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    The Indian consulate in Toronto is trying to stop GTA teachers from giving lessons about the ongoing protests by predominately Sikh farmers in India, claiming the material poses a security threat and could “poison” relations between India and Canada.

    In a strongly worded letter dated March 11, the Consulate General of India, which represents the Indian government, claimed what elementary and high school students in Peel, Toronto and York region are learning about the protests could disrupt peaceful relations between Indian communities in Ontario.

    The consulate urged Ontario’s Office of International Relations and Protocol to “alert the Canadian authorities … to investigate” what’s being taught and “to sensitize” the school boards so they “immediately remove such hateful and factually incorrect material.”

    “The Consulate General would further like to state that it considers this incident to be extremely serious and views it as a conspiracy to sabotage the goodwill and warm friendly relations between India and Canada by inimical entities to further their own nefarious agenda,” the letter says.

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    To be clear, this is the Indian consulate attempting to stifle information about the farmers’ protests, lest they be held accountable for the harm their Hindu nationalist government is doing to Sikh farmers


    People are rallying around a long-standing Winnipeg LGBT cabaret, hoping to ensure its doors will continue to stay open well after COVID-19-related health restrictions ease.

    Three drag performers who are past Miss Club 200 pageant-winners and ambassadors for the Garry Street bar have started a GoFundMe drive which, in only a few days, has raised more than $24,000 of a stated $40,000 goal.

    “A city of this size needs to have at least one queer bar, and it needs to be unapologetically, undeniably queer,” said current Miss Club 200 Prairie Sky on Saturday. “And that’s what Club 200 is for so many of us.”

    The club, which opened in 1988, has been closed since May 8 due to public health orders.

    The impact of not having a nightlife space for the LGBT community has been immense, Sky said, adding she knows many in the community have been struggling without having the welcoming safe space to go to to connect with other queer people.

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    “Even if you manage to contain Miya Atsumu, his twin brother Osamu will make up for it.”


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    Caption in normal text: “Even if you manage to contain Miya Atsumu, his twin brother Osamu will make up for it.”


    You know maybe amatonormativity exists but it's hard to say that when I'm 90% sure gay people were not being encouraged to seek out relationships by the wider culture until maybe 2005-ish


    what's amatonormativity?


    A Tumblr-based sociological theory that boils down to "compulsory alloromanticism" but I've also seen it defined to include monogamy as another expectation under the header of amatonormativity


    Amatonormativity is not tumblr based- it was not created on tumblr nor was it popularised on tumblr. Amatonormativity was not even coined by asexual people or with asexual people in mind exclusively. 

    Amantonormativity was coined by feminist academic Elizabeth Brake in her book “Minimising Marriage” to refer to:

    the assumptions that a central, exclusive, amorous relationship is normal for humans, in that it is a universally shared goal, and that such a relationship is normative, in that it should be aimed at in preference to other relationship types. (Source)

    Amatornormativity doesn’t just affect asexual and aromantic people. Whilst it’s often asexual and aromantic people you see talking about amatonormativity (because we become hyper aware of it due to how it affects us), it actually impacts the lives of people of all orientations, including LGBT+ people.

    Amatonormativity in practice is

  • The assumption that all single people are unhappy with their status and looking not to be single.
  • Coming of age” milestones often revolving around romantic accomplishments (first kiss, first crush, first love, marriage, etc).
  • Non romantic partnerships (sexual or platonic) being looked down upon.
  • A sort of relationship hierarchy where marriage is at the top and everything else falls somewhere below it.
  • The expectation for romantic partners to be more important than jobs, hobbies or other commitments in a person’s life. And the belief that people who choose to pursue the former are selfish.
  • People who are not seeking exclusive romantic relationships being seen as less mature, stable, trustworthy or settled.
  • The structuring of laws and society on the basis that eventually everyone will be in a committed romantic partnership (marriage).
  • The toxic idea of a friendzone” (which of course, overlaps with misogyny), where friendship with a woman is seen as “second prize” to a relationship with her.
  • People settling for someone they’re not really happy with or compatible with just to fulfil the desire or expectation to have a partner.
  • Non-aromantic asexual people trying to normalise their orientation by saying they can still “fall in love” or “have relationships” “just like anyone else”.
  • Asexual people or people who don’t feel attraction to anyone feeling pressured to seek out and enter into relationships.
  • And much more

    Violations of amatonormativity would include dining alone by choice, putting friendship above romance, bringing a friend to a formal event or attending alone, cohabiting with friends, or not searching for romance. (Source)


    Also the way turning down a request for a date, while single, is often viewed as some sort of terrible insult instead of an analysis of poor compatibility.

