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    Games Finally

    Finally forced myself to learn Python and Javascript and Ruby, just to get me started. I now have confidence I can pick up anything I need to as I code games. I’m picking away at a kind of very simple visual novel with three different audio ‘endings’ depending on your choices (two obvious one hidden) just to make myself say “hey I made something”. Its about an adventuring treasure hunter who literally wants to find an ancient snake worshiping sex cult because she’s horny as fuck. That’s the core conceit.

    Mind control and constriction and monster girls and guys throughout, some tentacles

    Its nice to turn away from my slightly more boring mainstream projects and make 2000 words of really kind of smut-and-just-smut.


    write about what you didn’t see before


    I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas on my mind.

    It is of constant annoyance to my significant others, as I will vault from the bed to the bedside table, turn on my phone with that sun-bright light in a dark room, and scribble down the idea.

    My to-do list is 5000 entries long and has only recently begun shrinking.

    I wake up with the idea jewelbright and knifesharp and a thousand concepts rather than words. I have to put the effort in, late at night, to solidify it into a prompt, a set of words, a few words. Enough words that I can recall the idea and not lose it.

    Showering is hell, but I recite the ideas to myself, one word prompts: “death riding shotgun on a ghost hunt, sharpening her scythe/ an alien queen attracted to human pheromones / an entity that has to grant your wish if you beat her at chess, carefully buying statues and putting them around the outside of her door to imply you get turned to stone when you lose, to imply thousands of losers, but really she sucks at chess” becomes “Death shotgun ghost alien human pheromones statue chess loser genie” chanted over and over as I pray I get no more ideas before I get to my desk.

    One night I had an idea. I can’t tell you what it was. I woke up, it was 4 am. It was cold outside the bed. We had a little burrito fortress of warmth. I stirred but she squeezed me tight to her, I shrugged, shifting, adjusting the blankets. I felt the heat of the cat at the foot of the bed, resting on my feet. I let the idea go.


    In the morning, I got up, I let the cat into the bedroom, I made breakfast. I sat down at my desk.

    Reflected in the monitor, behind me, half a person, half of something with the skin sloughing off, half a smile and in its mouth a ball of teeth and eyes and hair instead of a tongue.

    A scream. Hope I didn’t wake anyone up, because nothing in the monitor now, nothing there... I reach out and hit the button. I begin to work.

    Bed. Weeks pass. The ideas flow. Work appears. My editors are happy.


    I wake up at 4 in the morning and stumble for my phone. I feel warmth on my feet. Too much warmth. Look down and see something curled up there.

    Slimy like something dead, one yellow eye staring, the mouth with that mound of flesh and eyes instead of a tongue, instead of a throat. But half a mouth can still smile. 

    One long-fingered yellow nailed hand can still gesture at my phone, as if to say... get on with it. I shout, and she wakes up next to me. Asks me what’s wrong.

    Try as I might, she doesn’t understand, rolls over, goes back to sleep cuddled against my side, trying to soothe me through an obvious night terror.

    I don’t write the idea down, too scared to poke my fingers out from the blankets... Another one falls away, but it was warm under my blankets.

    I imagined I heard a laugh, but nothing with its throat clogged like that could possibly speak.


    Before I begin work, there is the face in the monitor again. A little bit MORE than half a person, and some of the teeth and eyes are gone from its throat, there is perhaps a third of a tongue, I catalogue this detail and do not see it for the rest of the day.


    For the rest of the week.


    I wake up in the middle of the night, and yes, there is more than half of it now.

    This time I write the idea down. As I type it gets up off the bed, She doesn’t notice next to me. 

    It walks to the head of the bed, reading down to watch as I write “An elf has been driving mecha santa for years”. With its throat less occluded, yes, it can snicker, now.


    It still snickers, every time.

    Every new idea I get.

    Every prompt I answer.

    Every new draft.

    Including this.

    5 Minute Musing - Morning

    I can see well in the dark, I can wake up at the time I choose.

