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    Getting Into Character


    Welcome stranger to our rubber transformation school. You must of seen the adverts we posted online.

    You’ve come to learn more so more you shall learn. We are a school of.. actors some say. We have trained in body and mind to become who you see before you.

    Every sister here is in fact real who they were forgotten to us and themselves. You stranger now have the choice to join us as well, to become something greater then yourself.


    To be encased in rubber and form a new personality. One of lust, one of power, one of submission. The ability to change and adapt to what we need you to become.

    You will gain a new face, a new body and new mind. You will learn and train to become the sister you are inside on the outside and join us here to live out your perfect life with us.


    As you can see around you others before you have embraced the change. Even now being sealed and encased in rubber pleasure.

    That there is Dolly Molly her face is being placed over this recruits own, replacing it permanently. Her creator is Mia a sister of over 7 years now.

    The process is simple and pleasurable. You’ll be lost in lust the whole procedure and awake from orgasm reborn anew.


    As you can see now, Dolly Molly is ready. Awaiting dress and to start her new life here with us. The Mistress of the manor will demand pleasure from her like every new doll, and then she will give Molly a role to embrace and become.

    The roles? well they are easy to learn. You may serve as a sexual toy. You may be encased as a latex maid to cook and clean. Your job will be assigned by your Mistress after your creation and sexual initiation.

    Now come we have more to see and more dolls to meet.

    Look over by the medical chair.


    Mistress Cynthia here was a dominatrix who came to visit our little home. She did well here but we noticed a submissive streak around the dolls.

    She would fall to them often making them dominate her. After a while we offered her the transformation into Cynthia. A doll of domination and enslavement who would lead her dolls on a short leash.

    Each mask is a character. Each made with a story. We have all embraced our own face and become them even carried the torch from previous hosts who were once us a long time ago.


    I for example am Dolly Lucia. The greeter of our home. I am and have always been Lucia, my old life forgotten long ago. But at least three have been me before, doing the same role as I do now.

    I am happy to be Lucia and will serve for the rest of my life here with my Mistress and my sisters. I can tell you it gave me purpose a reason to be.

    And I am happy to help recruits like you join our family, to see the excitement in your eyes as the mask takes hold, the squirm of your body as your brain rewrites.

    But you’re special, Mistress Violet has been watching you. She wishes to convert you herself. I can tell by her eyes. You will become her personal pleasure doll isn’t that great? The highest of honours here.


    Even now she prepares your new face. Dolly Mona, a fitting name for a personal sex toy. I can see you’re excited. She won’t speak to you, not until you are worthy, until you are Mona. She will be your Mistress and you will obey her every command.

    She approaches now, I’ll remain here with you. Don’t fight it stay here with me let your new self take form. Be reborn into rubber bliss and take on the role of Mona.

    She is here close your eyes it is time, take a deep breath and count to ten and when you awake you will be…


    …Dolly Mona.


    Hope you enjoyed this little tale! I always love writing about the rubber sisters! Also a big thankyou to all of you even after tumblrs mass porn ban I still grow bigger then I even thought I would <3

    Also sorry about the silly hearts had a tough time getting this past the porn bot for some reason..

    Stay Sexy <3


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