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    This Band (p.6)

    B.A.M SEQUEL now updating daily!

    pairing/s: band! park jihoon x oc ; band! bae jinyoung x oc ; doctor! hwang minhyun x oc

    character/s: park jihoon, park woojin, bae jinyoung, ong seongwoo, kim jaehwan, ha sungwoon, lai guanlin, kang daniel, yoon jisung, hwang minhyun

    genre: angst, fluff, music (band)

    summary: never date your band mate.

    warning : a sequel so I’d appreciate it if you’ll read B.A.M first. though you can always live dangerously and read this immediately.

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    wanna one masterlist

    song inspiration : Two Ghosts by Harry Styles 

    “We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me
    Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbe


    That was the only word that Riseul could think of. She didn’t know what was wrong, but something was wrong.

    Seulla knows. Riseul was sure of it, but no matter how hard she twisted her words and rephrased her questions, Seulla managed to evade her attempts.

    Riseul always believed that she had the shorter end of the stick in certain situations but for the past week, it seemed like her bad luck raised to an all-time-high. From busted tires, mysterious packages and malicious emails, Riseul had no idea what the hell was even happening around here.

    It was even weirder how she managed to run across Seulla and Minhyun around the hospital when their shifts don’t even match. Minhyun even volunteered himself to drive her to and from the area and to her apartment.

    By Friday, Riseul found Seulla cornering Minhyun in front of the elevator.

    “Minhyun, we both agreed to this!” Seulla barked in hushed tone.

    “How could I have known she’d leave early! I was still at the operating room by then.”

    “Well, she might be the next in line in that operating room for all we know! Minhyunnie, her car got hit yesterday. And as much as Ri’s making light of the situation, we both know that wasn’t an a

    “I know, and I’m sorry. Look. I’ve managed to get the same shift as hers by next week. She’s staying over in your house this weekend. It’s gonna die down by then, and everything ends in peace. Right?”

    “Minhyun, I wish…” Seulla shook her head just in time as the elevator reached their floor. Riseul ran just in time before the elevator fully closed.

    “Sorry, I’m late.” Riseul smiled, and wiped the supposed sweat on her forehead. She won’t ask Seulla. At least not within that elevator.

    If her friend won’t tell her what’s wrong. She’ll find out what it was instead.


    “You’ve been reading too much these days in your laptop, Seulla.” Riseul leaned on the doorframe as she emerged from the bathroom. With one swift motion, Seulla closes her laptop and turned to her.

    “I’ve been invested in a fanfic these days,” she grinned with hints of innuendo.

    “Oh my God. Not your boyfriend please. God, that’s disgusting.”  

    “It’s interesting to know what they think he’s like in bed.” she winked and wriggled her eyebrows enough to make Riseul gag. “Anyway, want some beer?”

    Riseul nodded and Seulla left the room to grab some liquor to keep them company for the night. Immediately, she rushed to Seulla’s laptop, trying all the possible passcodes.

    “Come on, it should be her birthday or Jinyoung’s birthday, or just reversing it.” she tapped impatiently.

    Multiple tabs of the recent news appeared in front of her eyes, the bright screen tone burning to her eyes the headline. She didn’t even need to read the other articles to get a grasp of the situation.

    “Ri?” The beer on Seulla’s hands clunked as she reached out to switch on the lights.

    “So, something was really wrong…” she muttered under her breath, shutting the laptop forcefully before walking past Seulla towards where she hung her jacket then right to the front door.

    “Ri!” Seulla called out with enough desperation to make her stop from turning the knob of the door and ultimately leaving. “Let’s think things through, okay?”

    She bit the corner of her lips out of frustration because she understood Seulla’s motivations on hiding the issue. Still, it angered her for some unknown reason.

    “I know…” her hands tightened on the doorknob. “That you’re just concerned, and knowing about it wouldn’t change anything,” she unlocked her phone, typed the keywords found on the malicious articles, and scanned through them.

    “But, really. I still feel like shit.”


    Ever since the controversy sparked many debates and allegations regarding Riseul’s and Jihoon’s relationship, Jihoon was forbidden to leave the agency nor his apartment for reasons others than practice and schedules set by his manager.

    It would only feed the flame if he released a statement, so the agency only released vague statements reasoning out that Jihoon’s dating ban was long over.

    “How’s our grounded boy coping?” Woojin greeted as he entered Jihoon’s apartment with a plastic bag full of chicken to appease the short fuse within Jihoon.

    “How is she?” eyes twitching as the articles continued to be updated and their past became more of an open book.  He scrolled further until he reached the comments section, the pit of vile before he grabs his laptop and throws it on the wall.

    “Dude that was a Mac fuckin book!” Woojin drops the plastic of chicken to pick up the laptop that has already broken into 2 pieces. “She’s okay. Frighteningly calm even, which means Riseul’s pissed. Wait, you have two Macbooks?” as he noticed the boxed laptop on Jihoon’s bookshelf.

