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2022-11-30 23:51:25

    Had several people asking about the update from this week’s play date for @volhotwife14. Incredibly hot as usual! Since Tumblr only allows me to attach 10 images here, there’s a couple of details I’ll provide below since I couldn’t include the entire conversation.

    First of all… “where did he cum?” will be the number 1 question I get. He actually didn’t cum this time. Yes, even hotwife life is real life and sometimes these things can happen. They still massively enjoyed their time together. So nothing to read into there. He made her cum “at least 4-5 times” from what she told me, along with squirting a couple of times so I think she’s very satisfied with how it went!

    Secondly, I thought this was kinda hilarious, but she was also kind enough to feed him an edible before he left. Pretty great service, right?? Amazing sex with a smoking hot woman and then she gives you some weed on your way out?? 😂 He had never had one before and it took him on a pretty hilarious multi-hour journey.

    Lastly, YES! Sex with her afterward was intense and amazing as it ALWAYS is. She teased me, telling me all the dirty things she did as I licked her pussy. She gave me an amazing slow blow job while looking me in the eyes and telling me what a slut she was for him. She also started describing in detail how our cocks are different. This was a very real reminder that just a few hours ago another man’s cock was passing by those same lips now wrapped around mine.

    Her pussy was very sore from everything, plus I think she didn’t mention in the texts that he DP’d her pussy with his cock and the dildo. So once again, I had to “be gentle” with her which is fine with me since it’s so difficult to last for very long anyway. Another fun experience with my wife and I look forward to many more to come!


    I can’t wait to see him again 😈


    someone pointed out the other day that my voice is raspy as fuck and i've become so insecure about it. like i never really thought it was bad but they were like you sound like you smoke a pack a day and now i literally hate how my voice sounds and it wasn't intentional, like they weren't trying to hurt me but i just feel really insecure now


    Raspy voices on cute women is straight up hot as fuck ☺️