d ended up in a conversation with a - at the very least - bicurious hottie.  Who knew how long it would be before my sister and her fiance showed up.  I didn’t have time to string this out very long, so I decided to lay all my cards out on the table.  "Why don’t we go up to my room and you can find out first-hand?“

    "Yeah?  For real?”

    “Absolutely.  You’re a hot man, Rod.  I’d be happy to get a chance to slob on your knob, buddy.”

    With that, Rod hopped off of his stool.  "Then let’s go!“  I chuckled at his horniness.  We both pulled out our wallets to pay the barended when Rod stopped me.  "I got this, Fletcher.”  We then turned to leave with the bartender wishing us well with a smirk on his face, “Have fun, fellas!”

    Up in my room, I finally got a look at the rest of Rod.  Jeans and a t-shirt…what seemed like typical Midwestern attire.  But his shirt really got my attention.  I read “Down & Dirty Farm Boy” on it.  Must be some sort of brand.  "Down and dirty, huh?  How down and dirty can you get, Rod?“

    In a challenging and sexy tone he said, "You’ll just have to find out.”  Then he winked at me.  In a matter of seconds, we were out of our clothes.  Rod had a little bit of a gut on him, but his firm pecs, dusted with flecks of brown hair complimented it.  His cock was real nice.  Not overly long, but had a lot of girth to it.  Perfect for sucking.

    Remembering that I didn’t have long, I quickly went to work on him.  Sucking, kissing, and licking every part of this man’s body.  When I finally went to work exclusively on his cock and balls, it didn’t take long before he shot his load.  Tasty!  As he lay on my bed, recovering and moaning about how his buddy didn’t do the description of blow jobs from a guy justice, I checked my phone for a text from my sister.  Still nothing.  As I was looking at my phone, Rod spoke, “Got somewhere you gotta be?”

    I lied, “A possible work meeting.  Just checking to see if there was a message about the time.  Nothing yet.”

    Rod was eyeing my still hard cock.  "I think you need to take care of that dick, man.“

    I figured, as was the case with most bicurious guys, Rod wouldn’t want to reciprocate.  "I will.  Before my meeting, I’ll jack off.”

    Rod smirked at me, “Oh.  I see.  So, just because I’m straight, I wouldn’t want to take care of that for you.”

    I laughed at him turning my humor from earlier against me.  "You wanna suck me off?“

    There was something in Rod’s eyes as he looked at me.  "Actually…  I was hoping you’d fuck me.  Always wondered what it would feel like.”

    “A few minutes ago, you only wanted to know what it felt like to get a blow job from a guy.  Now, you want to get fucked by one?  Are you sure about this?”

    “Yeah.  Getting sucked off by you was the best blow job I’ve ever had.  In fact, it’s the best sex I’ve had.  Since we’ve got the time, I figure I might as well, try everything I wanna try.”

    He didn’t have to tell me twice.  I went to my overnight bag and pulled a condom and lube out of my travel supply.  "I’m not going to lie.  This is probably gonna hurt before it feels good.“

    Rod grinned.  "That’s okay.  I can take it like a man.”  After a few minutes of opening him up with my fingers, I noticed his hard on had returned.  I decided to REALLY open Rod up.  I leaned down and began tonguing his hole.  "What the fuck are you…“ is all Rod got out before the pleasure of what I was doing set in.  "Oh fuckin’ A!  I had no idea having your ass licked could feel so good.”  After several minutes of rimming him, it was time for the main event.  I hadn’t had sex in a couple weeks, so I knew I wouldn’t last long.  In this case, since I was waiting on company, that worked in my favor.

    I spent several minutes entering Rod and making sure he felt comfortable.  I actually had to wonder if this was really his first time being fucked.  He didn’t seem to experience a lot of the pain that normally comes with being fucked for the first time.  When we were both sure he was ready, I began pistoning in and out of him.  Looking down at his face, contorted in pleasure, got me really worked-up.  I was about at the finish line.  Suddenly, Rod opened his eyes and looked up at me.  Those damn, sexy, soulful eyes of his.  I hadn’t yet kissed him, becuase you can never tell with “straight” guys how they feel about kissing.  But I was so overcome with lust in the moment that I leaned down and pressed my mouth against his.  He returned the kiss and within seconds, our tongues were dancing against each other.  In that moment, I shot my load.  "That was incredible, man.  Who knew getting fucked could feel so good.“

    After a few moments spent on top of each other, sweat glistening on us and us giving each other soft, quick kisses, I heard a cell phone buzz.  For a minute, I thought it was my sister, letting me know that she and her man were here.  Turns out it was Rod’s phone.  He looked at the screen and suddnely, hopped off of the bed with an anxious look on his face.  "What’s wrong, Rod?”

