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This is an incest blog. Mostly sibling love/romance of erotic nature. I have never experienced real life incest and I don’t want to either. It's just a fantasy for me and I get excited with the idea of incest and seeing others performing incest. If you see something that's yours and want to be taken down, just ask.. I'll remove it.

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2018-12-05 11:57:50

    real experience - older sister

    I’m now 50, but this happened ten years ago - I was 40, my older sister was 47. I should start by saying our family is pretty large but not very close, and some of us just don’t keep in contact with our siblings. Those of you with larger families might understand. I had moved away from our hometown but returned every few months just to hang out, not to visit family really at all, and most times did not see anyone. I had not seen one of my older sisters in several years for various reasons, but on this trip I actually called her and it was suggested we meet up for dinner and a drink and catch up.

    She lived outside of our city (a big midwest city), so I met her at her house and we went to a nearby pub for food and drink. We chatted about nothing much in particular, but for some reason talked about music - old 70s bands and such. Afterwards we went back to her house and she pulled out an old box record player and her album collection. These albums I remembered from being a kid at home, these were the same albums. And a bottle of vodka. We had the albums spread out on the floor, and we sat on the floor hovering over the record player talking about old rock bands, sipping drinks. This went on for a couple hours.

    Suddenly, all I remember was leaning over the record player and kissing her - not a peck, but a real passionate kiss. In the process I ran my hand down the back of her UofM sweatshirt, feeling no bra (she really didn’t have a reason to wear a bra). As the kiss continued, my hand went to the front, then up inside the sweatshirt and across her small boobs. I was uncomfortably fully erect in my jeans, and her hand came down to my bulge.

    Everything after that happened really quickly. Her top came off there, but suddenly we were standing in the living room and my shirt came off. We were standing in front of her huge picture window, which faced out onto a busy country road, topless, so the shade came down and we then horizontal, making out on her couch like teenagers. It was very special. Her tits were small and simple, but I was gladly playing with them, kissing them too.

    She led me to her bed, and we had possibly the most intense sex I’d ever had. She felt like any other girl inside. Her boobs jiggled like any other girl. She howled like any other girl. The fact of the matter is - she IS any other girl. There’s nothing special or different about her. The concept of taboo incest is totally lost on me, was lost on her too. We were just two people fucking. When you think of it, every girl is someone’s daughter, or someone’s sister. We can fuck them but the brother or father cannot? Does that really make any sense? I have no shame when supporting the notion of incest - none.

    The relationship lasted about six or eight months. Whenever I came home, I stayed with her. She is not the prettiest girl, but she was mighty open sexually. She liked taking charge, she liked facials, she liked dildos, she liked anal. Her pussy was hairy and bushy, her tits are small but she has really wide, dark nipples that are way oversized, and so sexy. She told me about some of her sexual experiences and fantasies and I told her mine and it turned out we had a lot in common (black cock, gangbang, beast sex &c). But after those few months, she called and said it might be better if we stop, so we did. Later I found that word of our affair had spread around the family somehow, which by itself doesn’t bother me, but nonetheless things have been cool between us for all this time. But I would do it again should she call!

    Anyone interested in chatting about incest, or how to experiment, should drop me a line. I’ll give you simple, non-fantasy advice.

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    Thanks a lot for sharing your story. I like these short stories because it actually proves that incest is much more common in our society than people like to believe.


    Hey again! My brother let me trying topping a couple times, and take control. It’s great, and feels amazing. He thought he wouldn’t like it as much as he did, but he melted beneath me, taken over with the feeling. And turns out, he has a bit of sub in him. I think this is a rather fun discovery. -💜

    Hey, girls on top is one my favourite position too! I prefer it actually..

    thanks for the updates..


    💜 My brother and I have had a lot of fun in the past few days. We decided we were both comfortable with sex, and we did. It was amazing! He gave me oral, sucked my breasts, and when he was in me, he went in deep. He’s so cute, and he’s also bigger than I had expected. I’m looking forward to more fun soon ;) ~💜

    Thanks for the update..

    Remember when you asked if I want you to do anything specific.. Well if it’s possible please do an outdoor sex session, probably in the woods or something..


    Hey, it’s me. Me and my brother have been having a good time these last few nights and he even officially asked me to be his partner. We’ve gone further than we did last time, and we’ve given each other plenty of love. We have to be quiet at night because our parent is a light sleeper, but the idea of possibly being caught just turns us on more. -💜 (More updates to come during the next week)

    Thanks for the update.. And please don’t get caught.

    Will be waiting for more..


    We had a lot of fun that winter, but not too much, we aren’t doing that yet. We’ve been texting each other almost every night, sharing what we do and don’t like, after all, good communication is key in any relationship! :) and that’s our story so far. We are gonna see each other again this summer, and we already have plans ;) (3)

    Ooooo… I love this.

    Keep us updated, please..


    But I was the incestuous one and he, well I presumed he wasn’t. We didn’t do anything over the summer, just regular bro/sis stuff. So cut to winter, and we are both visiting our dad, we both had to sleep in the same bed because our Mimi was there for Christmas and she was in the other spare room. And guess who made a move? (Hint: it was my bro) Apparently he was interested in me, too! He’s now said how he was scared to do so, for pretty obvious reasons rlly. (2)


    Okay! So I’d been interested in incest for a long while, but I’d never thought I would actually take part. Now, the last time me and my brother got to see each other was when I was 6 and he was 5. (We have different mums and his is an asshole) So it’d been a long time since I’d seen him. I didn’t even know him really. But last summer, 2017, I got to meet him again. Oh god, it hit me h a r d! So, I stayed real close to him, making subtle moves. We actually both became really close real fast. (1)