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    do you ever go:


    but then:

    💕💖💗💫💘💞✨💕💖💗✨💘💫💞✨💞✨💘💫💗💕💖💗💘💞💘💗💫fictional characters 💞✨💗💘💕💖✨💗💘💞💘💖💗💫💞💕💗💖💘💫💖💞💗💖💘💞💫✨💞💕💖💗💫


    Newt's third trial.

    What if Newt’s 3rd trial was to get his memories back?


    i always thought that 3rd trial was to be killed by thomas


    Ooh, that’s an interesting thought. 

    The trials were to see if they could survive despite the odds of what was thrown at them. 

    WICKED lied to them before about how they were all infected - so what if Newt wasn’t a control test subject at all. What if he was immune and he was told he wasn’t as a placebo to see what would happen. 

    To see if mind worked over matter in the reverse kind of sense. He only thought he was turning into a crank when really it was all in his head. 

    If that was it then I guess Newt failed his 3rd trial.