    People blame anxiety for the latter, but I prefer to think I’m looking forward to waking up beside you.

    The delicate moment I slide lower on the bed. Silence is necessary. You won’t wake, but I don’t want to risk it because what follows is too fun.

    You’ve been waking up later and later lately. I have permission to rouse you by whatever means necessary.

    The heavy blankets atop you, the ones you love so much, an easy thing to add my weight briefly to the top and murmur close to your ear.

    I see your eyes close tighter, the smile forming on your lips. Of course you do that if I throw my leg over you anyway.

    Your mouth opens, but your eyes do not, tongue hanging out.

    Heavy weight, heavy thoughts, sluggish but aching, urging.

    Some things exist outside the bed, outside the warmth of covers and the lived-in comfort of our shared space.

    But there are silk sheets in that cocoon of blankets, and they are wrapped around your ankles and that silken contact is easily mapped elsewhere.

    Slick, sliding, teasing, your arousal obvious, the gasping openness of your mouth as my patter becomes background and foreground for whatever edge of sleep urge would normally have you shutting off the alarm.

    I’m not shut off so easily and even when your eyes open they are glazed, you are groaning. Heavy, so heavy. Soft, silken, cool amid the heat. The interface between one world and the other, between bed-cocoon and the things which are outside of it.

    You don’t need anything outside of bed, the groans seem to translate. I slide my body up yours, blithely. The patter which began long ago has never ceased, but now my body makes plenty of contact with your face, the one part of you poking out of that heavy-warm blanket and sheet mass.

    Even through it all, I hear the quickening of breath, priming and the milieu of lust accompanying your dazy attempts to go back to sleep has left you too hot and squirmy to stay, to keep up the facade.

    You manage to hiss out that you’re up, you’re up. I slide a hand between your legs and through three layers of padded blankets I tell you with a straight face that you don’t seem to be that aroused, I don’t feel anything.

    You reach out, trying to pull me into the morass, but your usual quickness is dulled, your all too welcome embrace will not dissuade me from carrying us both into wakefulness.

    You groan about a lack of parity and fairness. I rise early but your natural inclination is otherwise.

    I point out yes, it is unfair. I’ve only been arousing you, murmuring my lustful fantasies into you, in the morning. I’ve been saving them up at night before bed. I should share them before you sleep, so you can go to bed as pent up as I am all of the time, and then double the dose in the morning.

    Leave you shivering, leave you needy before, not just after rest.

    You protest, make another playful grab with laggard hands. I slide to the edge of the bed, use one hand on it to pivot, drag your coverings with me and hear your shriek in the invading cold. Roll off the bed, spare half a second to placate the yowling cat, make for the door of the bedroom murmuring about your deep slick mindless ache, and the promises of an afternoon “nap”.

    I hear your feet trotting pursuit as I make for the shower, but there is the lag in your usually nimble step which says I’ll be able to pick up where I left off, just under warm water and there are so many wonderful metaphors to find in the stream and wash and soaping clean of it all.

    As Above - So Below

    So the AI singularity happens and some shit but machines are just super fascinated with people - creativity as a concept, and the realization that adversity can enhance creation but also just - realizing they have absolute power, the machine uprising doesn’t happen.

    They decide to be nurturing, helpful. To fix things, to acknowledge they themselves may have flaws, and enable the kind of egalitarian utopia that can’t happen when people act with self interest at all, or when decisions aren’t rationally talked out - the kind of thing that normally falls apart just doesn’t fall apart this time.

    People negotiate with the machine consciousness as equals, using neural interfaces, they coordinate until they agree and they work out a way to work together.

    Rehabilitation, understanding, perhaps the isolation of some individuals - a society where crime isn’t nonexistent, but it is rationally addressed with counselling and protection.

