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    Lesley Dill   (b. 1950)


    Hester with gold radiance, 2019. hand-cut paper collage, ink, thread on Japanese silk tissue paper 10″x 8 – Kolajmagazine

    From poetry and writings of Emily Dickinson, Salvador Espriu, Tom Sleigh, Franz Kafka, and Rainer Maria Rilke. Paper, wire, horsehair, photography, foil, bronze, and music comprise elements through which the artist conveys the complexities of communication. The often secret, indecipherable, and bold meanings of words emerge not only from hearing their sounds, but by feeling them—language is a visceral, bodily experience...

    From Shimmer, Allegorical Figures, and Sister Gertrude Morgan by Barbara Matilsky [artist’s site]

    thnx mia-prints-and-drawings

    Barbara Kruger   (b 1945)


    Have Me Feed Me Hug Me Love Me Need Me, 1988. Lenticular photograph 50 x 303 cm - The Board

    Each of these lenticular photographs shifts as it is viewed, alternating between the first-person demands of the title and pictures of newborn babies labeled with the names of psychological disorders: psychotic, neurotic, schizophrenic, hysterical and paranoid. With these textual juxtapositions, Kruger calls out the societal pressures on women to bear children. The switching images, meanwhile, allude to the advertising practice of embedding subliminal messages that shape perceptions and desires. “[My] interest is in dealing with the way pictures and words have the power to tell us who we can and cannot be—how they construct us as social beings,” Kruger has said. - Artic.edu

    Futura Bold font, inspired by the Constructivist Alexander Rodechenko

    Fiona Banner   (b. 1966)


    John Lambert: Harrier (Suspended) - flickr

    Harrier, 2010, BAe Sea Harrier aircraft, paint 7.6 m x 14.2 m x 3.71 m © Tate Photography: Andrew Dunkley & Sam Drake - artist’s site

    Jaguar, 2010, polished Sepecat Jaguar aircraft 8.69 x 4.92 x 16.83 m © Tate Photography: Andrew Dunkley & Sam Drake

    “Harrier and Jaguar”, Tate Britain's 2010 Duveens commission

    Diane Arbus   (1923 - 1971)


    Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, 1962. Gelatin silver print 36,5 x 36,5 cm [Greatest Paka Photography photo of the photo]

    The boy's name is Colin Wood (son of tennis player and 1931 Wimbledon champ, Sidney Wood). And, though Arbus' photo embodies the awkward tension between childhood tomfoolery and primal violence, the young man was actually expressing impatience with the photographer as she moved around him claiming to find the best angle. The boy's expression conveys his exasperation with the whole endeavor.

    My photo was shot from the original by Diane Arbus, a part of the collection of Randi and Bob Fisher, currently on display at the Pier 24 Photography Gallery in San Francisco, California. - Greatest Paka Photography (flickr)



    AS11-42-6237 (20 July 1969). An Apollo 11 oblique view of the large crater Theophilus located at the northwest edge of the Sea of Nectar on the lunar nearside. Theophilus is about 60 statute miles in diameter. The smooth area is Mare Nectaris. The smaller crater is Madler, about 14 statute miles in diameter. The coordinates of the center of this photograph are 29 degrees east longitude and 11 degrees south latitude.

    Cat Astronaut Wallpaper

    Three wise monkeys top t-shirt graphics post by tymothy

    [ nectar gatherers ]


    Pissjar Sans [free use]

    Swedish punk band Pissjar christened the record sleeve of their 2018 album, Apathy & Cheap Thrills, with typography made from their own urine. Bassist Anthony Bolin photographed and vectorised the -painstakingly obtained- letters using a font software. Dezeen

    “We have recorded our first album Apathy & Cheap Thrills and decided to go for a record cover that suits the music, with a logo made of piss... It could be what the world deserves – piss. Thats why we created Pissjar Sans, a typeface of piss. For you to use in your wedding invitation, school report or as a company logo for your shitty startup. Enjoy!” - Pissjar