i always have two voices around my head,what's new?

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2020-03-27 17:38:23

    my mind

    my whole mind..

    did something bad

    they (my mind) control me to do something

    that i shouldn't

    i shouldn't be sad again..

    shouldn't blame myself again

    shouldn't hate my decision few years ago (again)


    the reality is i did

    i did it again

    sad, blaming myself, regreting.. and falling

    falling into the same hole

    In case no one’s told you lately:

  • You’re not a burden.
  • It’s okay to be struggling.
  • It’s okay to tell people you’re struggling.
  • Please tell people you’re struggling.
  • Don’t suffer in silence. Tell someone. Get help.
  • It’s okay to need help.
  • Please get yourself help.
  • You’re not the exception to recovery.
  • The world is more beautiful because you’re in it.
  • You’re worth it.
  • You’re a good person.
  • Thank you for existing.
  • You’re beautiful.
  • You’re not the exception to recovery.
  • Please stay alive.
  • If you’re looking for a sign not to kill yourself, this is it.
  • Please, stay alive.
  • People love you.
  • I love you.
  • Don’t give up.
  • You’re not the exception to recovery.
  • You’re not the exception to recovery.
  • An Introduction to the members of Cosmic Girls/WJSN

    Cosmic Girls or WJSN made their debut as a 12 member girl group under Starship Entertainment on February 25th 2016 with their first mini album Would You Like?

    The original 12 members are Seola, Xuan Yi, Bona, Exy, Soobin, Luda, Dawon, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Mei Qi, Yeoreum, and Dayoung. Each member represents a star sign. 

    After success and popularity on Produce 101 Yoo Yeunjung was officially added to the group on July 11th 2016 and thus Cosmic Girls became a 13 member girl group. 

    About the Members:


    Real Name: Kim Hyunjung


    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer (Wannabe Rapper, she’s going after Exy’s rap position)

    Representative Star Sign: Sagittarius

    About Seola: She’s the oldest member of the group and has trained the longest of any member (10 years), she’s in love with Soobin although Soobin denies that Seola is her ideal type, even after describing a person that’s basically just like Seola. She’s the self-proclaimed “Dad” of the group and one of her specialities is twerking (I can’t make this stuff up). She promises that in the future she will release a hip hop album with Exy. 

    Xuan Yi

    Real Name: Wu Xuan Yi

    Birthdate: 1995/01/26

    Nationality: Chinese

    Position: Sub- Vocalist, Lead Dancer

    Representative Star Sign: Aquarius

    About Xuan Yi: She’s the second oldest of the group but is really hyper and happy all the time. She loooooves kim, it’s about 80% of what she ate during My Cosmic Diary I’m pretty sure. She loves all of the members. She can imitate and look exactly like a gold fish and a rabbit. 


    Real Name: Kim Jiyeon

    Birthdate: 1995/08/19

    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Sub-Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

    Representative Star Sign: Leo

    About Bona: She trained at Cube Entertainment for about 6 years before coming to Starship Entertainment, which is why she is close with BTOB. She’s got one of the tiniest waist I’ve ever seen, I don’t know how it’s possible, probably sorcery. She tends to favor Xuan Yi and Luda, resulting in the ships BoXuan and BonLu, they’re both adorable ships but some people will fight to the death over which one is better. She and Eunseo are close and call themselves the Yeon Sisters, she and Cheng Xiao are adorable together as well.


    Real Name: Chu Sojung

    Birthdate: 1995/11/06

    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Leader, Main Rapper

    Representative Star Sign: Scorpio

    About Exy: Before WJSN’s debut she appeared on Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 and her rap had everyone shooooooook. I recommend watching her performances. She became Cosmic Girls resident girl crush rapper after that, but after debut we found out she’s really girly and adorable, but we still love her anyway. She has a song called “Wipeout” and anytime the members try to suck up they’ll all start singing it. She’s cosmic girls leader but in reality she’s just the tired aunt that the youngest bother, never letting her sleep, but she loves them, although she once threatened to throw Dayoung in the fireplace. 


    Real Name: Park Soobin

    Birthdate: 1996/09/14

    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Main Vocalist

    Representative Star Sign: Virgo

    About Soobin: She’s one of the smallest/shortest members in the group she and Luda call themselves the Pocket Girls due to their small size. Despite being so small, she is incredibly loud and once imitated a pterodactyl on weekly idol. Her nickname is the “smiling angel”. She vehemently denies Seola being her ideal type but its obvious that it’s Seola. She’s famous in the fandom for her Sunbae CF’s and her CF laugh, which is slightly terrifying. 


