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    He had reached the man in white.
    “‘Scuse me, sir. Party name of Chalky?”
    The man in white nodded, said nothing. He continued to gaze out at the river, following an impressive sludge and foam sculpture with his eyes.
    “So beautiful,” he whispered. “It’s all so damn beautiful.”
    The delivery man found himself temporarily devoid of words. Then his automatic systems cut in. “Funny old world isn’t it and no mistake I mean you go all over the world delivering and then here you are practically in your own home so to speak, I mean I was born and bred ‘round here, sir, and I’ve been to the Mediterranean, and to Des O’ Moines, and that’s in America, sir, and now here I am, and here’s your parcel, sir.”
    Party name of Chalky took the parcel, and took the clipboard, and signed for the parcel. The pen developed a leak as he did so, and his signature obliterated itself as it was written. It was a long word, and it began with a P, and then there was a splodge, and then it ended in something that might have been -ence and might have been -ution.

    - Good Omens by Terry Pratchet & Neil Gaiman

    She’s the greatest earthbender I’ve ever seen

    i really liked that this was something they never backed away from. there was no moment in toph’s character arc where she had to be humbled by something or someone greater. (if anything, she had that moment before the series started – meeting the badgermoles face to face.) she continues to learn and grow her art, but it’s in directions that no one has ever done before, or even thought possible. she’s not seeking to surpass a greater master, she’s competing only against herself. because there is no one better.

    toph bei fong really is, literally, the greatest of her art in the world. there is no one better. and they just let her character have that. she can just have that.

    It gets even better when you realize that her parents did try to humble her, because they thought that being disabled = being weak, and that she should just mind her place and be the “helpless little blind girl” that they thought she was. They had her earthbending teacher only go through the basics, and even then, they were worried that this would be too intense for their disabled daughter. Ableism tried to humble Toph. And she turned around and moved mountains. Literally.