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    <>S3 Rewatch - Misc Observations

    Apartments : We see Scully’s apartment a lot this season - in 9 episodes - but Mulder never visits. We see Mulder’s apartment a lot as well - in 7 episodes. Scully visits in 4, once again typically when Mulder isn’t there and she’s looking for him.

    Nudity: Not as much shirtless Mulder this season, but we do get basically naked Mulder in 3x01 The Blessing Way, shirtless Mulder in 3x12 War of the Coprophages and 3x20 Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’. Did they remember that Scully shot Mulder in the shoulder last season? No, no they did not (not after The Blessing Way anyway). Scully stays firmly clothed.

    Sharing an Umbrella: Some classic umbrella-sharing scenes this season - at the end of 3x12 War of the Coprophages, with Queequeg in 3x22 Quagmire, and at the crime scene in 3x23 Wetwired. Why do I find this so endearing? Maybe because I’m Scully-size and it is NOT easy to share an umbrella with someone so much taller. But they do anyway.

    Inappropriate Touching: Scully touches Mulder a lot less than the previous seasons, and when she does it’s almost always during some kind of crisis - when he’s injured at the end of 3x04 Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose for example. Mulder touches Scully less than before, but he still touches her casually - grabbing her arm or shoulder to get her attention. Headcanon: she can’t touch him casually anymore, she exercises restraint in how she touches him now, except during a crisis when panic, relief, concern, etc. override everything else. Not that it didn’t mean anything when she touched him in season 1, but now when she reaches for his hand, like at the end of 3x17 Pusher, it means something. Mulder’s very physical, he just likes to reach out and touch her so he does.

    like i understand that the show set up monica and john to be shipped but they’re just so utterly uninteresting as a couple? like there’s no real chemistry, no spice.....it’s far too obvious. and on top of that, their backstory is just a not so subtle attempt to duplicate the least interesting part of mulder and scully’s dynamic — traumatized man who failed to protect a child he felt responsible for and couldn’t find that child in time to prevent their death, helped by a patient and understanding woman who is in love with him but who he can’t be with for ages because he’s too caught up in his trauma. and it isn’t nearly as good the second time around. both of them are far more appealing and original, dynamically and in terms of chemistry, with scully.


    What was going through M+S's heads after Padget said "Agent Scully is already in love"?

    Mulder had a smooth long moment of panic where he was terrifed that Scully was in love with someone else.  That she had a secret relationship she’d hidden from him.  That she felt like she couldn’t trust him enough to share those kinds of feelings with him.  That he’d lost her, after everything they’d been through, because he’d never had the damn guts to actually tell her, because he’d always brushed away her feelings and his with humor, because his heart was an open wound and he couldn’t stand her seeing that.  

    And then hope roared up in him like a forest fire, turning all his doubts to ash, because she looked away from him and shifted her body in such a particular way, and he knew there was no one else.

    (There’s always a seed, under the ash: doubt, memory, resentment.  That’s how the forest survives.  That’s how the embers of old flames rekindle.  But for a moment, he felt all the impurities of their love melt away and he only saw the straight lines of the paths that had led them to each other and he thought: there is a chance.)

    postpartum blues

    this is a cannon divergent where mulder doesn’t fucking dip right after William’s born. literally everyone was so nice about my first fic, i actually cried about it. so i’m being brave and posting another one. it’s just fluff and smut. thanks for reading if you do :) BIG thanks to @stellaxxgibson for reading and to @absolutetosh for betaing / just being my friend


    It’s after 10 o’clock. She sits on the couch, rubbing her legs against the tan suede in an attempt for warmth. It’s cold in the apartment tonight. She pulls down on the sleeve of her robe with one hand, trying to maintain the ivory crib’s steady rocking with the other.

    She sighs as William squirms in his onesie. Gazing groggily at his doughy eyes, she can’t help but smile. Why wouldn’t he sleep? He hadn’t napped today and he’d slept only five hours the night before, and yet here he was, wide awake. She’s exhausted, why isn’t he? It’s as if he didn’t want to miss anything. At only a month old he watched and listened with such intensity. Some days she swore he could understand everything.