    “It’s my girl.  I’m supposed to meet her downstairs and she just texted me to let me know she’s almost here.  I gotta go.”  He quickly ran into the bathroom to take a quick shower.  It figures the guy would have a girlfriend.  A couple minutes later, Rod was fully dressed and standing at my hotel room door.  "Do you think we can get together again before you fly back home?“

    "I hope so.  Just call the hotel and ask for my room number.”  He smilled at that and then turned to open the door and leave.  "Oh.  By the way…“  He turned back to look at me.  "You were VERY down and dirty, Farm Boy.”  He grinned at me as I leaned up to give him another quick kiss.  With that, he was gone.

    I decided I ought to jump in the shower too.  It may only be a matter of minutes before I had to head downstairs again myself and I didn’t want to meet my sister’s fiance, smelling like sex.  A few minutes later, I was finishing drying off when my cell phone rang.  I answered it to the exasperated sound of my sister.  "Where the hell have you been, Fletcher?“

    "Me?!  You’re the one who texted me, saying you were going to be late…an incomplete text message, by the way.”

    “I just got here, but my fiance’s been waiting here in the lobby for you for nearly an hour.  Didn’t you read my text message?  I told you I was ending him ahead to meet you so the two of you could get to know each other since I was running late.”  Once again, I explained about the incomplete text message, but it didn’t seem to placate her.  "Just get down here.  We’re going to be late for our reservations if we keep arguing about this.“

    Two minutes later, the elevator doors opened to my sister, waiting for me.  The text message mix up all of sudden didn’t seem to matter anymore as we jumped into each other’s arms and gave each other the biggest hug.  I looked around.  "Where’s your guy?”

    “He went to get the car.  He’s going to drive.  Then we’ll bring you back here and I’ll pick up my car.”

    “So you sent him ahead so I could check him out instead of having him wait to come with you, huh?”

    She laughed, “Yeah.  Sure…  Anyway, he was running errands nearby and it was easier for him to come straight here than to drive back across town and wait for me.  He was doing some yard work for his mom and visiting with her.”

    Visiting his mom?  That sounded familiar.  While I was still contemplating the possibilities of what my sister had just said…and not paying particular attention to my surroundings, my sister grabbed my arm.  "Oh!  Here he is now!“  I snapped out of my state in time to see my sister’s fiance walking toward us, wearing a familiar shirt:  Down & Dirty Farm Boy.

    "Hon, this is my brother, Fletcher.  By the way, don’t call him Fletch.  He HATES that!”  There was a momentary look of panic on Rod’s face…like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, but he seemed to recover nicely as my sister continued talking.  "Fletcher, this is my fiance, Jerrod O'Dell.“

    "My friends call me Rod,” he said as he extended his hand to me.  "Nice to meet you, Fletcher.“ Rod and I looked into each other’s eyes.  I don’t know about him, but I had no idea what to say.  What DO you say after you’ve just unwitingly had sex with your sister’s fiance?

    My sister broke the spell.  "Oh no!  Our reservation is in 10 minutes.  We’ll never make it.  I’m going to call the restaurant and see if they can push back our time to 6:30.  I’ll be right back.  You two get to know each other better while I’m gone.”

    After she walked away, “Well.  This is awkward,” I observed.

    Not missing a beat, Rod leaned in and spoke softly to me.  "After dinner, I’ll make an excuse as to why I can’t head directly home with your sister.  Once we drop her off and send her on her way, we can go up to your room and talk about just how awkward this is.“  He then grinned and winked at me.

    I wanted to say no.  In fact, I wanted to say hell no!  What did Rod take me for?  My sister was all I had left in this world and he expected me to help him fool around behind her back?  I felt guilty enough that we’d already messed around.  But I could forgive myself for it since I didn’t know at the time that Rod was my sister’s fiance.  But now…  There was no way I could go back up to my room with him, strip him naked, and have the best sex I’d ever had with anyone.  Sure.  I wanted to say hell no.  But I didn’t.  I didn’t that night…and I didn’t three more times before I flew back to Seattle.

