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         OZYMANDIAS SCOFFED, WAVING HIS hand a bit to brush aside such teasing reply. There was a particular reason that a god who controlled storms would take such interest in one who shined as brightly as the sun itself, but he supposed that stemmed from their history where they were submerged in darkness. Surely the first time that Raijin had seen that beautiful celestial body in the sky, it must have filled him with awe. In a sense, Ozymandias was no different considering what he was. ❝Very well then. Then bask, O’ Great Thunder God. Take in everything and remember the feeling.❞ For it would not last. One day, whenever that day would be, Ozymandias would be but a distant memory in this world. Whatever footprint he left soon to be blown away by the wind. ❝I do hope you have prepared means of entertaining me. Today has been dull.❞ He did find some modern things fascinating, though. The vast array of sweets he had caught in a bakery window certainly had filled him with awe.

       The   approval   of   his   basking   was   hardly   needed.   As   if   Raijin   could   really stay   away.   He   could   shower   them   with   gifts   or   compliments   but   would   that   really   satisfy   one   made   of   glittering   sunshine   ?   Doubtful.   Raijin   knew   what   it   was   like--   at   least   to   some   extent.

       ❛   I   must   confess   my   means   of   entertainment   aren't   very   original.   ❜   He   admits.   A   hand   cradles   his   chin,   holding   his   tired   head   upright.   ❛   Although   I   do   enjoy   a   good   walk   along   the   beach.   ❜   He'd   been   fawning   over   the   ocean   long   before   the   humans   even   managed   to   cross   it.   Suppose   he'd   started   the   trend   couples   now   took   to   the   white   sands.  

       ❛   I   know   of   a   more   private   alcove--   but   it   is   a   secret   and   I   do   hate   to   give   them   away.   ❜


    ❛❛  I wouldn’t call them negatives,   I like to think that I’m someone who looks at things through a realistic lens.  ❜❜     she retorted,    both her eyes closing and her shoulders dropping slightly   -    a slight snort came from she in response to his later words.           ❛  Oh   … Oh no, Raijin.   Raijin,   there’s something I really need to tell you  …  ❜❜  


                Artemis shifted,    hands placing atop of his own as she looked up towards him through thick – rimmed glasses.        ❛❛ Believe it or not,   and I’m sorry if this shocks your system   …   I actually don’t live to make sure you’re constantly entertained.   ❜❜    


       Ah,   the   taste   of   REALITY   was   bitter   wasn't it   ??   Not   everything   could   be   seen   through   rose   coloured   glasses--   much   less   that   if   you're   old   enough   to   understand   how   things   really   are.   His   brow   arches   as   he   listens   to   her--   hopefully   it   was   something   of   importance.

        He   finds   a   SCOFF   escapes   him   before   he   has   the   chance   to   maintain   his   composure.   ❛   Is   that   so   ?   Then what   is   it   you   DO   live   for   ?   ❜


    "This? It's whiskey," Zarina didn't even hide away that she was drinking straight up alcohol in the animal hospital, waiting for results of Andrea's dog examination (what a good boss she is). Whiskey was a nice addition to her schedule today, but it must be alarming to some people. "Hah, would you like to try?" A teasing remark, even if the Russian knew where she was. "It's more coke than whiskey. If you're not a light weight, you'll be fine." Yeah, still not cool, Ms. Sokolova. Stop this.

    【 ⎯⎯; @zorkaya. ( zarina. )


       Holding   the   exam   paperwork   in   his   hand,   he   took   in   a   breath.   Today   was   tiring--   but   hardly   over.   Hana   lingered   behind   the   counter,   signing   the   sheet   that   would   grant   the   release   of   the   animal   the   woman   had   undoubtedly   come   in   for.   ❛   I   do   believe   the   exam   went   well--   ❜   he   says,   actively   IGNORING   the   fact   that   she   was   not   allowed   alcohol   in   the   facility.   ❛   The   doctor   will   be   back   shortly   to   give   you   the   full   results.   ❜

       He   hesitates,   eyes   abiding   the   flask   in   hand.   ❛   They   are   far   less   lenient   than   I   when   it   comes   to   the   laws   of   the   facility.   ❜   He   wasn't   telling   her   she   should   get   rid   of   the   evidence   but   it   was   likely   a   good   idea   not   to   pander   it   around   to   the   staff.   ❛   Your   business   is   your   own--   though   after   today,   it   is   rather   tempting.   ❜   He   offers   a   smile   with   his   comment--   though   it   is   riddled   with   fatigue.