    Also the idea that it’s wrong to break up with someone unless they’ve done something objectively terrible enough to “deserve it” rather than because the relationship isn’t doing anything for you.


    It also encourages people to stay in abusive relationships because it pushes being in a relationship is the highest priority/being alone is terrible.



    “I'm 90% sure gay people were not being encouraged to seek out relationships by the wider culture until maybe 2005-ish”


    Yes, they were.

    They were encouraged to seek out heterosexual relationships.

    You can’t uncouple Amantonormativity from Heteronormativity. One is built into the other. Heteronormativity means there is one right way to have a life, and that way is being straight, is falling in love, being monogamous, is complying to certain standards of beauty, it’s being white and thin and abled. 

    ALL of those things go into the ideal norm that is oppressing ALL OF US. It doesn’t matter in WHICH way you stray from the heteronormative ideal --- if you’re polyamorous or if you’re gay or if you don’t fall in love or you love while disabled. ANY WAY you stray from it is punished. 


    Amatonormativity is not just “you must fall in love.” It’s “You must fall in love in the right way with the right person.”

    So yes, amatonormativity is absolutely linked to heteronormativity.

    And, as ace-and-ranty hinted, it is also linked to the supremacy of monogamy. Amatonormativity also excludes all forms of polyamory.


    It also has something to do with why gays successfully got gay marriage before they got, say, “federal protection from discrimination in adoption cases” or “the right to be gender nonconforming in public school”. People who think it’s weird to see a man in a dress can still wrap their head around “he wants to marry the man he loves” because all you did was swap the expected pronouns.

    Amatonormativity does pressure people into heteronormative relationships, but it also exists within the gay community and allies, to place a monogamous marriage to a same-sex partner above, say, a polyamorous polycule, or an asexual living with a queerplatonic friend.


    ^ what everyone else said.


    i think all the women through out history who were financially pushed into marriage and motherhood because they had no other options is sad and tragic too but socially something we will never be able to reckon with because we can’t come to terms with the fact some women don’t want to be mothers


    we really are so condtioned to believe, deep down, all women want to be mothers (even if now we’re okay with women having careers too) like i really just think we should all question how news cycles about birth decline are aimed at us, when realistically there’s several reasons for it and one is absolutely women more and more are in positions where they don’t have be wives and mothers for economic reasons and you know what? that’s a good thing!


    here is the link to her transition fund please give what you can & share! she’s only 22 and she’s been in stuck unsafe living conditions & subjected to violent transmisogyny


    [id: screenshot of a tumblr anonymous message that reads ‘hi if you can could you please make a new post about debbie crankin (the black trans woman who was struggling with rent a few months ago)? she's having trouble raising funds for her transition and she only has 11 days til her deadline (rn she's only 100k out of 375k). i read her gfm updates daily and it breaks my heart to see her struggle’]

    being a lesbian can really fuck with your connection to womanhood, even as a cis woman. i can only imagine how much more difficult it is for butch and nb/trans lesbians, but conventional womanhood relies so much on attraction to men that i think its really easy to feel excluded from that, regardless of whether you are a binary woman or not.

    so heres a shout out to all the lesbians who have a hard time feeling like women, even when they want to, whether you are butch or femme, cis or trans or nonbinary, gender nonconforming or anything else. your womanhood does not need to be defined by the heteropatriarchy. your womanhood is a unique expression of your experiences and your life, and even though cishet women will try to exclude you from their world, you do not have to listen to them.

    you belong in womens spaces, your womanhood is real, and you are wonderful 💖❤