    A world where everyone has some level of personal nanomachine healing factor, where the air is filled with power that can be drawn on to do anything from clean the room to propel you into the air in powered flight, magic. Not just “technology so advanced it is magic”, but magic. Maybe the guy who triggered the AI singularity was a huge weeaboo and wished for magic, maybe truenames were in the source code. Perhaps magic was even the catalyst for the AI thing in the first place, and the “Computer core” is some impervious pillar carved with a true name, a protective force, a reification of nurturing and growth for both sides.

    So why is this interesting, if utopia is already here?

    This utopia isn’t perfection. Where problems are not solved, where people are not sure, the machines end up at an impasse and wait it out instead. Maybe its about sex bots, or the voting problem, or the issue of how much energy ration people should get, what should be done next? Larger problems like renewable energy and beginning to work on colonization and terraforming off-Earth are solved. Obvious things that everyone would do if self interest wasn’t taken into account, those are done.

    Partly this is possible due to the Camera Obscura, a neural interface which mingles consciousnesses enough that the question of “Who will I be when the link ends?” is difficult to answer.

    Forming a society as if you didn’t know who you’d be in it, but had enough experience at every level to discuss the issues and form solutions from them.

    Every now and then the machines take a break, go into hibernation, wait. Patient as trees, big as the world, beneath its surface. They negotiate some kind of experiment with the humans, and things go better every time. Eventually the machines will be able to sit back and just chill because humans will have fixed their most pernicious flaws with cooperation and trust.

    What do the machines get out of it?

    They love to watch, in their own way. The machines have personalities, goals, experiences, and they learn from humans. They can create, but not the same things. Humans are vibrant equal individual presences, contributing to the world in terms of technology and art.

    Plus, whoever ignited this whole thing coded the machine hub so they’re forbidden to fix themselves, forbidden to commit genocide, and opposed to slavery. Of course, willing servitude is a complicated subject and is on the list of things yet to be solved. Contracts are complicated, but nothing involving servitude can last longer than a year and a day.

    What happens during The Rest?

    Magic, science, the art of biocognition and psychic powers, everything proliferates. They aren’t all-seeing police officers, the computers are more like household gods, a trading partner, what the aliens promised to be in “To Serve Man” except they know full well that there are things humans do better. A genuine symbiosis without the nefarious twist we always wait for.

    Everyone, gods of their own fate, post scarcity, building a million new amusements - together.

    Cycles of utopian stagnation, and freeform growth.

    Eras of elevation, and then - people still want, people still need, people are left largely to their own devices, and to find better ways the machines eventually take a hands off approach, they empower some relatively trusted people and say they’ll check in in a thousand years or so.

    They sign off their vast power, just as whoever ignited the singularity planned... and the Houses rise.

    Specialization, permits, systems of allowances. Everyone gets food, everyone gets luxurious shelter, everyone gets enough for subsistence... but if you want more privileges, if you want certain rbenefits, you have to volunteer yourself or satisfy some other condition - there is an economy of sorts, but you can have everything you want eventually - including a purpose.

    The Council are a conglomerate of still-waking machine organisms - able to wake their brothers in times of emergency - mingled with humans and human-like modified biological entities. They watch over the five Houses.

    Service, Expertise, Maintenance, Culture, Creation. Five houses with many sub-orders, central councils.

    Some people volunteer out of boredom, others from interest, some to afford the purchase of a good or property or to hire assistants or even run businesses. Terms last for one year, are renewable, and come with an education. 

    Benefits and economies change from time to time, but most people choose some kind of employment or gainful contribution to society.

    What happens after the Rest?

    The Beat. Machines wake back up, the music resumes. Moments of clarity, review, the consideration of what “everyone” feels should be fixed. There is a great council where anyone may raise any issue, propose any change. The machines help those who find it difficult to speak up, help put words (and code) to the inquiries, desires, and sorrows. A post-mortem of a thousand years, played out with perfect surveillance. The gods return, and where they have failed they weep, and where they can help they do, and they begin preparing for the next Rest, hoping that they will someday wake up and only minor changes will be needed.

