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    I don't care if no new shows come out for 2 years, the sheer amount of media that exists couldn't be watched in a million years. Go back and watch old movies and shows, YouTube videos, documentaries, read a book. Anyone acting like this writers strike is less important than their entertainment, you aren't a leftist or an ally to the working class, you're a spoiled bougie brat


    if you ever use the phrase “glorifying obesity,” i genuinely do not think you’re a good person.


    if you can’t look at another person in any context without their body type becoming your primary focus and invoking rage or disgust, you have serious issues.

    like i really need you to know that looking at another person and seeing only how much they weigh and then having a negative emotional response to that is a deranged thing to do.

    Timm Ulrichs, “Wolf im Schafspelz – Schaf im Wolfspelz: Ein Verwandlungskunststück (Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing - Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: A conversation piece)” (2005/10): Ulrichs demonstrates a sharp wit with this smart arrangement of objects. Here he presents a literal translation of the Biblical idiom of the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and pits across its opposite, the inverted metaphor “sheep in wolf’s clothing.” It’s interesting to witness how simply changing the exterior of each stuffed animal seems to change the physiology and the expressiveness of the animal. In this case, the skeletal interior seems to preserve the animal’s inner “essence,” since the sheep in wolf’s clothing looks like a docile wolf, while the wolf in sheep’s clothing looks like a predator sheep.