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2021-05-02 10:16:02

    hello i love love love your art !!!!!!! what brushes + program do you use? hope u have a good day your art makes me so happy <3

    thank you!! sorry for my late reply on this, i only appear on tumblr once in a blue moon nowadays to upload art

    i use clip studio paint and the brushes i use are mostly the default ones though the brush i use for line art isn’t available for download any more  :( but it’s called ker-be pen. for sketching i really like using the Artemus Pencil


    hey! could I ask what brush you used for the hlvrai sketches? It looks like a brush i use but with different settings and i'm like, in love with it... Its alright if ya don't wanna share though feel free to ignore :o)!

    yep~ it’s for clip paint only so if you don’t use that program then sorry!. i used this for the lines

    then the shading/tones are done with the realistic watercolour brushes which i think are default brushes???

    hope that helps!