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    I’ve started making voice files. Mind melting files to make you completely give in to my words.

    I want to seduce you. Hypnotize you. Brainwash you. And break you.

    I want to keep a list of good girls who want to be mindfucked. Subs I can use for experiments with my voice files. Listening to my experimental edits as they lose their mind for me.

    Now is your chance to be personally brain drained by me.

    Reblog and DM me asking to be included~


    *flirts with Tumblr*


    Reinforce your own submission. And then get Tumblr to help break your brain some more.


    I'm a desperate slut, I want attention. I want to surrender my brain to people I don't know so they can get off because it feels really really good to be a free use fucktoy. I love the moment of surrender, feeling the grip of someone overpowering taking hold, reminding me how weak I am, taking me.


    Repeat after her:

    "I'm a free use fucktoy!"

    Open Source

    The setup was ludicrously complicated. It had taken him years to engineer and program, going through one iteration after another until he had finally created something that approximated maybe a tenth of his vision. Enough to go public with it, at any rate. He could always tinker with it as he went along. The important thing was that the helmet and the chair worked well enough to have a real effect. It might not be the most efficient method of brainwashing, but it was genuine. That was all he needed.

    Once he had his functioning prototype, he rented a small space down in the warehouse district, somewhere nondescript where foot traffic was light and people wouldn’t notice his work. He installed his devices, and hooked up the cameras–fifteen, one for each corner and wall of the room and a close-up at the base of the chair that could be remote controlled to focus either on the genitals or the face. He installed the streaming software, and spent the better part of a week testing it with a small army of bots that voted on which angle they wanted to see. Once he was satisfied it worked, he brought it all online.

    Anyone could log into the room. If it was empty, all they’d see was the chair and the helmet, just waiting for the next subject. But if it was full… they’d see a person sitting there, jaw slack, eyes covered by the helmet, staring blankly into a screen full of swirling patterns that captured their attention completely and sighing in soft, sleepy pleasure as the vibrators built into the base of the chair teased and stimulated their bodies into a lazy reverie of bliss. They could put in a vote for the current view–in addition to the fifteen cameras in the room, there was also a direct helmet view that showed the victim’s eyes as they sank into the programming. But that wasn’t the best part.

    There was also a chatroom. In addition to the normal conversations that went on, anyone could type a suggestion into the chat window, from ‘You love sucking cock’ to 'Your favorite food is Hawaiian pizza’, and it would be queued up in the list at the top of the screen. Suggestions could be upvoted and downvoted, and the software would automatically take the top priority suggestion and feed it into the speech synthesizer and subliminal image processor that went into the helmet. And it would continue repeating it until the subject began to repeat it in their mind all on their own. That repetition created a particular pattern, which the EEG machines built into the system could read, marking that suggestion as taken and moving on to the next one until the victim was fully programmed. But that wasn’t the best part, either.

    Once the subject had taken a few suggestions, the bidding usually started. People could start an auction once the slave-in-waiting was prepared to their satisfaction, and others could reset the timer on that auction for a small fee if they had some things they wanted to add… or in a few cases, if they just liked watching the helpless victim sink into obedience for a while longer. But eventually, every subject was purchased and instructed to transport themselves to a new destination for a new life as an obedient, brainwashed fucktoy. But even that wasn’t the best part.

    The best part was the line. He had a camera showing the line, one he never shared with his customers. Every person in that line had contacted him, asking how they could wind up in that chair at the mercy of strangers, and he’d given them the address discreetly and quietly and told them to wait their turn. Every single person who entered that room wanted to be turned into a mindless slave, desired with all their hearts to be emptied and enslaved and brainwashed forever… and that, above everything else, was what thrilled him to the core.

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    Fractionation and Snaps with SweetTist

    For those of you who enjoyed my Snaps Snaps Snaps Text Trance, this was the same method I used to give that Caleb his original Snaps Trigger. He chose to receive the feeling of heat in his mind whenever I snapped.

    This trance can only be found via this post. This trance is not released to the public of Youtube.

    Length: 16:20.

    This file fractionates you and then gives you a snaps trigger, linked to only my snaps, making my snaps pleasurable.
    You chose the pleasure you’d like to feel, whether that is sexual pleasure or non-sexual pleasure.
    I then bring you up, snap a bit.
    Bring you back down to strengthen the Snaps trigger.
    Bring you back up and snap some more.

    I hope you all enjoy

    If you’d like the direct link to the youtube video so you can Like It or Follow Me on Youtube, HERE is the link for that.


    Holy shit. I just got around to listening to this (after it had been sitting in my likes for some time) and now all I can think is, where has this been all my life?? Not only is sweettist’s voice super compelling to listen to, but they do a fantastic job in this file delivering exactly what is advertised! I have never listened to any sort of fractionation files, so I set my expectations low as for how well it would work on me, but holy shit. The pleasure I felt (even when awake!) was indescribable. I had chosen sexual pleasure and even after those desires were, ahem, satisfied about 3/4 through, as the file went on the pleasure my brain chose was like, pure euphoric bliss. I gotta say that sensation was pretty incredible and I had no idea it was even possible. Thanks for this fantastic audio, sweettist!!