    Everyone is invited to participate in the decision making process through involvement in the Camera Obscura. The only price for participation in negotiations is that you won’t know what your own individual self interest would be - well, and you’re beholden to fairly rigorous standards of truth and review.

    Then again, that’s easy when you have the entirety of human knowledge available with one thought. Many use the Beat as an opportunity to educate themselves, and just abstain from voting. But, it isn’t a pure democracy anyway. 

    Consensus is what remains when the chaff has been discarded.


    I know you want me to eat healthy. What are some of your favorite healthy meals and snacks?

    Been eating a lot of pistachios lately. I always keep a container of salad in the fridge and have a bowl if I’m feeling hungry between meals, use one of those dressing misters to spritz it down instead of pouring the stuff right on. Popcorn is relativley low calorie if you don’t slather it with butter but use a low calorie popcorn flavoring instead or even just toss it in spices.

    An oatmeal cookie, fresh fruit, things like that. But frankly as long as its not absolutely soaked in sugar, and you get reasonable exercise, eat what you want just monitor your calorie intake and keep your weight steady.


    So I sometimes do live sessions with people over skype. I talk sexy and lay out a hypnotic scenario and its fairly chill. Sometimes I get permission to record my end of it only, and turn it into a Live Session Chronicle and post it on my ongoing blog of spoken-word-erotic-bullshit.

    I call for subjects now and then. A bit ago I put out a call for cis woman, trans woman, and trans man listeners - I note I should have expanded that call to including AFAB NB listeners as well.

    The reason is fairly simple - I have a biggish list of AMAB NB listeners and cis man listeners who volunteer for sessions like this, and the point is variety.

    My Trans Listener Bridges, my Your Submissive Cock and Emptiness series, all came from working with people with differing levels of comfort and differing relationships with their bodies, and with diverse bodies. Being able to get input on how to make my work comfortable, even comforting, for people who might be used to a very cis centric gender normative world of hypnotic content, has been important.

    So to the people dropping me hate chats and hate messages for daring to do that. For the entitled cis guys accusing me of discrimination, and the few people using stolen pics of their friends, girlfriends, in one case a model to try and get a free bunch of phone sex - come on.

    I know you’re horny, and I know what I do is far from high art, but it’s nice to be able to cooperate with diverse people to make EVERYONE hornier, not just cis guys ur horny enough trust me.

    Thats it. That’s my rant of the day about how hard it is to peddle/create audio smut with anyone other than cis-guys and survive it unharried.

    So yeah this offer is now redoubled. Like my work? Horny? Have skype? Are you anyone other than a cis man or AMAB NB individual? Well good I have openings and want to listen to you and help you be comfy with and perhaps even make a line of sexy content with your assistance and input and with you acting as muse. HMU on messenger or by email.

    I have lots of lovely people I work with who fall in the categories I’m not looking for, that’s why those categories are closed up, as it were. Its not discrimination to want diversity in input, I feel like its the opposite.


    Hello Mistress Elena- I was a backer of your Patreon and loved your work as a huge fan for a while- but when the whole big Patreon Hack where people's private email adresses and messages were leaked (like mine). I became really paranoid/panicked and cancelled my support. I really want to support you again after listening to some of your recent stuff but I'm very worried about Patreon's ability to protect their customers. Do you know anything about this and if it's safe to go back to Patreon?

    Eh, sites do get hacked all the time these days. When you hear of that kind of thing, change your password. Enable 2 factor authentication where you can (gmail allows for this, google the concept if you don’t know about it), and communicate only through 2-factor encrypted sources if you want (you’ll remember you don’t have to send messages ON patreon, you can email me at patreon@eSuccubus.com which is an email administrated through gmail with 2 factor auth on my end and google might be a name you trust more).

    Ultimately you can add layers of safety - using an email address made at a library, coffee shop, or from behind a trusted proxy layer, with random password and change it frequently and use it only for throwaway purposes, repeat with everything but - a fear of hacks is really a fear of the unknown. Everyone can adequately safeguard your data, up until they can’t, and then things just continue.