    Here’s to down and dirty fuckin’ farm boys!


    Were you in love with him?  You liked to kid yourself into believing you weren’t.  Although, if you were honest with yourself, you’d probably fallen for him.  Right now, you didn’t want to think about that.  All you wanted to feel was his heavy stubble rubbing against your face as your tongues wrestled between your open lips.  His hands grasped your ass possessively while you pushed his exercise shorts down, feeling his insistently hard cock bounce out and pulse between your body and his.

    He’d let you move in as a favor to Eric when your parents moved out of state right before your Senior year of high school started so you wouldn’t have to endure your final year before college in a brand new high school among unfamiliar faces.  Now, five years later, you were in graduate school and still living there.  Eric had left right after high school to go to school in the Northeast.  Mrs. Cooper hightailed it out of there - signed divorce papers in hand and a gleeful smile on her face - a year after that.  You offered to try and find a place of your own if you were going to be in his way and cramp his style as a newly single man.  But, Steve Cooper insisted you’d stay, which suited you just fine.  You’d had a thing for him for nearly a decade and enjoyed having his bedroom just down the hall from yours.  It only took a few months after the Mrs. became the ex-Mrs. for the two of you to start up.

    Now, your bedroom wasn’t down the hall from his anymore.  You shared his bed.  The two of you had gone through great pains not to define what was happening between the two of you.  In fact, you were scared to even TRY to define it with him.  As far as you knew, Steve still identified as a straight guy who liked fucking ass and occasionally sucking a dude off.  But, as you felt him nudge you to your knees and grab the back of your head to ease your mouth onto his leaking cock, you knew judgment day was coming soon.  Each day that went by made it harder and harder for you to pretend you were just fuck buddies.  You wanted more.  And, as you looked up into his face, framed by the salt-and-pepper stubble and set off by his intense, piercing gaze, you hoped he’d fallen for you too.  Minutes later, as his copious load collected in your stomach and he pulled you up to him for a passionate kiss that was sure to lead out of his home office up to your bedroom, you knew you wouldn’t be able to put it off much longer.  You were going to have to tell him how you really felt about the status of your relationship.  You only hoped that he had the reaction you wanted him to have.

    You weren’t sure which would be harder to explain to Eric:  “Your dad and I are a proposal away from me being your new stepdad” or “Dude, I’ve moved out of your house and I can’t ever be around your dad again.”  But, if it meant having Steve Cooper in your life - and in your bed - for the next forty years or so, you’d risk pissing off your childhood best friend with the first explanation any day of the week.


    Is this what cruising looks like?


    This is my most asked-about post…here’s the story… I saw this hot guy in a sports bar but it was difficult to get a good look him from where I was standing. So, as I walked to the bathroom I pretended to be talking on the phone, but I was really recording him as I walked by. I didn’t see the look he gave me until later when I watched the video. Hope to run across him again one day…


    It’s been a year since seeing this stud out at the sports bar and I still look for him in my hood lol. One day…


    Insta: erictastic


    Our community pool used volunteer lifeguards.  Most of them were good for a jerk off fantasy, but Mr. Andrews was really special.  I would always hang around until the pool closed on days he was lifeguard and help him put things away.  It didn’t take him long to figure out what I wanted, and he gave it to me in the storeroom.  His cock is enormous, and I thought I’d be bleeding by the time he pumped his load into my little pink hole.  I’m sorry summer is almost over, but I think his taste for chicken will mean he’ll find a way to keep breeding my tight hole.


    He’d pulled me over for running a red light and when he asked to see my license and registration, there was something about the way he looked at me - like he was undressing me with those gorgeous baby blues - that caused my cock to swell. Well that, and because he was one fucking hot DILF stud. Maybe the fact that all I was wearing was soccer shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops had something to do with it, but I managed to get off with a warning and his email address. Next time I saw him I’d be getting off again, only this time with his big billy club of a dick deep fucking my ass while I held onto his strong shoulders for dear life. It wasn’t until I saw story on the local news about him getting some award that I found out he wasn’t just some cop. He was the Chief of Police, father of five, and a pillar of the community. I considered myself lucky to find out just how big a pillar he truly was!