    ❛❛  I guess I should make it a bigger ordeal than Caesar himself. ❜❜      Artemis’ response was blunt,   without hesitation as she stared up towards the other   ;  a blank expression that flickered to life with slight irritation at his following words.      ❛❛ Did you just call me a pig? ❜❜      Hands came to rest against her hips,    brows furrowed as she waited for some type of flimsy explanation.

                ❛❛  Aah   …  I’m so glad that I could keep you amused and happy.  ❜❜  


       Melodious   laughter   emitted   the   god.   Perhaps   she   was   funnier   than   he'd   first   given   her   credit   for.   Though   he suspected   his   TEASING   at   a   lot   to   do   with   it.   ❛   You   do   like   to   focus   on   all   of   the   negatives   don't   you   ?   ❜

       A   personal   attack   ??   Possibly.   It   is   infact   what   he   is   best   at.   Aggression   being   one   of   his   more   stronger   suits.   ❛   You   are   entertaining--   though   I   wonder   how   long   you   are   able   to   keep   me   occupied.   You'll   need   new   material   eventually.   ❜


    Truthfully, she didn’t think he would actually listen to her but as the sound of thunder cracked from the clouds, there was a soft smile that tilted her lips. “Mmm ... you’re the best!” She exclaimed, rolling over and wrapping arms around his middle without a second thought. “ ‘m so hot it feels like the floor is tilting towards the roof—— thank you,” there was no teasing or sarcasm in her voice, she really was greatful.

    【 ⎯⎯ ✞  ; @averageisms. ( artemis. )


       The   god   reclined   on   his   elbows,   now   both   of   them   were   a   HOT   heap   of   sweat.   But   at   least   the   rains   were   cooling   the   air   just   a   few   degrees.   A   full   on   storm   would   likely   cause   a   hurricane   and   that   would   be   TERRIBLE.   His   brother   would   have   to   come   into   the   fray   and   that   would   be   disastrous   to   say   the   least.

       ❛   What   makes   you   think   I   did   this   ?   Perhaps   the   weather   man   was   just   wrong.   ❜   Proving   the   local   weather   station   wrong   was   definitely   one   of   his   favorite   things   to   do.   Something   about   frantic   humans   trying   to   predict   what   he   did   best   was   incredibly   satisfying.   ❛   A   stroke   of   luck   some   would   say.   I   suppose   that   makes   you   my   lucky   charm.   ❜


    "Raijin, why would you go and ruin my beautiful, sunny day?" Not that he was really complaining. He liked rain. The smell of it, the feel of it, everything about rain was very much to his liking.

    【 ⎯⎯ ✞  ; @ardenssolis. 】(  Ozymandias. )


       Oh   was   he   in   trouble   now   ??   Ruining   a   perfectly   blistering   day   was   nothing   short   of   a   blessing.   Unless   you   wanted   to   melt   man-kind   of   course,   though   he   doubted that   was   the   intention.

        ❛   I   can't   recall.   What   ever   are   you   on   about   ?   ❜   his   CHEEKY   grin   gives   him   away.   ❛   This   could   have   very   well   been   a   naturally   occurring   phenomenon.   ❜


    there was a small whine from the woman, laying on her back with her head upon his lap ; looking up at him with a pleading expression. ' Raiiiiijin, can't you do something about this heat? I feel like 'm melting ... ' her features were flushed, the world was spinning underneath her even though she was still. ' you're a god of thunder right? doesn't that mean thunderstorms and rain? ' she's pouting a little, she really can't handle the heat at all.