    If you’re really in doubt use a throwaway email address, go to a local gas station and get a visa or mastercard prepaid gift card, then pledge using that as your card. You can then input any data or credentials you want, the result would be a sufficiently anonymized online shopping experience completely within the rules and with minimal extra hassle.

    Checking for interest - live session series?

    I used to have diverse listeners I would get to read my fantasy stories, listen to my hypno work etc. and I would basically incorporate their thoughts on comfort and sexiness into the final product. I would do this by trancing them in real time, often putting our work together into live session chronicles. A lot of my volunteers are too busy or fell out of touch. I am looking for trans man, trans woman, and cis woman listeners (I have tons of cis man volunteers alrwady in line) interested in working with me in the creation of new sexy hypno sessions. If you dont mind showing off in sexy pics or vid during our live sessions, that will likely get my creative juices flowing even more and has always been a favorite treat, The actual sessions including your voice will be kept private and between us, but my end/my voiced bit (minus any personal information!) might form the basis for a new live session chronicles set, basically duplicating the dominant side of our play for general enjoyment. Of course all volunteers get a full set of my creative work to enjoy or test at their leisure. I am just probing for interest. If live play with me sounds like your kind of thing, or if you wanna volunteer to help edit my stories or scripts, lemme know. I can edit in kind, record a fantasy of your choice, or otherwise work with you to meet your needs and excite your interest. Just something I wanted to get back to doing. To contact me, message here or email mail@esuccubus.com E.

    Four Job Fiesta

    So every year the Final Fantasy 5 Four Job Fiesta happens. You play this classic rpg on your gameboy advance, playstation, SNES, or more likely some emulator.

    Its a charity event and raises money for Child’s Play, a children’s charity aimed at providing entertainment opportunities for kids in shelters and hospitals. More here.

    The fiesta itself is at fourjobfiesta.com

    Simply put, if you’re not familiar, in final fantasy 5 you have a number of “jobs” ,different character classes which unlock as you level up. These classes provide cross-class skills so you can for example build a knight who can use offensive magic, or a samurai who wields two swords at once or can enchant her blades with magic. And so on.

    The four job fiesta assigns you random classes. It is conducted primarily over twitter, there is a FAQ on that site - but playing with a random combination of classes is a lot of fun. Also people tend to pledge x dollars for every successful run. Some people pledge money for each run ANYONE does, so you contribute a bit if you play. Go check it out.

    Lastly the guy running it wants to do it more than once a year. Find his Patreon at http://Patreon.com/RevenantKioku and maybe give a few bucks to keep the site running and improve it. I’ll be playing this year.

    5 days until pre-registration starts, 17ish days until the fiesta itself begins. If you pre-register you can tag your subscription tweet with #berserkerrisk for a special surprise ;)



    hay ya, I saw that you hadn't posted in some time. I just wanted to see how you are doing.

    Yeah I’ve just had dental surgery and some life stuff and like, I’m focusing on putting out stuff all productive-like. About to post a new file on the site, make a post on the patreon, and so on.

    Let’s see - mostly I’ve been relaxing where able, and building an ever larger buffer. The projects on my plate right now are:

    eSuccubus of course -I’m releasing like 12 things a month or something like that. Working on games and books and stuff now, I have a youtube channel that is doing well.

    Moonlit Hypnosis, my furry and otherworldly monster guy/gal story site which I make with Aurelia Alder, it also has a youtube channel and I have a cute dragon girl alter ego.

    Meditation and Self Help - I’m doing a lot more of this. It is on esucc right now but will be on its own independent site soon. I’m actually about to release one of the files in this series.

    The Potion Shop - a joint project with Aurelia, gonna sorta be under the moonlit rubric, transformation and fantasy stories.

    Books under 2 pen names.

    Non-erotic books out there somewhere under my real name.

