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    Male cardinals are beginning to look brighter and brighter, the closer we come to spring. Healthy males are newly molted, with bright new feathers.  

    Soon, pair-bonded males will start mating rituals with their long-term mates, while young, single males will compete to find a life-long companion.  

    Northern Cardinals are especially monogamous. They are never too far away from each other.  


    I’m gonna get myself in trouble, aren’t I?

    Look if people wanna stick to the Harkness test for their monsters, that’s fine. But when it comes down to it, it’s all fantasy.

    The day we find out monsters are real is the day we have to start debating the ethics of sex with them. But today, they’re fantasy. So it literally doesn’t matter.


    Well this post has given me a good block list lol.

    “It’s important to model good virtues in fiction”

    What the fuck? Look bud, I’m just here to post about sexy werewolves.

    If those werewolves were real, then we absolutely should have a conversation about how much they actually are able to consent to sex during full moons when they lose control.

    But as far as we know, they’re not real so I’ll keep writing about a pack of werewolves being unable to stop themselves from forcibly taking someone on the full moon.


    I am far more interested in whether the Harness test is included in in-universe ethics than using it to decide what I'm allowed to write. Like let's say a Pokemon Champion who shall remain nameless was dating their ace? Would it be public knowledge, "oh yeah the champion and their ace are an item, that's what makes them so tough." Or is it super taboo, nobody can know or they'll be separated forever? That's the kind of worldbuilding shit that fascinates me, I'm a freak who needs worldbuilding in it's porn damnit!


    Oh, my favorite take on that (for Pokemon specifically) is that it varies, region-to-region:

  • Kanto and Johto - fucking a Pokemon is not only a crime, but a taboo that'll even get someone kicked out of Team Rocket for suggesting it. The Pokemon basically has to violently force themselves on a human for the human not to get shunned (and even then, there's still an attitude of "you clearly provoked them").
  • Hoenn and Sinnoh - there's some hushed gossip (and anonymous online RPF) of the E4 or Champion "rewarding" their Pokemon behind closed doors. It's seen as an occasional foible of youth at best; everyone's heard about that one kid in junior high who rode their Gardevoir, but you can't mention it aloud and they'd better find a proper sexual/romantic partner when they grow up.
  • Unova - basically an open secret. You can sorta tell by how some Trainers interact with one or two particular Pokemon of theirs, and gossip rags write about Pokemon League members swapping aces with the same tones they talk about celebrity breakups. "Letting your Pokemon out at night" is slang for sharing a bed with them, and often (though not enough to erase deniability) implies that you fuck them.
  • Alola (skipping Kalos cuz I'm unfamiliar) - if you're an allosexual virgin, after a certain age your friends will probably start joking about locking you in a room with a Salazzle. Pokemon Centers have guidebooks (on request, not out where kids can see) about safety precautions for having sex with some of the more common partners (an ounce of prevention, after all). Sex shops stock pinups (and more) of humans and Pokemon alike, and dildos based on Pokemon dicks are labeled accurately, rather than with some generic fantasy name.
  • Galar - similar to Unova, except it's still technically on the law books. Still, walking around with certain Pokemon out (e.g. Inteleon, Scorbunny) will wind up with people visibly making assumptions around you. You can get away with speaking frankly about it, provided your tone of voice gives enough deniability that you've been running an elaborate joke for the entire conversation.
  • Paldea - basically no stigma against being romantic towards any or all of your team, but, like Hoenn, anything physical should stop as you grow up.
  • Hisui - approximately nobody fucks the Pokemon. There's no moral stigma; everyone just figures it's a failing of self-preservation. Sure, go ahead and try to seduce the vicious monstrous violent creatures barely held at bay outside the village. Just don't expect us to come pick up your corpse.