    The beginning of his life certainly wasn’t calm, and maybe he sensed that. Maybe he sensed that the days before his birth were filled with anxiety and fear and dread. Maybe he sensed her persistent doubt of the permanence of his existence. Maybe if she would just fucking relax, he would sleep. But she isn’t relaxed, and how can she be? She couldn’t look away long enough to make a cup of coffee without the all consuming panic that when she turned around, he would be gone.

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    <>S3 Rewatch - Investigation

    Autopsies: Scully does autopsies in 7 episodes - less than last season, but still solid. Memorable autopsy moments this season include: Scully raising the possibility of religious phenomena and Mulder shutting her down in 3x11 Revelations; the frog jumping out of the chest cavity in 3x19 Hell Money; and the “alien” autopsy in 3x20 Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’.

    Rule-Breaking: Scully’s not much of a rule-breaker this season. Although she really goes all out in the two-part opener, holding her boss hostage. I mean, there’s also the standard trespassing, breaking and entering, etc.

    Scully’s in Danger: No abductions this season! She narrowly misses an assassination attempt (Melissa is not so lucky), is attacked by a fat-sucking serial killer, escapes getting blown up in a manure factory, avoids getting shot by guns randomly going off in a police station, is attacked by an FBI agent who’s lost it, is threatened at gunpoint by Mulder (under mind control), is attacked by cats in a sewer, is attacked by someone working for the Syndicate to frame Skinner, is shipwrecked on a lake in the middle of the night, and is exposed to mind control tv. She is knocked out once, cats scratch up her face, and she suffers from a paranoid psychosis. All in all not a bad year for Scully! (In relative terms).

    50 Days of Prompts (4/50)

    <>Because I’m doing this everyday now.

    <>This List |<> Cliche prompts | <>MSR | <>One prompt a day | <>Whatever season u like |

    <>1. There’s people chasing us and I pulled you into<> |<> 2. You’re shirt/jumper was in the laundry pile and I cou<>ldn<>t… | 3. I’m dying and Im <>confessing… | AO3 | 

    <>@today-in-fic @mypanicface @starwalker42

    - - - 

    <>4. Kissing in the rain and getting soaked before running inside laughing.

    A broken down car, ruined heels, a shirt that’s becoming more see-through by the minute.

    Rain falls down in heavy drops, they’re both soaked to the bone and Scully is unimpressed, scowling whilst raindrops fall off her lashes.

    A five minute walk has them drenched.

    Mulder looks over to her, sees her unhappy expression, and smiles.

    What the hell does he have to smile for?

    His eyes glance around and, naturally, Scully’s does the same. There’s nobody around and too right, they look like idiots standing out in the rain.

    Mulder walks towards her, reaches for her hand to pull her close. A puddle splashes into her shoe, a surge of cold running around her feet but she has no time to react as Mulder’s lips descend upon hers.

    The idiot, she thinks. Her resolve weakening as she melts into the warmth. The cold rain falling down on her, his warm kiss running through her.

    He pulls away, still smiling.

    “Sorry,” he says bashfully. “I’ve always wanted to do that and you looked so grumpy and wet- it was adorable.”

    She punches him in the arm, frowning but not really meaning it. Mulder laughs, rubbing his arm in pretend and grabs her hand again.

    “Come on,” he says, pulling her close to him. “the sooner we can get in the shower.” His smile is suggestive and it’s Scully’s turn to laugh.

    “Then what did you stop for?” she asks, pulling him along as they run the rest of the way to the apartment.

    - - - 

    It’s book four! 

    After surviving a serial killer’s abduction as a young teenager, Ellery Hathaway is finally attempting a normal life. She has a new job as a rookie Boston detective and a fledgling relationship with Reed Markham, the FBI agent who rescued her years ago. But when a twelve-year-old girl disappears on Ellery’s watch, the troubling case opens deep wounds that never fully healed. Chloe Lockhart walked away from a busy street fair and vanished into the crowd. Maybe she was fleeing the suffocating surveillance her parents put on her from the time she was born, or maybe the evil from her parents’ past finally caught up to her. For Chloe, as Ellery learns, is not the first child Teresa Lockhart has lost.

    Ellery knows what it’s like to have the past stalk you, to hold your breath around every corner. Sending one kidnapped girl to find another could be Chloe’s only hope or an unmitigated disaster that dooms them both. Ellery must untangle the labyrinth of secrets inside the Lockhart household—secrets that have already murdered one child. Each second that ticks by reminds her of her own lost hours, how close she came to death, and how near it still remains.

