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    I think I remember this story... they claimed that one of the bank's customers was a criminal gang, so they got a warrant and just...

    took everything everyone owned. Not just their target(s?) but EVERYTHING.


    It wasn't a bank, just to be clear. It dealt only in safty deposit boxes, and nothing else. There was no id involved with renting a box, so the feds basically said "the only people who don't trust banks are criminal, so we are sizing anything over $5k via civil asset forfeiture"


    Oh, that makes it so much better.


    oh children, it's so much worse than you think.

    So in 2020-2021is the FBI "discovered" this private safety deposit box company existed. US Private Vaults operates like if the fedex store let you have a safety deposit box. Fill out papers. Pay company monthly rental. Use service. According to the fbi the company was actually assisting in money laundering by allowing drug dealers to store money, "in stacks of $100 bills," in their duly rented safety deposit box.

    The FBI sought a warrant to search the premises and were clear they intended only to inventory the boxes for safekeeping. However, after illegally searching the boxes the FBI decided to seize any box with more than $5,000 value under civil forfeiture unless the holder of the box could prove the contents weren't ill-gotten.

    Instead, as recently discovered in a class action filed by the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit law firm, the FBI planned the entire operation as a civil asset forfeiture shakedown, negotiating splits with the LA Sheriff's department, the FBI, and the DOJ PRIOR TO SEEKING A WARRANT. This indicates premeditation kids.

    The FBI then *LIED TO THE FEDERAL MAGISTRATE JUDGE TO OBTAIN A WARRANT.* And illegally seized millions in cash, jewelry, gold coins, and family heirlooms.

    The company pled guilty to money laundering and paid about $15 million in fines. No single individual was charged with the crime.

    So with what's happening in IJs class action suit it looks like the entire operation was to steal money from innocent people, businessmen, and possibly drug dealers too.

    Best part? Multiple box owners have alleged they are missing items and suing the FBI for their return. Items like antique watches, family jewelry, and collections of coins.

    But I'm sure this is a total fluke and everything else the fbi is investigating is totally legit.