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    i guess i can make a post about this here as well as twitter bc idk where else to turn.

    My mom has been missing for 5 days, last seen on Oakdale Ave in Chicago IL, and then today (4/14/21) at Regency Generations Nursing home in Niles, IL at about 3pm. She is mentally unstable, and very distraught. She was last seen wearing a beige cardigan or sweater, and olive green capri pants. She does not have a purse or any ID on her.

    Her name is Marta. She white, Polish, and is 5′6″ and about 165lbs, Brownish blond hair with bangs, blue eyes. She speaks fluent polish and english. She may be at St. Adalbert’s cemetary as that is where her mother was buried. We don’t know where she is right at this moment. I am in contact with the Chicago PD and the Niles PD as well as a Detective Cannon out of chicago. I have a missing persons case number.

    Apparently she had gone to the nursing home to see her father and was told that due to COVD, no in person visits were allowed and she would have to schedule a zoom meeting for April 23. She responded that she may not be around that long, so we have reason to believe she is a danger to herself.

    She has no vehicle and will be either on foot or public transportation.

    If anyone in the area sees her, please DM me immediately with whatever information you have. If you need more information I can probably provide it. My dad and I are extremely distraught and things are being made much worse because her uncooperative older brothers refuse to work with us and are leaving it all in our hands, despite being some of the last people to see her in person. 

    I’m sorry this is a sad post. I don’t know what else to do. Please spread it if possible.


    please boost for chicago area


    In highschool I wrote a story about a middle-generation of stellar travelers. Their parents were born on earth and left as children, and the middle generation will not live long enough to see their destination. They live their entire lives on the ship and I wrote about them trying to find their place in everything. They will never know blue skies and warm beaches and open fields with warm breezes. They’ll never know birdsong or crickets or frogs. They’ll never hear the rain on the roof of a dreary day. I never could find the right way to end the story. I wanted it to be a happy ending, but I didn’t know how to do it.

    I realize now that it was a book about me dealing with depression before I even knew it. Looking back at how blatant the projecting was, it’s obvious now. It wasn’t then.

    In the story, the middle-generation people are lost. They’re apathetic. They’re just a placeholder. The only job they have is to keep the ship running, have kids, and die. As the middle generation of people began becoming adults, suicide rates were skyrocketing. Crime and drug rates were jumping. This generation was completely apathetic because they felt that they had no use.

    In the story, a small group of people in the middle-generation create the Weather Project. They turn the ship into a terrarium. They make magnificent gardens and take the DNA of animals they took with them and recreate them and they make this cold, metal spaceship that they have to live their entire lives on into a home. They take what little they have and they break it and rearrange it into something beautiful. They take this radical idea and turn the ship into a wonderful jungle of trees and birds and sunshine.

    And I realize now how much it reflects my state of mind as I transitioned from a child into an adult while dealing with depression. You always hear “it gets better” and “when you’re older things will be easier” and I was so sick of waiting for it to get better. I was in the middle-generation stage. And I was sick of it. I was so sick of waiting.

    When I was in highschool I didn’t know how to end the story. I didn’t know how to have a happy ending. I didn’t have the life experience then to finish the story in a meaningful way. I didn’t know how to make it better for these middle-generation characters.

    But now that I’m older, I’m learning. That if you sit and wait for things to get better, it never will. You have to take your life and break it apart and rearrange it into something beautiful. You have to make the cold metal ship into the garden that you deserve. You have to make your own meaning. You have to plant your own garden.

    You have to teach yourself that being happy is not a radical idea.


    God you guys I never thought this would become so popular 😱 I was gonna name it The Weather Project after the art installment that inspired it

    By Olafur Eliasson


    This is the most important post that I’ve ever made. Its for screaming out with every fiber of your being that you’re worth something. You’re worth everything.



    Quick update on Hypnokink for Black Lives Matter: I woke up this morning to a couple more donations. With that, we’ve pushed over $1,500 in total donations. (In fact, we’re only a hair’s breadth from $1,600, which is absolutely wild.) Contributions are coming in more slowly now, but they’re still coming, which is so great to see.

    Thank you all so much. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your generosity - both those of you who’ve donated money to receive this, and those of you who’ve donated content to be a part of it.

    And it’s still available! Remember - we’ve got 77 pages of hypnokink content. We’ve got a just a few minutes shy of a full hour of hypno-themed audio.

    At this point, our list of contributors reads like a who’s who of incredible content creators:

    ix & @prettynosferatu
    l & @hypno-sandwich

    If you’re interested in being a part of this, all you have to do is donate. The suggested donation is $15 (though our average donation is just over $30, because you are all spectacularly generous and giving people). Throw a little money to a cause around the BLM movement (some great options are here) and send me a screenshot of your receipt. I’ll get you a link to enjoy.