    Six Sentence Sunday

    Tagged by two of my faves, @markwatneyandenesemble and @slippinmickeys - thanks, y’all! Here’s a few sentences from a WIP that’s getting longer and longer and longer .... 

    She pours herself a glass of wine, then offers some to him. “You’re eighteen, right? Or close enough,” she smiles conspiratorially. “I won’t tell.”  

    “Oh, no, uh, thank you, Mrs. — I mean, Tabitha, ma’am. I’m — the milk is fine, thanks.” 

    “You’re sure? It’s French, very expensive — I doubt they serve this at high school parties.” She giggles, leaning over to show him the bottle, and then he’s got proof that she’s not wearing a bra. 

    Oh shit oh shit oh shit, he’s sporting wood. Again. 

    With extreme difficulty, he says the first thing that comes to mind: “I wouldn’t know — I don’t start high school till September. I’m uhhhh … almost fifteen.” His voice squeaks on the word “fifteen,” probably because he’s a lying liar — his birthday’s not till October.

    ficlet: the time skinner was ordered out of his own office

    <>Fandom: The X-Files

    <>Pairing: MSR, Mulder x Scully

    <>Rating: T

    <>Notes: Set possibly during Season 7, implied established-relationship. This is a crack!fic if there ever was one tbh. But there’s fluff? Kinda. 

    Tagging @today-in-fic.

    There were certain expectations Skinner had when it came to conducting general overview meetings with his two agents from the X-Files. 

    The first, was that where Dana Scully was punctual, Fox Mulder most certainly was not. Unless the former was there to forcibly drag her partner to the meeting, Mulder was always late.By the time he did arrive, it seemed like all the energy was zapped from his soul, and only an empty husk was present for the next hour. More than once, Skinner had caught him staring off into the distance, only half-listening. Scully was the one who usually asked the questions, kept notes, and generally paid attention when she should. 

    Which was what made what was currently happening all the more surprising. 

    Throughout today’s meeting, Scully was quiet and Mulder was the one handling the conversation instead. As Skinner discussed their target deadlines for the week, he noticed Scully’s eyes droop slightly, but he let it slide because he assumed she was just tired. 

    However, there was nothing he could do but come to a complete halt and stare when Scully’s head suddenly lolled sideways, and fell against her partner’s shoulder. Mulder startled in his seat, but otherwise did not seem all that surprised.

    There was no denying it: Agent Scully was asleep. She hadn’t even tried to disguise it.

    He bristled. “Agent Scully—”


    Skinner froze. Mulder, whose arm was around Scully to keep her upright and prevent her from toppling over, froze as well.

    “Did you just shush me, Agent Mulder?” he sputtered. 

    “I’m sorry, Sir,” Mulder said, his voice pitched low to almost a whisper. To be fair, he sounded genuinely panicked. “It’s just–the last case we were on was a tough one, and Scully hasn’t been able to sleep—”

    “How do you know her sleeping habits, Agent Mulder?” Skinner asked suspiciously.

    Mulder spoke right over him as if he hadn’t heard a single word of what he’d just said. “—so I was thinking that since she’s asleep and it’s already nearing lunchtime, maybe we could take a break now and reconvene in, say, an hour?”

    “And what, you’ll carry Agent Scully to the basement in the meantime so she can have a nap?”

    For a moment, Mulder seemed to seriously consider the suggestion. But then he winced in what Skinner imagined to be the thought of Scully’s reaction if he tried to do exactly that. “Actually, I wondered if—well, you don’t eat lunch in the office, do you, Sir? Because if you don’t then—”

    “You want me to leave my own office,” Skinner said flatly. It was not a question.

    A pause.

    Mulder nodded, looking rather meek. “If you wouldn’t mind.”

    Neither of them moved.

    Skinner raised an eyebrow. “And am I to assume that you want to stay here with Agent Scully as well?”

    “I don’t think it would be wise for me to leave right now,” Mulder said. As if to punctuate the fact, Scully let out a muffled snore and buried her face closer to his neck. 

    It didn’t seem like she would disentangle herself from him anytime soon. 

    Skinner sighed and grabbed his coat as he headed for the door without another word. He didn’t bother to look back. Kids, he thought, he was dealing with goddamn kids here.

    This was the FBI for Christs’ sake. 

    He’d never hated his job more.