    Real Name: Lee Luda

    Birthdate: 1997/03/06

    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Sub-Vocalist

    Representative Star Sign: Pisces

    About Luda: I’m almost positive she has the shortest training period of the members and was one of the last members chosen to be in the group. She used to get Bona to help her out, which stressed Bona out, but she would send her cute messages thanking her. Luda is the smallest of the small and is the smallest member of the group at only 155 cm (5′1″ ish). But don’t let her size fool you, she’s a savage and is often referred to as “Pocket Satan” its the small ones you have to watch out for…


    Real Name: Nam Dawon

    Birthdate: 1997/04/16

    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Main Vocalist

    Representative Star Sign: Aries

    About Dawon: She is arguably one of the most under-appreciated members in the group (along with MeiQi). One of the nicknames the fans gave her is Dawonce and for obvious reasons, the girl can sing (give her more lines Starship). She appeared on a show for under-rated girl group members called “Girls Spirit” and killed every performance. I highly recommend watching her performances to gain appreciate for her vocals and if you can make it through her Yanghwa Bridge performance without crying you’re not human. She’s one of the sweetest, most caring members of the group, and deserves lots of love. 


    Real Name: Son Juyeon

    Birthdate: 1998/05/27

    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Sub-Vocalist, Lead Dancer

    Representative Star Sign: Gemini

    About Eunseo: She’s the tallest member of the group and the members often call her a giraffe. She along with Soobin is one of the loudest members of the group. She’s the groups vitamin and has soooo much energy. She’s like a puppy, she really is. She and Cheng Xiao arguably form one of the biggest ships in the group, EunXiao, they’re precious honestly. She’s self-concious about her looks especially her nose, so please refrain from making fun of her about it, it’s not very nice and she even cried at a fan meeting over it, so just don’t. Or I’ll find you…

    Cheng Xiao

    Real Name: Xiao Cheng Xiao

    Birthdate: 1998/07/15

    Nationality: Chinese

    Position: Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

    Representative Star Sign: Cancer

    About Cheng Xiao: She’s rarely seen with both feet on the ground, she’s always mid-air doing acrobatics. She’s suuuuuper flexible. She’s also quite the meme in some of her fan photos and has earned the nickname Meme Xiao. She’s still learning Korean, but she’s improved a lot due to being on a lot of variety shows. One of her most iconic moments can be found in their reality show when she says, “Babo Wasseo! (An idiot came!)” when she meant to say the food had come. She’s an angel and we as fans must protect Xiao Xiao from the perverts on here (cough tastymotion [please report them often even if its not cosmic girls their page is disgusting]). 

    Mei Qi

    Real Name: Meng Mei Qi

    Birthdate: 1998/10/15

    Nationality: Chinese

    Position: Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

    Representative Star Sign: Libra

    About Mei Qi: Although Starship categorized her as a sub-vocalist the members often place her in the vocalist line, where she belongs. The proof of her vocal ability can be found in their pre-debut music video “All I Want for Christmas is You” her parts in that had Mariah Carey shook. Despite being one of the other under-appreciated members in the group she has been in 3 movies and was the lead role for two. Be on the lookout for Step Up 6 to come out sometime this year and support Mei Qi! She’s often called “Baby Mei Qi” and “Mei Qi Oppa” by the members.


    Real Name: Lee Jinsook

    Birthdate: 1999/01/10

    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Sub-Vocalist, Lead Rapper

    Representative Star Sign: Capricorn

    About Yeoreum: Despite being one of the youngest and one of the smaller members, this girl can eat. For most of her screen time in their reality show she was eating something. She’s adorable and although she is the oldest of the maknae (youngest) line, she still refers and introduces herself as the groups youngest member. According to the members the voice she uses and the way she speaks when she is in public or during broadcasts is not the voice she uses or the way she speaks at home. She’s also lovingly nicknamed the “Little Octopus” with Eunseo being the “Big Octopus”. 


    Real Name: Im Dayoung

    Birthdate: 1999/05/14

    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Lead Vocalist

    Representative Star Sign: Taurus

    About Dayoung: She’s a part of the 99 line or the Maknae line. Despite her age she cooks really well and often makes the members their birthday meal, she and the other members prepared Eunseo’s lunch for the College Entrance Exam. She’s incredibly hyper and is likely the cause of Exy’s lack of sleep (let tired aunt Exy sleep). She gained popularity for looking like Shin Donyeop and even took a selfie with him when she appeared on a show with him (and they do look similar). Because she’s hyper she’s always falling down and getting bruises, be more careful space cadet!


    Real Name: Yoo Yeonjung

    Birthdate: 1999/08/03

    Nationality: Korean

    Position: Main Vocalist

    Representative Star Sign: Ophiuchus

    About Yeonjung: According to the members Yeonjung was supposed to be one of the original 12 members of the group, but at the last minute was chosen by the company to appear on MNet’s Produce 101. She proved that she was an amazing vocalist and was the last member chosen to be in the group I.O.I. coming in 11th place. She was officially added to Cosmic Girls in July and became their 13th and youngest member. She and Soobin together have their terrifying CF laugh. She’s a sweet baby and needs to be protected at all cost (please don’t put her on a diet Starship).

    *This post can and may be updated. Please let me know if there’s anything else you think I should add. (Examples being units, hometowns, blood type, height, etc.,)*