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2021-03-25 19:46:11

    A Tribute to Dr. North.

    Greetings, everyone.

    Today, on March 10, 2020, Dr. North, writer of the SCP wiki, has died. For details on his death, you can ask me in DMs or go on any major SCP discord and there should already be people talking about the news.

    For my thoughts on him, he was the best of us. I really mean it. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone kinder than Dr. North, and though many of you may not know him, take my word for it. He was, and is, a ray of sunshine, who unfortunately fell into the pits of despair and...

    He's gone. But I refuse to let him be forgotten. And as I want him to be remembered as the light he is, I refuse to draw him as anything less than the sun.

    ...all said, this painting is far from perfect. I think my vision was blurry for most of the duration I painted this because I was crying so much. Maybe it could have been better. But this is the best, and only thing I can do for now. I hope this piece honors him as much as I respect him.

    Rest well, friend. Rest well. Hopefully we'll meet again on the other side of that river. You are loved, North. I wish the love reaches you, even now.


    Rest in piece Dr. North.