Evolution Of A Queen
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    “nobody in miami knows how to drive” “nobody in austin knows how to drive” “nobody in chicago knows how to drive” maybe we shouldnt have cars


    Maybe we should find people who are good at driving and give them really big cars, and then people can just pay a small fee to be driven around the city. Maybe in a regular loop so people always know where they'll be at certain times of the day.


    But what if those really big cars were also really long and fast?


    And what if they ran on electricity? But what to call them?


    Fantabulous Looping Electromnibus!


    I like the way you think


    ::stares in Pittsburgh driver:: My sweet September children. You know Not what you speak

    app: "would you like to see people you might like to follow based on your phone contacts?"

    me: "no"

    app: "here's everyone in your contact list that also uses this app, would you like to follow any of them?"

    me: "no"

    app: "well what about these people? you follow them on other apps on your phone"

    me: "I said no!"

    app: "I heard you mention this name in a random conversation I wasn't supposed to be listening to. would you like to follow them?"

    me: "what? NO!"

    app: "you walked past this person 5 minutes ago, would you like to follow them?"



    Researching guns for a story and I know I’m gonna get a lot of ads for the army and shit after this -__-


    Just wanted to know if there was like, a common design aspect or something between American made guns. Like how ppl can tell if a car is German or whatever by looking at how its engine or some such bullshit. My search provided not truly helpful information so I’ll play around with how the weapon is described.


    Most american made guns are gonna look similar to almost anything other gun. The difference is parts and performance, pretty mich across the board.


    Russian made AKs are expensive but known for their quality.

    Chinese made AKs are a lot cheaper but are prone to jamming and breaking down easier.

    Israeli weapons are known for their craftmanships and reliability etc etc

    So it depends on the country and the particular weapon.


    The character picks up a submachine gun and starts describing it but I often overthink details like this when I wrote late at night as I was doing.


    Submachine guns are light, hugh fire rate, and low accuracy created by the germans in 1915.

    If your character finds a smg. Most likely, they check the ammo, use it til it's empty, and then toss it.