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2020-07-31 22:45:57

    Art Gift: Bikini Mud Wrestling & Bikini Thong Wedgie by Codykins123

    Let’s take a break from the Halloween drawings for a bit and allow me to post an art gift for my friend  @ironbloodaika that features both of his fave animated babes, Courtney and Supergirl (Super Best Friends Forever shorts) having a mud wrestling in their tight bikinis XD.

    This is a art gift collab where Coonfoot/@tlrledbetter and I made. He did the sketching while I did the inking. I had a feeling CF enjoyed drawing this piece as much as Iron (hopefully) enjoys this piece XD.

    Another art gift where it has Courtney giving Supergirl a thong wedgie because it’s something Courtney would do XD

    This drawing in particular I made it by myself, unlike the first one where CF and I made it together. I say this because when I asked CF about the gift collab, I forgot to tell him to make Courtney be on top pinning against Supergirl. I’m not saying it’s his fault, what he did to the collab one was really good. I was just a little bit paranoid about it. And because I didn’t want come off as rude, I made this as a back up plan. I have thought about having Supergirl giving Courtney thong wedgie, but Clark LOOOVES seeing his fave girl winning at something…maybe another time XD

    Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IBA!!!


    You guys rock SO HARD! XD

    The war between T & A continues. Looks like the A-Team can chalk this up as a victory. XD Another great NSFW Commish I got from @shonuff44 Raffle Stream. This time I decided to indulge my love of catfights and superheroes. In this case we have Raven (in her Lady Legasus persona) going up against (and beating) the Mighty Endowed! XD A nice piece of reference art jump started this and I just went from there. XD Gotta thank Sho for the tattered outfits, since that really adds something to this piece. Also poor Nina’s conked out look. XD Thanks again man! Enjoy everyone!

    Sam’s Got a Back Row Seat

    I’m still a bit shocked I haven’t gotten any crap for how often I have Paulina getting the upper hand on Sam in my pieces. Not that I’ll ever complain, Paulina needs some love! XD

    This one has a bit of a story and ties into the origin with how I met @chillguydraws. See back when he was still going by chill8ter my first commission from him was Paulina and Sam, decked in bikinis, staring each other down in a ring of mud. Shockingly not turned away by my love of lady fights, we talked more about it and started pitching ideas for me commissioning an entire comic set around these two lovelies going at it. Sadly despite our enthusiasm it never came to be.

    For now Chill thinks another artist would be needed to capture this story, so I decided to have @aeolus06 draw out his own take on one of the fave scenes I wrote for the fight. Sort of a proof of concept/advertisement for any artists who might be up for the task. Probably won’t get it started til I get a new job, but it’s nice to dream.

    This’ll probably be my last commission for a bit since my funds are not in a position to let me splurge. Still, glad I could go out on a high note (for now at least).

    As always, enjoy everyone! Til next time. :)

    Commission belongs to Me

    Artwork belongs to Aeolus06

    Reference belongs to Chillguydraws

    Paulina Sanchez and Sam Manson belong to Nickelodeon