    Again, thank you all for keeping this alive. I know black lives aren’t the top thing on everyone’s social media feeds anymore, but the need is still there. Keep the donations coming, keep spreading the word, keep doing good things for each other. Thank you all.


    Reposting this in honor of MLK Day here in the states. Black lives still matter and your support is still necessary. Kick $15 to a good cause, show me the relevant details, and I’ll hook you up with a hell of a good collection of hypno-smut.


    Never not pertinent.

    (shhhhh. I like my double negatives.)


    To anyone following @brittnychambers

    I just want you to know that you've been talking to a man (who is, by the way, the man I've been engaged to for almost 5 years) the whole time and he's been sending you pictures and videos OF ME WITHOUT MY CONSENT, while also pretending TO BE ME and going by the fake name Brittany Chambers.

    This type of thing is not okay.


    Signal Boost.


    just look at this and try to tell me a spectral train doesn’t appear on these tracks at midnight on the night of each full moon to whisk you away to lands unknown


    this is sum Ghibli shit


    Okay, I don’t usually say things like this because I don’t usually experience things like this but I gasped aloud when I saw this on my dash because I recognized it and when I tried to remember where I’d seen it before I realized it was a dream from years ago.

    BLAST OFF! The public launch of a very exciting project by @khatsha and victoriamars.


    And there I went!

    A few years ago, I wrote a post saying that I intended to do more to pursue my interest in recreational hypnosis.  And then my anxiety kicked in and other things like, I didn’t know anyone personally in this community. But that all changed last year. After I recovered some spoons from the shock of lockdown, I attended my first online con, Beguiled, and that was really awesome. I met a few people, I was impressed with how supportive and willing the community was to share knowledge. Then I attended e-quake and met a few new people and got on the EH discord where I have found a really good community of people.  Attended a few more presentations given in the community and advertised on FetLife. And I’ve also met someone who I’ve developed a relationship with and also been hypnotized and hypnotized a few people! So this past weekend, I attended the virtual London Hypnosis Workshop which is run by @theleeallure and attended sessions held by Lee, DJ Pynchon, @enscenic, Hypnostory and PandaPet, Kyteler and Magicwandsworth, Fay Creature and VenoPlonk.  It was fun and trancey and such a nice little event and well run by a core of great volunteers. Even though this pandemic sucked on other levels, I’m really glad that I was able to salvage it by finally attending these events and getting to know people.  I can’t wait until it is safe and I am able to attend some of these in person.  I am certain that I will not let my anxiety get the better of me again in this regard.


    This is fantastic! And watching your reactions during the music class made my day :)

    What’s This? An Event Recap?

    Man has it been a long time since I’ve written one of these! And part of that is Year of Covid™ but most of that is... well... it’s been a long damn time since I’ve come out of an event genuinely thrilled and fulfilled by my event experience. So let’s talk about just what was so effing great about London Hypnosis Workshops XI.

    The foundation: turns out my normal event imposter syndrome and anxiety (why am I going? no one wants me there! no one will attend my classes!) is remarkably and well-assuaged by filling my time with the productive work of actually helping to put together the event. Moments after hearing that @theleeallure was going to make this event virtual I was sending off a “how can I help?” message and I’m very, very proud to have been part of the team that transformed an intimate weekend retreat for a small-ish group of friends into a very well-attended international virtual event. 

    Great Things About London pt 7 - Gobsmacked And Grateful™ Edition*

    First and foremost: Lee, working with/for you was an incredible experience! Most of my real life job experience has to do with restaurant work, (and anyone who really knows me knows I compare running events to running restaurants constantly), and I’ve dealt with 20 years’ worth of General Managers of various ability and every single one of them could learn from you, especially when it comes to treating people with respect, expecting the best from them, and allowing them the freedom to do their work unhindered.

    The other volunteers. Oh my god, you guys, the amount of work you put in! And, while maybe many of you have tumblrs, I’m not sure who does, so I’m going to ask that people tag any tumblrs they know for people who worked for and/or attended LHWXI when** they reblog this. ( I’m looking at you, @magicwandsworth !) My Braintwin, DJ Pynchon ( @hypno-sandwich ), Kiri (who I’ve been led to understand may actually be my Brit counterpart), VenoPlonk, Psy (aka @londonhypworks ), Velvetine_Rabbit, and GrayDancer - we made a convention!

