Hi! 14, 62,63,64, and 85?

    14: I’ve already answered. Like literally just answered

    62: my type- *sigh* strong, smart, sexy, bearded, freaky, dominant, honest, compassionate, who makes me feel like a princess and a nasty lil [fill in the blank]

    63: 3 biggest turn ons- 1. Kissing, hands down anytime and place, a good kiss will get you lucky. 2.charisma, a charismatic mf’er can get anyone. When he doesn’t even try and still has that swag and power. When he foreplays my mind before my body 😍😍3. A fucking beard. No more needs to be said

    64: 3 biggest turn offs- 1. Not paying attention 😒 2.nasty hygiene 🤢 3. Liars and fakes, but fr fr turn off is an ugly dick 😂😂

    85: nipple piercings: My damn nipples are all over this blog, why would you ask this question. No they aren’t pierced and they never will be.


    What is a ugly dick



    JAGS WIN We goin to the AFC Championship!!! To think how hopelessly we lamented the disappointment and heartbreak of last year going 3-13, and so many rough years before, But I never lost faith in my JAGS!! Let this be an inspiration no matter how far you’ve fallen, keep your lungs and legs pumping, keep on grinding, if nothing else, keep thinking positive cuz when you finally bounce back, you never know how far you can go!! We sling-shotted from one of the worst, to one of the best in just 1 year! Believe in yourself! Never give up!


    He is a good kidd