This Is The End, My Friends

    I really enjoyed my time on Tumblr and with all of you.  I met some really fantastic fans and artists.  However, on the 17th Tumblr is enacting a new policy I strongly disagree with, and I’ve decided to leave the platform.  This will be my last post, I plan to log out and not return.  I won’t be answering any of the messaging systems here.  If you’d like to continue following me online, here is where you can find me:


    This will be my main base of operations due to how similarly it functions as a social media platform.  It’s where I will post my sketches and complete pieces, talk about things I’m watching/reading, and interact with other people I know.

    These are the two places where I will maintain a gallery presence of pictures I particularly like.  Their updating will probably be more sporadic:


    I like this platform because it allows for posting /spicy/ nsfw, but also for multiple-picture sets which is frequently useful for sequential posts.  The only downside is having to search relevant tags, and some mild censorship of genitalia.


    I’m not gonna lie, I kind of really hate the interface for Newgrounds currently.  Supposedly it’s going to change!  The content categorizing is also a bit vague (What exactly makes something “a little” adult vs. “very” adult? Where is that line drawn?), but I will do my best with it!


    If I do particularly furry art such as Delta Rune, MLP, Sonic, cat girls, whatever, it’ll go here and not the other two.

    Finally, here’s a link to a file-sharing website that has all of the artwork, both sfw and nsfw, I worked on and posted to Tumblr.  I put it together for Patreon donators, it goes from 2010 to 2018:

    And that’s it!  Thank you all for your kindness, support, and friendship.  See you out there, and keep circulating the tapes.

    Black Friday sales are happening and there’s a really great deal going on for mangastudio/clip studio which I highly recommend for anyone looking for a great art program. 


    what if there was a superhero who gained their power from buttplugs like they put in one of those cat tail buttplugs and gained cat powers and stuff


    a plain stainless steel buttplug gives super strength and toughness


    Power Bottom


    yes perfect name


    this is my new bnha oc they thought they were quirkless until a night of experimentation changed their entire life


    I was having a good day. We were all having a good day.