    【 ⎯⎯ ✞  ; @averageisms. ( artemis. )


       Absent-minded   hand   falls   upon   her   head,   laying   down   her   sweat   streaked   hair.   He   thought   for   a   moment--   It   was   best   not   to   cater   to   EVERY   need   the   humans   asked   of   him.   Though   such   a   small   whim   could   easily   be   granted.   For   a   PRICE.

       ❛   Rains   won't   do   much--   it   would   just   be   hot   rain.   Is   that   what   you   want?   ❜   He   always   had   to   tease   her.   Every   chance   he   got--   but   the   heat   today   was   blistering.   He   wondered   if   Ozy   was   behind   this   particular   fiasco.   ❛   You   could   at   least   say   please.   ❜

       The   deity   took   a   breath,   holding   it   in   as   he   summoned   the   all   mighty   clouds   from   the   heaven.   A   distant   crackle   in   the   sky   headed   for   their   very   direction.   ❛   And   I   will   require   a   thank   you.   ❜   he   seemed   pleased   with   himself   as   he   brushes   a   few   stubborn   strands   from   her   flushed   face.


    name: Ghoull
    pronouns: She / Her
    zodiac sign: LEO 🔥
    taken or si
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    I am a German immigrant-- I speak 3 languages German, English & French
    I am a local tattoo artist 💉💉💉
    I watch Howl’s Moving castle when I’m sad.
    I struggle with being polished but it’s something I always strive f
    or when writing.

    platforms used: tumblr, discord, instagram (least favorite), facebook, animo
    preference: tumblr ( despite wordpress breaking the vibe )
    gender: I like both male & female. I tend to write more Romanciable males. And although I don’t write trans-gender muses, I don’t mind interacting !!
    least favorite fac
    e(s): Faceclaims of any characters in Lonely Planet make me a little uncomfortable. Mostly because they are so widely used. ( I am guilty of this over 5 years
    ago. )

    fluff: Its like my favorite type of trope. The slow burn stuff is great because I can take a break from all my muses drama-- like with the slaughter of npcs and the consumption of them. Sometime you just need a beach episode.
    angst: Angst fills a void in my heart that my young adolescents of writing could not. Problematic plots are one of the most fun things to write imo, because solving those problems grows bonds and really shows off your writing.
    : This one is tricky for me-- I’m not super experiances but i am always trying to improve on this. Without the cringe of course.
    plot / mem
    es: Memes are so easy ! You can be hit with a random situation that allows you to take your muse and FUCKING run with the
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    【 ⎯⎯ ✞  ; @whisperonn​. 】 ( oslyeus )

       There   is   a   RUSHED   knock   on   the   door--   collecting   the   ghoul's   limited   interest.   Who   would   knock   so   urgently   at   this   hour?   Rather   than   use   the   door   bell   ??   He   stood,   his   drink   swishing in   his   glass   as   he   did.

       Curiosity   go   the   better   of   his   as   the   knocks   continued--   never   wavering   on   their   ROUGHNESS.   He   unlocked   the   heavy   latch   to   open   the   door.   At   first   the   cloaked   figure   wasn't   someone   he   recognized--   much   less   a   figure   who   want   to   be   seen.  

       Once   a   flicker   of   White   threads   of   hair   peeks   beneath   the   hood   he   had   a   guess.   A   smile   played   his   lips,   disbelief   clouding   his   eyes.   How   long   had   it   been   ?   Not   since   the   hunt   of his   father.   Not   in   years   !   ❛   I   would   have   never   have   guessed   I'd   seen   the   likes   of   you   again.   You   certainly aged   well   since   the   last   time   we'd   met.      ❜

    【 ⎯⎯ ✞  ; @orcx-nus. 】 ( makoto. )

       As   much   as   he   liked   going   to   Makoto's   swim   meets;   he   found   the   crowds   insufferable.   The   concession   stands   never   served   anything   close   to   edible   and   the   coaches   never ceased   their   infernal   YAPPING.   He      only   ever   went   to support   Makoto   and   his   team.   

        ❛   You   know   I   could   always   make   a   terrible   storm   cancel   the   meet   if   you're   too   nervous.   Perhaps   a   stray   stroke   of   lightning   to   excite   the   crowd.   ❜   he's   only   teasing   of   course.   Unless   ?