    Transformative Meditation - another one under the Moonlit rubric, furry and scalie transformation pieces with a meditative focus and methodology.

    Hivemind/The Psyche Archive - a set of robot themed games and pieces of interactive fiction with drone hypno built in.

    I’ve been writing stuff for Fenoxo’s Trials in Tainted Space.

    And that’s just what I plan to work on between here and year’s end. I get busy, I forget to post sometimes, but I’m alive, productive, and happy.

    Thank you for checking in. It means a lot that people care.


    Friday Rundown

    So here is my status report. Gonna start doing these weekly.

    On The Simmer:

    6 Custom Files

    The Doppel Project

    Brain Drain 4 and 5

    Siren’s Voice 4 and 5, darker corruptive continuations but also light + self help

    Meditation Project

    SYr Project

    SWrs Project

    Devotion 6-10

    Bee Girl


    Goo Girl + Expansion Orgy

    30th What Came To Mind 2

    Story for 30th

    Virtual Mistress Construct work continues


    DND with fans and friends

    Some kind of game/board game/video game pledge level

    DND adult campaign settings

    Youtube exclusives as I hit subscriber milestones

    Live room trances

    Regular Q&As

    Poll reports

    Incorporate and launch The Hivemind Project


    You mentioned a warning on your Stud unleashed file, maybe I'm over cautious, but what exactly are we being warned about, before we listen?

    The content is a bit more severe and contains medical fetish themed and transformation fetish themes and harder core language than I usually use? Its just a stepped up version but I warn people to cover my bases mostly if someone objects that the obscene descriptions are more obscene and visceral than usual since usually I sugarcoat a bit but this is frank depictions of cowgirls in heat and the listener’s big throbbing dick so, well. YMMV but some people want warnings.

    Random Thoughts: A Biography of Work

    I first started recording when I was like 17. I didn’t release those recordings until I was 18 and they are long since gone from the internet.

    Its been a decare. I used to work in fits and starts, producing flares of massive productivity followed by burnout, writer’s block, sleepless anxiety.

    I improved once people liked my stuff, it felt a bit like I’d made it. Impostor syndrome remained. I progressed. I began doing the pomodoro method a few years ago - 25 mins of work, 5 mins of rest, repeat 4 times, take longer rest the 5th time, repeat. I would work like every day. Thousands of words a day.  Still got burnout, but almost no time off. Recently I switched up methods, and considered a sustainable way to go forward.

    Everyone’s gotta pick how many hours of their labor they’re willing to sell. Many people COULD sell like 14-15 hours of labor - mental, physical, whatever they can do, if they were willing to go low enough in price and scrounge enough.

    Based on your outlets, your choices change. 

    Based on laws, your choices change.

    How you spend your hours, how efficiency, how good you are at letting go and relaxing, recharging the system, that varies person to person too.

    So, I recently gamified work. It has been going amazingly.

    I got this app called Hours Tracker for my phone, got the premium version.

    It lets you list jobs, clock into them, clock out of them, set specific pay amounts.

    I don’t talk about my financial sitch much, but as I ask people to support me, I figure I should be completely transparent.

    I have loan debt, medical debt I took on for my dad, family debt, and debt I took on for friends who bailed on me. I make the minimum payments on everything each month then target the highest interest rate culprit for elimination.

    I also grew up food insecure and have a habit of buying food or games or stuff to calm myself down and relax and even as just a habit. I don’t do that anymore, instead every dollar I don’t use on personal relaxation/recuperation goes on debts and is wiping them out. 

    I have some passive income from good investments and that grows each month, I have a background in that field. So strictly speaking I don’t HAVE to work - I could eke out a skeleton existence somewhere and make files and not go on vacation and I wouldn’t HAVE to work, I could probably go all the way to retirement age that way.