    All the room monitors, tech wizards, consent team members, various coordinators, and data wranglers***: Heliax, Echo, Hrafn, Jezebel, Vapour, David, Analytical Puppet, Deepgaze, erik, plum, firefly, Hopelythi, MrSnake, Muff, Nath ( @writtenbynath​ ), Pyre, and Ritzy, who gave so much of their time to making this happen, sometimes despite it being the middle of the night in their home time zone!

    The presenters.**** Such. A. Good. Schedule. I just can’t get over how good! You can still check it out for yourself HERE if you want to, and be as stunned as I am about the variety of topics on offer. Just like movie credits, here they are in order of appearance: Fay Creature, LeeAllure, DJ Pynchon, EnScenic (yes that’s me), Wiseguy ( @hypnoobiwan​ ), VenoPlonk, ocnurb, BikeSubIrl, Nath, pyrie, Undine de Rivière, HypnoStory ( @tell-a-hypnostory​ ), PandaPet, Jacob Browning Pet, Kyteler, Magicwandsworth, Carneggy ( @carneggyblog​ ), Katt ( @somehowbreathtaking​ ), Imaginatrix, Sinister, Velvetine_Rabbit, Mazirian, Sequentialized, Magenta, and QuickSylvan.

    The attendees. You rock! Every class I was in, either as an attendee, volunteer, or presenter, featured polite, thoughtful, engaged people sharing their experience and knowledge when appropriate and making their presenters feel seen and appreciated in a way that’s sometimes hard to pull off in a virtual classroom environment.

    And a specific shout-out. Tothe close-knit family of friends that regularly attend this event when the world’s not a pandemic chaos ball, and who are Lee’s other world across the ocean, thank you for allowing all of us strangers into your mental bubble! It was a pleasure and an honor to help craft this event with you and for you, and you’d better believe that next spring I’m on the first plane to London to get to meet you in person.

    * - “Gobsmacked and Grateful TM by @tennfan2​ circa 2015.
    ** - please reblog! 
    *** - I think this is all the volunteer categories. I think this is all the volunteers. If I missed anyone, I’m sorry! You’re also amazing, whomever I forgot!
    **** - Hopefully, some of these wonderful people who don’t normally present have now caught the presenting bug and will start turning up on North American con schedules in the future.

    See you later, London.


    ... and London Hypnosis Workshops XI kicks off in only six hours!

    That’s “six” as in:

  • forget the number six
  • sixy hypnosis
  • (7-1) +/- 2
  • halp I need more “six” puns
  • For LHWXI Day the Hypnosis Iguana* has put into your top hat a...


    (and I, one of the Hypnosis Iguana’s cheerful geckoes**, would like to remind one and all that registration remains open! So head over to LondonHypnosisWorkshops.com before the fun begins, and we’ll look forward to seeing you at 7pm GMT!)


    * Ahem. Actually it’s @theleeallure​ but iguanas are cool, y’all.
    ** I am not this guy, nor am I ready for my close-up - 

    London Hypnosis Workshops XI  Starts Tomorrow!

    Wait... what?!


    It’s true. Classes start tomorrow, Friday 26 February, at 7pm GMT.

    Registration remains open at £20 - swing by LondonHypnosisWorkshops.com any time and join the fun!

    What kind of classes will there be at London Hypnosis Workshops XI?

    Roughly speaking, the classes can be broken down into four categories: Technique, BDSM/Kinky, Experiential, and Esoteric.

    Today, I’m going to cheat.

    (Fun fact: did you know that variations on the word “cheat” are disabled as tags for tumblr gifs? Yeah, me neither.)

    Today I’m going to talk about my own class: Music & Hypnosis, which I’m co-presenting with @somehowbreathtaking​, one of the most delightfully malleable hypnotic subjects I’ve ever met. (The things that woman’s brain can do...)

    The original title of the class was “Musical Sadism”, which I changed because I thought it might put people off (because even now I forget that more people than just me are into that kind of thing.) The premise is simple - everything you can do with words, touch, sensation, handshakes, butterflies, swinging crystals, spinning spirals, and you name it, you can do even more intensely with music.  We are all affected in some way on a gut level by different types of sound, something that musicians (and mystics, religious leaders, and orators) have been exploiting for thousands of years.

    We’ll be going over ways to use simple scales, sound effects, and symphonies as reinduction triggers, deepeners, sadistic suggestions, and more! (Want to see what happens when someone is confronted with an organized cacophony? This may be the class for you...)

    And because musical sadism and emotional manipulation is kind of my bag, here’s proof that all a hypnotist needs to make the right person sad, hopeful, and rebellious all at the same time is the perfect song...