    “Is that your new anger management plan? Throwing laptops in the wall then replacing them with new ones?”  Jihoon rolls his eyes far from playing along with his best friend’s banter.

    “The agency’s not going to do anything,” Jihoon reports, popping his knuckles to cope with the annoyance.

    Woojin sets the chicken to the table and grabs a piece. “Of course, they won’t. You were out of the dating ban the time you met each other again. They’re just letting the tea boil too long. Any girl would read any news if it had your name on it.” he said as a-matter-of-fact.

    It was how the industry worked; both of them were aware of it. But being aware and being accepting were two different things, and both of them denied the latter. Not when someone precious to them was receiving unneeded hate.

    “Anyway, we’re stuck. Your agency won’t let you release anything close to a statement,” Woojin fans his mouth due to the spiciness.

    “My agency won’t. But I can always release a statement in another way,” Jihoon smirks as he reviewed the schedule sent by his manager, noting the press-con that will be held in 2 days for his upcoming drama.

    Woojin sensed the scheme conjuring in Jihoon’s mind. And I thought he would be too devastated to even get back on his feet.  If only he was like this even before..  Woojin thought as he snacked the last piece of chicken he brought.

    “Woojin, can you do me a favor?” Jihoon looked up from his phone.

    “I need to meet Riseul.”


    Four hours.

    That’s how long Woojin was driving his SUV to shake off the paparazzi and fans. He wondered why he went on great lengths just to deliver his best friend to Hell on a silver platter.

    “You do know that you’re the last person Riseul would want to see in this scenario, right? I mean, I don’t think she wants to see you in the first place even without all this.” Woojin dropped some truth, and Jihoon nodded knowingly as he watched the scenery outside.

    “There are some things that I need to hear directly from her,” he mumbled as they approached Seoul after a long round trip.

    “Like how she doesn’t want to see you ever again, and that you’ve done more than enough harm to even think of ways of making it up to her?” Woojin’s words didn’t prick, it pierced like a bullet lodged in the brain.

    “Yeah. That’s what I need to hear, or else I’d never let her go.” whistling into the air the song he composed for her when she left.

    “The two of you really like hurting yourselves unnecessarily,” Woojin could only mutter.


    “Seulla,” Woojin waved as she came out of the operating room fresh from her scrubs. He pointed to the hunched figure of Jihoon sitting on the bench who ensured that he was well-disguised.

    She sent him a nod, a gesture to say that she’ll take it from there. “Seulla-ssi, I’m sorry.” his head downcast, hands covering his face in utter defeat.

    “It’s not your fault.” she patted his back. Seulla thought that by playing the Cupid, things would get better, but she forgot that they were not some high schoolers struck with love. They had their careers to tend to and own  reputation to manage.

    “No. It is my fault. Riseul made it clear that she didn’t want anything from me. I was stubborn. Back then and now, the only thing I could do perfectly is destroy her life. How fucked up is that?” he laughed bitterly ruffling his hair in annoyance.

    “I always thought that if I became famous then I would be able to reach her wherever she went. I just wanted to find her back then. ”

    Woojin turned aside, guilt slowly seeping and briefly wondered how things would have turned out if he didn’t hide Riseul’s whereabouts and circumstances.

    “Woojin. Can you do me a favor? Please never tell Jihoon where I’ll go.”  

    “Don’t do that, Ri.”  

    “It’s what we need. Some time. Some distance. In five years, we’ll both look back and think that we did the right thing.”

    And back then, he too thought that it was the right thing. Truly, they were all stupid teenagers. When did leaving things hanging ever work for anyone in the first place? “Woojin, you called for me?” Riseul asked upon seeing Woojin right where he texted her.  

    Upon hearing her voice, Jihoon whipped his head to her direction and stood up. Woojin pointed to Jihoon’s location and the two of them stared at each other in silence.

    Jihoon walked forward feeling the words he practiced on his mind dry from his mouth. He found himself then standing idly in front of her.

    She’s pissed.

    A million words threatened to escape her mouth. Terrible and hurtful words that she knew would aggravate the situation between them.

    He’s feeling guilty.

    She bit her lips. And clenched her fists to release all the tension with a swing from her palm. Jihoon braced himself for that slap and tightly shut his eyes, but when seconds have passed and there was still nothing, he opened them again.

    Riseul held her hand a few centimeters away from his face, and sighed before dropping it altogether. Her eyes glistened and reddened.

    “Are you satisfied now?” Riseul asked icily.

    No, that wasn’t what she wanted to ask.

    How are you? Are you well?

    It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault to begin with.

    But her mind was so bent on remaining angry towards him. She kept on being chained by half-hearted words and her cold-heartedness.

    “I don’t care if you broke my heart, Park Jihoon. But, you are destroying my career.” her voice reminded him of the calm before the storm. “That’s why, I’m begging you. Please help me.”

    A plea.

    That wasn’t what he expected to hear from her.  

    “Maybe that’s what you really needed to hear from her.” Woojin commented on their ride home. Jihoon shrugs his shoulders and doesn’t reply for the rest of the ride.