Mommy Amanda was in back yard sunbathing and going in her pool. BabyJake was in back yard playing with his outside toys. He was wearing a AB Shirt and blue shorts. Was a hot day. BabyJake was a little fussy he normally would want be In pool but he was being slightly naughty. Mommy Amanda finally had enough of his cranky naughty behavior. She said Baby it’s hot I don’t want you getting sunburn and you should come in pool with mommy I have a swim diaper for you. If you don’t come with mommy soon I’m gonna take you inside and put you down for a nap and if you fight me I’ll give you a spanking and a early bed time understand me mister!! BabyBoy said ok mommy in a sweet tired voice he went over and mommy told him lay down on lounge chair and she’d change him into a Swim Diaper. He laid down and she took off his shorts and felt his diaper he was definitely wet and ask him if he was poopy he said no mommy but because of his fussy behavior she checked his bottom by holding up his legs and sniffing his bottom said ok sweetheart she pulled tabs off and pulls down front and says oh wait babe. I need get wipes. She quickly runs inside grabs a package form living room by his diaper supplies. She returns and pulls down front of his diaper again she wipes his pee pee and his bottom and pulls out wet AB Pamper and folds it up and places it on deck next to them. She grabs and opens up AB Swim Diaper for Boys! Told him stand up and Mommy held sides and BabyJake stepped in and she pulled it up an patted his bottom. Then took of his shirt and put on his AB Swim Shirt than holds his hand and both get in pool and Mommy Amanda says see love this better than being in heat. After this I’ll give you some mommy’s milk if you go down for a nap for me! He says ok Mommy! She says good boy.

    Half hour passes as BabyJake is playing he has too poopy he nervous about doing so in pool he calls to Mommy. Who says yes my love! He says mommy I has to go he says. She says go where hon? He says poopies!! She says oh ok baby come out pool and go in you’re swim diaper. He gets out and squats down and begins pushing mommy gets out pool puts towel on and get BabyBoy a towel and she waits till he’s finished and she says hon you finished? He looks up and says almost she gets behind him and put his towel around him and says good baby. She picks up his clothes from earlier and his dirt folded wet diaper and says you ready for a change Stinker? He says yes Mommy as he stand up and raps towel round him and waddles inside she tells him to wait one second by door she throws out the dirty diaper and takes her towel and drys him off best she can and removes his AB Swim Shirt and then picks him up hold him on her left hip and heads to nursery.

    Inside the Nursery takes another towel and lays down on his changing table before laying BabyJake down only wearing his swim diaper then she opens box of wipes and opens sides of swim diaper and pulls down front and hold up his legs and begins wiping his bottom and pee pee and takes away the dirty swim diaper ties it up and throw in diaper pail. Then after few more wipes she takes towel and dry him again and gets a Fresh AB Pamper and opens it up slides under his bottom and takes baby powder adds some to his bottom and pee pee pulls up front and puts Tabs in place and has him sit up she takes out a AB Onesie and pulls over his head and puts his arms in and says is my little one sleepy? I think so as she tells him lay back down as she pulls back of onesie and snaps it together and says all changed then says come nurse for mommy and I’ll put you down for a nap. I’m very happy you did poopy what a good baby. She helps him off changing table and walks and sits down in rocking chair. She takes off her bikini top and tells BabyJake to begin nursing. Mommy Amanda tells him what a good boy he was outside and how happy she was he went poopy. Giving him back rubs and diaper bum pats. He stops nursing and Mommy says good baby and holds him and gets up and goes to his crib and lays him down turns on his mobile and gets him a pacifier and puts in his mouth. She says sleep well love. After you’re nap mommy on you’re next diapey pamper change I’ll let you make cummies. He smiles says love you mommy and hugs his stuffed animals and Mommy puts up crib rail and walks towards door turns off lights and says go sleep love. Heads to her room to change into regular clothes and before getting fully dressed she has her self some Mommy Time and orgasms. Then heads to kitchen to begin making dinner.

    The End.

    Thoughts on giving critiques to comics artists.

