Voices. Vague laughter, cheering. Throbbing, pounding headache. Squint…no, too bright. Fuck. More laughter! What the heck…?

    As Summer groggily awoke from her hung-over stupor, she was completely unaware not only of the hi-res webcam trained on her prone form, but of the fact that it was her own sleep-ridden struggles that were eliciting the uproarious mirth among her viewers. Only when she’d wakened enough to realize that she was almost naked, strapped hand and foot to a bed in what appeared to be a nursery, and worst of all wearing what appeared to be a massive nappy, did her viewers finally intervene.

    “I wouldn’t struggle too much if I were you,” came a disembodied voice from underneath the bed - a voice which the increasingly panicked Summer recognized as belonging to her bitchy flatmate Madison. “I mean, it’s entertaining as hell, but we wouldn’t want you to get hurt, after all.” A burst of feminine giggles followed, causing Summer to emit garbled protests from behind the large pacifier that seemed to be secured in her mouth with some sort of sticky adhesive.

    “Oh, what’s that, baby? I’m sorry, we simply can’t understand you at all! But I guess that’s normal for you, seeing how much you love having all kinds of nasty things in your mouth…” Again the gales of derisive laughter. “And yes, dear, the girls and I are all watching you from that camera on the wall. Yes, behind you. Go on, give us a good look!” Summer turned a frightened stare backward, more out of panicked curiosity than anything. Sure enough, up there was the camera, complete with a large monitor showing her the precise image being transmitted to her tormenters. Oh, God. What the fuck…

    “Well, I’m sure you’re eager to know what’s going on,” Madison giggled inanely. “I guess maybe you don’t remember clubbing last night, huh? You know, getting completely soused… telling us all what a little slut you are…” God, really? I must’ve been plastered… “We particularly remember you bragging to us about how you love fucking vibrators so much, and how they make you squirt over and over more than any guy ever did…” Madison flushed amid the chorus of laughter. Oh, yeah - the girls’ night out at Flanagan’s… Had she really said all that? It was true, but Christ…she’d actually told them? What else had she said…?

    “And so, we thought, hey! We should really investigate and see if little Summer is lying to us, shouldn’t we?” Madison’s bantering tone took on a steely edge. “So there you are! We’ve got you all nicely locked down there - something stuffed in your little mouth for that slutty little oral fixation you also told us about, a vibrator ready to go whenever we turn it on, and… oh, look at that! Even a massive nappy to keep our squirting little bitch from making a puddle in her bed!”

    The wand kicked on in what must have been high speed, and Madison let out a gurgling squeal of surprise that only drew a fresh round of laughter. “Just so you know, dearie,” Madison crooned as Summer writhed in frustration (and much to her own dismay, growing arousal), “We’ve agreed that you’re going to need to cum for us at least ten times before we even think of coming and rescuing you. But just to make it interesting…” and here she paused for dramatic effect. “They’re only going to count toward that total if you keep staring into the camera for the entire time you cum. You surely can manage that, can’t you, you dirty little slut?”

    As the first unbidden orgasm began to well from deep within her, Summer could only whimper, unconsciously suckling the pacifier that remained firmly lodged in her mouth. There appeared to be little end to this unless she complied - so what else could she do but obey? Humiliating as it would be to watch herself bound, gagged, and cumming in an oversized nappy, it was the only way out. And so…she stared upward: frightened, aroused, anxious, willing her bleary eyes to gaze into the camera, to watch her helpless self being forced ever closer toward that peak of throbbing, buzzing pleasure…

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    Sarah !


    Welcome to tied up Tuesday!!!!

    Sarah here has been fighting her diaper training, so her husband turned daddy, decided that she would just have to be restrained at all times until she decides that diapers are the only underwear that exist and the only potty that exist. So he tied her to the punishment table. She earns 30 minutes out of bondage every time her diaper is wet at changing time and 1 hour every time she’s messy at changing time. She also is made to orgasm every time she earns time off the table. She is spoon fed 3 times a day and bottle fed 6 times a day. Her diaper checks are after each feeding. Her daddy decided that every 14 days he would let her off the table for the day and she can crawl around on a leash so that he can see whether she is still fighting the diaper training. When he put her on the table she wouldn’t stop screaming and yelling so she was gagged for the first three days with a liquid diet through a feeding gag. After that she accepted the table and rules, but kept fighting the training. A month later and 2 days after her last chance to prove that she’s accepted the training, she just had her first accident without feeling the need to pee, she’s not happy about it either, because now she sees that it doesn’t matter how much she fights it, the positive reinforcement for peeing her diaper is winning in her subconscious. Maybe she should just give in?