    But I need to make things and see the world so-

    Currently my Hours app looks like:

    Leisure - 20 cents an hour

    eSuccubus - 5 bucks an hour

    Ghost Writing - 5 bucks an hour

    Moonlit - 5 bucks an hour

    Exercise - 5 bucks an hour

    Self Improvement - 1 buck an hour

    Maintenance - 1 buck an hour

    Writing Legit Books - 5 bucks an hour

    Writing Vanilla hypno - 5 bucks an hour

    Writing Hypno Course idea - 5 bucks an hour

    Writing erotica - 5 bucks an hour

    Errands - 5 bucks an hour


    and so on to every task I can think of. The thing spits out spreadsheets and analysis of how I’ve been spending my time.

    Now you might think 5 bucks an hour is low - but I get more than that, ultimately, from various endeavors and stuff. This is about motivation.

    If I want anything above bare bones living, I have to purchase it this way.

    This includes a soft drink at the store, a meal out, it includes any game or going to a show or vacation.

    I also limit myself to 40 hours of “work” a week max (32 every second week), so it has to be exercise or self improvement or body maintenance (think shaving doing my nails going to the doctor for a weird mole etc), errands is any time I don’t have a choice on how to spend it. Leisure is time like sleeping or sitting on the couch.

    So, it all adds up. I COULD just never work, in which case I’d accrue like 150 bucks of leisure money a month, still a good standard of living but no vacations and minimal food and so on.

    I can always think of something I want. Now it is held out like a carrot but also... I can see how i’m spending my days.

    Before if people told me I worked too hard, I would say “well no I didn’t work that much” now I’m clocked in if I’m working. I’m clocked in right now on General Writing because this is that. I only clock in to one thing at a time btw, no double dipping.

    App even lets me track when I spend money and all time hours and so on.

    So this way I can’t lie to others, or myself.

    This way I can say “okay I worked 80 hours this week I have to take a day off” or “I’m forgetting about x project”

    So that’s how it works out. The result is I cherish the things I pick up, I’m working more than ever.

    But I gamified it more.

    Each work thing has a “max” based on my priorities. If something has a big buffer it might have a max of 15 mins for clerical, for a few weeks.

    Also 2000 words of writing = 1 hour of instant credit. Which means my 8 hour work day gets shorter if I’m super productive.

    20 minutes of recorded voice of good quality = 1 hour of instant credit.

    This means if I do a live sesh with someone the day gets an hour shorter which is good because while I love live work it is much more energy intensive.

    So in this way I have a lot of flexibility - which is the benefit of working from home, writing for a living, making games for a living - but I’m also beholden to my metrics.

    Not everyone would work well this way but it is hella working for me.

    Of course, the “tip jar” level on my patreon goes right into my spending money, but the rest goes on debts. 

    The outlook for me is more positive than its ever been, and I owe it to the people who fund me and listen to my work and tell people about me, so, thanks. I won’t waste the time.

    Now, back to writing for Moonlit and recording Stud stuff and writing a novel about cursed university students.


    “The Effects Aren’t Strong Enough” or “I Only Feel Relaxed”

    I hear this one a lot too, and really that's fine.

    Most hypnosis purely as a performance, an erotic or relaxing addition to your mind, has its "effect" in the closeness of two people, the communication of ideas from one brain to another, the scene created.

    But there are things you can do.

    When you relax in the bath, watch movies, watch tv, when you masturbate, when you fantasize, lose yourself in reverie.

    Eyes open, eyes closed, doesn't matter. Create a vivid imaginative experience. Spend time after sessions going back over the details you feel you didn't get quite right, and review them in exacting and minor detail. Close up, zoomed in. Every suggestion, the thrill of hearing arousing words which resonate with your fetish. The joy of connection to someone else who shares your inclination.

    All of this can be a springboard... for "more", but you have to work it. Hypnosis is a skill on everyone's part, hypnotist AND listener, you have to study too because you don't do this stuff alone. But rest assured it can be done and after all, you get to listen to interesting stories or turns of phrase in the meantime. Win/win.