    Seeing lots of discussion from students about sour experiences with an unhelpful art teacher, so here's a long, long post about giving critiques.

    NB: I have no formal training as a teacher, but I was a student, and I've spent decades giving artists feedback on their work.

    When someone brings me a portfolio, I like to establish my limitations & clarify my perspective. My work is firmly rooted in traditional US comics storytelling (i.e., not manga or art-comics.) I can give feedback on other approaches but they should know where I’m coming from.

    “We've only got a little time for this, so I'm going to spend that time focusing on things to correct. That doesn't mean you're doing everything wrong, or that there’s nothing good here, but it’ll be more helpful if I identify some problems and show you how to fix them.”

    Why? Because for many young artists their entire sense of self worth is wrapped up in being good at what they do. (It was for me!) In school they were probably the best artist in their peer group. But now if they're hoping to turn pro, they’re at the bottom.

    Sometimes you know what’s up when you see page 1, but try to keep an open mind. Some build their portfolios by sticking new pages at the back & don’t weed out the old stuff up front, so the work gets better as you go. When it’s like that I ask: “Show me your best 8 pages.”

    I ask questions: "What's the goal? Do you want to be hired to work on someone else's project, or to get the story you're showing me here published?"

    If 1, I steer towards a portfolio that'll showcase hirable skills. If 2, I look for what tweaks will make that particular story more effective.

    "Do you have teachers giving you regular feedback? What are they telling you?" Sometimes a student is getting bad advice. In cases like that, I'll do my best to be extra clear WHY I'm giving them advice that's 180 degrees from what they've been hearing.

    “What artists are you looking at? Is there someone you admire or try to emulate?” This often helps me understand choices they're making, and I can sometimes incorporate things those artists do into my suggestions.

    I ask myself questions about what I’m seeing. First: Is there a narrative? If not, I make it 100% clear I'm not speaking as any sort of expert. I'm good at critiquing storytelling, but don't have anywhere near as much to offer illustrators or designers.

    Can I follow the story? Or am I confused about what's going on? Are the characters and settings drawn consistently? If not, is the artist at least making use of tags (distinctive clothing, hair etc.) to keep the characters recognizable?

    Does the artist demonstrate a good command of basic academic drawing? If not, Do I think they need it? Do I focus on "how to draw" or on "what to do when you can't draw?" Is the artist putting the viewer’s eye where it needs to be to tell the story effectively?

    (At this point I’m usually doing little doodles to go with my instructions. I scribble out ugly little 5 second diagrams that I hope will clarify what I’m talking about. Or they might make me seem demented. Hard to say!)

    Is the artist making choices that are creating more work than necessary? Is there a particular weakness? I once spoke to an artist with a portfolio full of great work when he was drawing animals and monsters, but his humans were amateurish in comparison. I spent that critique talking about drawing people.

    A crit can be a grab bag. In addition to big-picture advice, I'll point out tangencies, violations of the 180-degree rule, wonky anatomy, weird perspective, places where the artist neglected to do important research, odd choices in how they spotted black, whatever catches my eye.

    I also try to make a point of defining the terms, so that jargon like “tangency,” “180-degree rule,” and “spotting black” don't go over their heads. Find simple, concrete ways to talk about these things, & clarify why it's a problem when they aren't done correctly. Draw diagrams!

    Recognize that even a perfectly phrased explanation might not sink in. Some lessons can only be learned when a student is ready, and it might take a year or two of work before they can understand what you were saying. It's good to plant seeds.

    Are there other artists who are particularly good at solving the problems the student is trying to solve? I steer them towards that artist's work. And I always recommend life drawing & the use of reference to give work variety and authority.

    Despite what I said earlier about focusing on what's wrong, I try at the end to find something encouraging to say. And if I’ve really piled on the criticism, I emphasize that I only spent the time and energy to do so because I take their efforts seriously.

    If I've done my job right, they'll leave my table with tools to make their work better. And maybe in a few years they'll be looking at some younger artist's work, surprised to discover just how much you can learn when you're asked to teach.

