Diary From An Open Marriage

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I’m a husband from B.C., Canada, happy to be in an open marriage with my wife and this is a place where I hope to share stories from my life, fantasies that I've had, and thoughts about the lifestyle in general.
My wife and I have each been aware of our bisexuality since we were younger and have built an environment where we can explore and develop our desires both together and individually. I’ve had a variety experiences and hope to have many more as time goes on. My interests range from the vanilla to the… not so vanilla. Since being married I’ve gotten together with both guys and girls for simple casual sex (as has my wife) but I’ve also watched from the sidelines as my wife was taken by a Black Man and been dominated alongside her by another couple.
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2021-09-23 05:10:31

    Get it out in the pool... let me touch it and jerk you off whilst my stupid boyfriend is sunbathing.


    It never fails to turn me on when my wife says this to another guy.

    I’ve watched her say it in person while she giggles, listened to her moan it through the walls, and read it in texts she’s sent. And no matter how she says it, it always perfectly sums up why she’s with him instead of me.

    Even better, though, is when I get to see their reaction. It gives me the purest cuckold angst to see an Alpha Male’s response to hearing my wife belittle my penis, my “manhood,” to Him. Some laugh, some scoff, some have even asked her to tell them about it or send a picture. I particularly like it when they confront me about it later, though…