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2021-06-13 06:09:36

    OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.


    I ignored this too and then i got kicked out of my house. Also reblogging twice.

    Its been a rough 2 years first got shot at music festival then this virus, bounced around jobs finally found a job thats not to hard on my leg but like everybody going thru things fell on a litte hard times finally kinda digging myself out hasn't been easy but can always use help. Really hate doing this but gotta try something $BigRican69pr


    Reblog in 40 seconds and you will be put on the path to achieve your dreams and find your fortune


    Can’t hurt.


    I’ve been rolling in the dough lately so it seems like these things are working 🙏🏻


    No they literally work


    I reblogged this the other day and literally got a settlement check from an old job. like LMAO ?????????????????????????? 


    i’ve got nothing to lose lol


    Kick the tires and light the fires!!! Let’s go!


    Help please