    Uncovered shortage

    The pandemic had meant, quite rightly, that important material supplies had been diverted away from the manufacture of adult baby nappies. As a result Jonathons stocks were alarmingly low but Mummy still insisted he wear one every time they went out, in particular as most public toilets were currently still closed.

    Rummaging around at the back of the cupboard Mummy pulled out an original Tena Maxi and decided it would be perfect for Jonathans trip into town. Once considered the Rolls Royce of nappies, Jonathan - who hated wearing nappies at the best of times - quickly longed to be in bulkier, more modern padding as his pee was already running down his leg and this was only his second wetting.

    With his shorts and socks now saturated and the absorbant nappy gel clumped in all the wrong places he moaned incessantly all the way home. Mummy, fed up with his whingeing, whipped his shorts down to carry out a nappy check in the local park in full view of any passers-by.

    "Eh, laddie, yur best off in a terry nappy and plastic pants" said the old guy as he walked by chuckling.

    Jonathon cringed in shame only to then hear the high pitched chatter of a bunch of girls approaching. Desperately glancing back at mummy for sympathy she simply smiled and told him to put his hands on his head.

    That would teach him to moan.


    --- A Big Baby under a big Boy's shell ---

    "Nice pullover, but where are your trousers? And why does your crotch look like it's held by some terrycloth towel or something?", Daniel wanted to know from the boy opposite to him, who looked about as tall and as old as he did.

    "Well, if you want to know, I can show you!", he replied and quickly pulled out his sweater, revealing the origin of the terrycloth covering his private parts: A big onesie with a cartoon bunny on it to which a pacifier chain was attached - just like the respective pacifier, of course.

    "What the...", Daniel tried to stutter, as he watched the boy in the onesie looking many years younger within seconds, until he finally got rid of the sweater completely and tossed it away.

    As soon as he was finished, he pushed the pacifier into his mouth and began to suck on it, gleefully starting to bounce on his feet in front of his speechless peer, who tried to find words for what he saw, but without success.

    It didn't help, that Daniel noticed that his counterpart had thick and special "underwear" on one moment later, which perfectly fitted the onesie he was wearing confidently over it.

    Clearly, this boy was wearing a diaper, he thought confused. Like babies. But why?

    As Daniel continued to stare at his opposite, trying to make sense of a guy his age looking like a big baby, the diaper boy let him observe, quite curious about what he thought about his cute clothing.

    "So? Do you like what you see?", the onesie boy asked him and giggled childishly behind his pacifier.

    "I see nothing but a big baby, to be honest.", Daniel replied with a mixture of confusion and strange interest.

    "Haha, yes!", the infantile looking boy responded with glee, visibly happy about that feedback.

    Obviously, Daniel couldn't quite understand why this pleased him that much, when he thought he should look and behave as much of a grown-up as he did.

    But no, he still felt like he had never grown up at all.

    "Are you jealous? Do you want to wear clothes like these as well?", the big baby questioned him with a small smirk.

    "What?", Daniel retorted in disbelief and some sort of embarrassment.

    "No, I...I'm a big boy! I wear shirts and trousers, no baby stuff like you!"

    "Well, I have a ton of cute clothing in my wardrobe. My mommy can change you and put you into some of them like me, if you want to. We could be baby brothers!", Daniel was offered by his padded opposite, whose eyes shone brightly.

    "Yeah, right!", he replied with a stressed laugh. "What's next? Getting my underpants changed for a baby diaper like you?"

    They both looked down at the big baby's crotch, as he patted it slightly with a smile.

    "Oh yeah, that's the best part! I don't need to worry about potty breaks while I play, as mommy changes me. You wanna wear diapers, too?", he asked the big boy in front of him with excitement.

    "No, of course not! I'm a big boy!", Daniel responded with his eyes rolled stressfully, unsure what to think of all this.

    "Oh...ok. Well, would you like to play with me still?", the padded boy asked him with innocent eyes, as they heard a loud, but still soft voice from behind.

    "What have we wear, sweetie? Did my baby boy make another friend already?"

    "Mommy!", the boy in diapers shouted with delight, as he ran towards the woman and hugged her waist.

