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    "I love you."

    'Manehn holds her tight with her words and her arms, which wrap across her shoulders in an embrace, closing the space where love blooms. New love blooming now where betrayal made hardened hearts. The words are both confession and affirmation, that they can love again, after all the years that have passed.

    "I love you too."

    Briala traces the lines of her lips, her thumb coming to rest on her chin and her head resting against 'Manehn's. Home is Halamshiral but home is also here. Both are sheltered from deception and machination, truly allowed to feel, to be vulnerable, to heal.

    Love is what they seek, and in each other, they find it.

    Check out this beautiful commission by @janearts of my Inquisitor, 'Manehn Lavellan, and Briala!

    My family needs help

    Kwe’ nitaptut,

    Many of you know that my family is low income. I was born into poverty, I have even briefly experienced homelessness as a child, and I know that I am fortunate to have what I have now. But what I have is still so insecure, and life fucking sucks sometimes. The factory that my brother works in fucked up the pay for his entire crew. He worked insane overtime hours all week because they only recently re-opened and are trying to make up for loss production, only for them to pay him not even half of what he is owed. He needs to call in about this, but not only will it take time for them to actually investigate, because they’re corporate assholes who couldn’t care less about the fact that their employees live paycheck to paycheck, the money he’s owed will only be added to his next paycheck after they acknowledge their mistake. Which is fine and fucking dandy except we don’t have enough money to live off of right now. I will not even have enough gas to make it to work next week, if we want groceries… 😢

    I’m sorry, I’m so stressed and frustrated and and I hate that I have no resources left but to ask for help online. I hate it so much. I hope everyone knows that I do not ask for help so lightly, and that I really, truly do appreciate every bit of it anyone can offer…

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