    "Mommy, can I play with him? Can he come with us today?"

    "I don't know, honey. We need to ask him if he wants to.", she answered him, as she tilted her head towards a pretty confused Daniel, who needed a few seconds to get a hold of the situation.

    "Err, well, I was about to walk home. My mom expects me to be at our house before it gets dark."

    "No problem, you can call your mommy at our house. I can drive you home tomorrow morning, if you want to.", she offered him, while the diaper boy at her legs nodded heavily in agreement by that offer.

    By now, Daniel didn't need to be told that she was the diaper boy's mother, who for some reason didn't seem to mind treating her son like a baby still, no matter whose idea that was.

    "Yes!", he said. "Let's play together. Please, you will like it!"

    As he watched his padded opposite gleefully smiling behind his paci and nervously waddling around her waist, Daniel couldn't really deny that he felt a strange sense of interest by them playing together, although he hadn't played with babies, let alone as a baby for a long time.

    "Well...ok, I guess.", he replied, carefully accepting their offer.

    The next moment, the padded boy jumped towards Daniel hugging him with delight, his crinkling diaper clearly visible and tangible below.

    "You two are so cute.", the boys were told simultaneously.

    Addressed to her baby boy's new friend, she promised: "Trust me, none of my little one's friends have regretted their decision yet.", making Daniel snicker a bit with relief.

    "By the way, what's your name and how old are you, boy?", she wanted to know from him, as they walked together to the end of the street, where he expected her car to be.

    "My name is Daniel, I'm 8 and a half years old.", he said.

    "That's nice, Daniel. You're about as old as my little boy Alex here, who has turned 8 just a few days ago. You two will get along just fine, I'm sure of.", she told him, making him speechless once more about how an 8-year-old boy like him could still get along fine with being treated like a baby. But at this point, he had stopped to get surprised, really.

    "Only, one question, Daniel.", she went on, as they reached the car he had expected.

    "Are you ok with dressing yourself and using the potty like a grown-up or do you think you need to get changed like Alex?"

    She could tell, that this question made Daniel feel really embarrassed, as he blushed in front of them.

    "It wouldn't be a problem for me. We have enough onesies and diapers in Alex' nursery.", she added, trying to calm him a bit.

    "I just need to know, so that you won't have an accident later on, honey."

    Daniel felt awkward. Because he had been potty-trained for at least five years, he wasn't used to be treated like a toddler, who still didn't always make it to the potty in time. However, he also felt a certain sense of entertainment from it as well as a cozy feeling of getting cared for.

    "No, I use the potty like a big kid. I don't need diapers.", he stated.

    "Allright, Daniel. Unlike a certain someone, who gets changed right after we have reached our house, isn't it?", she said to her diaper boy below her waist, who didn't feel the need to lie to her at all about the state of his padding.

    "I'm quite wet, mommy.", Alex admitted without hesitation.

    "Just as I expected, sweetie. By now, you have always made lots of peepee since your last change, mommy knows.", she responded, making them both laugh in amusement. Even Daniel grinned softly.

    "Let's get you seated on the right rear seat then, Daniel. A big boy like you doesn't need help with that, right?", she asked, while she opened the door at the left rear seat, on which a giant child car seat was located.

    Daniel shook his head and opened the door himself in a second, while Alex was carefully put into his seat by his mommy.

    Looking forward to how the day would develop, unable to predict anything, he sat next to his new friend Alex, who, despite being 8 as well, looked and felt so different to him, as Alex's mommy started the car.

    Hypnotic Regression

    Chase walked into the bathroom with his headphones still on and his phone in his pocket. Normally, he would have taken them off, or placed them in his gym bag. But for some reason, he really needed to go, and didn’t have the time to take the headphones off. He entered the bathroom and went to the biggest stall, the handicapped one. In addition to it being the handicapped one, it also had a baby changing table, for the single dads. 

    Chase locked the door behind him. Even though he just needed to piss, he didn’t find what he was doing weird at all. After going to the bathroom, Chase stood up and was ready to leave. However, the voice in his headphones told him not to. “Stay in the bathroom, Chase. Lift up your shirt, and pull down your pants a little bit for me. Then take a picture.” 

    “Yes, sir,” Chase replied. He got ready to take the picture, using the toilet paper dispenser to prop up his phone. The photo was taken. 

    “What the fuck!?” Chase said out loud. The flash of the camera had caused something to change in him, and he pulled his underwear and pants back up and his shirt back down. 

    “Relax, Chase, everything is going to be okay,” said the soothing voice from the headphones. “We just needed to take the photo to see if you’d be a viable boy. Now take off your clothes completely, like a good boy.” 

    “Yes, sir.”

    “Oh, and from now on, boy, you will call me Daddy.” 

    “Yes, Daddy.” Chase did as he was ordered to do. He didn’t find it odd at all that he was stripping completely naked in the bathroom, and that his headphones were on the entire time. 

    “Good boy. Now unlock the door and do what the men say.” 

    “Yes, Daddy.” Chase unlocked the door and held it closed until another man tried to open it. He allowed two strange men to enter into the stall as well. It was a tight squeeze, especially with the bag one of the men was carrying, but they made it work. The man without the bag pulled the baby changing table down. 

    “Up,” he gruffly ordered. 

    “Yes, Daddy.” Chase hopped up on the table. Surprisingly, it didn’t collapse or even budge. 

    “Legs up in the air.”

    “Yes, Daddy.” The man with a bag took something out of it. Chase could see what it was, but he couldn’t recognize it. The thing that was being placed on his dick was a metal chastity cage. Chase did have an above average-sized dick, but now it was locked up tightly, never to get erect again. As the man flushed the keys down the drain, the man with a bag took something else out of his bag. This Chase did recognize. However, the soothing voice from the headphones told him it was okay. 

    “You want to become diapered, boy. Daddy knows what’s best for you. You want to become one of Daddy’s diapered boys, don’t you, boy?” 

    “Yes, Daddy, I do.” Chase didn’t react as baby powder was poured all over his genitals and his first diaper put on. It felt weird, the sensation of the diaper on his body, but it also felt right. 

    “Down,” the man with the gruff voice said. Chase got down from the table as the men cleaned everything up. The soothing voice came through the headphones again. 

    “Chase, you are to repeat ‘I am just a mindless diaper boy’ until I tell you to stop.” 

    “Yes, Daddy. I am just a mindless diaper boy. I am just a mindless diaper boy.” Chase continued to repeat those words as he followed the men out of the gym. They did go out the back, but a few other people still saw them. However, Chase’s monotonous repetition and the men’s beefy bodies shut them up pretty quickly, and Chase was safely buckled in the back seat of a car. He continued repeating what he had now become until the car stopped outside a warehouse of some kind. 

    “Chase, the headphones will now be taken off of you. Remember, you are just a mindless diaper boy, and you will do whatever your daddies say.” 

    “Yes, Daddy,” Chase replied. After he got out of the car, the headphones were taken off and thrown away. It was the first time Chase hadn’t been wearing them in hours. He followed the two men inside and onto a stage. The men handed something to a man standing behind a podium. Chase was ordered to take a seat on stage. To the left of him, and eventually to the right of him, were men just like him, wearing diapers and nothing else. All of them had muscular builds, although some were a bit leaner than Chase, while others were comically large bodybuilders wearing diapers. 

    Chase and the other mindless diaper boys sat there mindlessly as their fellow diaper boys were being auctioned off. They learned that this program had a team of hackers who hacked into headphones or earbuds and played a hypnotic regression track, slowly creating a subconscious desire to become a mindless diaper boy. The more overt hypnosis helped to seal the deal. It seemed as those some members could do this better than others, and when Chase was called up, the crowd erupted in applause at the name of the man used to ensnare. 

    He mindlessly stood on stage as his price went up and up. Finally, he was sold to a nice gay couple for just over half a million. The fairly attractive couple had always wanted a baby, but they didn’t want the struggle of finding childcare and other potential issues stemming from having an actual baby. Chase was a perfect choice, and he lived out the rest of his life as the couple’s happy and mindless diaper boy.