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    nice emojis vol. 2! 

    I’ve gained SO many followers ever since people learned i made the original nice emojis; so I wanted to give back to you guys for the incredible support over these days! These emojis are still free to use however you’d li<>ke, credit is not needed but appreciated! (unless you modify them/draw over them)

    they’re discord friendly as well! feel free to use them in your servers ♥ 

    i will rb with the redbubble link at the request of people who want to buy these as stickers!


    <>Cursed emojis 1.0

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    Posting this because it’s absolutely disgusting and I can’t find anyone talking about it!

    Australians have been protesting against indigenous deaths in custody and for black lives matter for ages now with no change and the police responding by inciting violence against protestors.

    I went to the first BLM protest held in Adelaide after the murder of George Floyd, at that point there had been <>432 Indigenous Deaths in custody, that was only a few weeks ago and the number has risen to <>438. There has NEVER been a single conviction.

    This is how the South Australian government have chosen to respond, further weaponising and militarising the police force. They know it’s wrong, they know it’s against the needs of the people’s, they don’t care - it’s clear their priority Is control.

    PLEASE raise some noise about this, I know it’s hard, there seems to be something new we have to raise awareness about every hour but australian issues and even more so anywhere that’s not Sydney or maybe Melbourne there isn’t any media attention except MAYBE local papers/stations. This is going to endanger the lives of indigenous people in Adelaide, this is going to kill them.

    I go into the city everyday for school and work, I can already tell you the way the police treat the indigenous peoples, homeless, substance users, and anyone who is vulnerable there is horrific, I can’t imagine the level of risk this is now imposing by adding these ridiculously unnecessary weapons. The majority of our crime is related to substance disorders (meth captial of the world), homelessness, mental health crises and theft - these aren’t issues the police solve! These are issues the police aggravate and escalate.

    I’m sorry if this isn’t the most coherent post but my blood is boiling, as someone who knows exactly how the vulnerable are treated by police in Adelaide and especially the CBD this is extremely concerning.

    Please share around, make some noise, this is not okay. Silence has lethal consequences.

    Bla©k Lives Matter, Defund the Police, Invest in the Community.

    Introducing the AO3 Tag Blocker!


    This is a browser extension designed to permanently block tags on the Archive of Our Own. This includes relationships, characters, fandoms, and additional tags. It also blocks ratings and archive warnings. It will remember all this between sessions, so you won’t have to enter them more than once.

    Once you’ve given it the tags, ratings, or archive warnings you’d like blocked, they will be blocked on every page on AO3 where works can be filtered. That is to say, almost all of them. I’ve listed the places where it doesn’t work on the About page of this blog.



    This isn’t a professionally developed extension, and it’s the first release, so there are probably some bugs. If you see a tag where it shouldn’t be, the tag blocker breaks something on AO3, or if you’d like to request a feature, feel free to message me.

    Since tumblr will shadowblock this post if I put links in it, links to the directions and to download the extension can be found on this blog. Currently, the extension is available in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, with Opera on the way.

    i can’t talk shit about the pirates of the caribbean films as if elizabeth swann becoming pirate king didn’t hand my entire ass to me and make me the gay i am today


    these 2 looks basically defined my sexuality and i’m not afraid to admit it


    things pirates of the caribbean got right:

    1. will and elizabeth’s love story

    2. elizabeth becoming pirate king

    3. avoiding sexualizing elizabeth or the other female pirate characters in the first 3 films by allowing them to wear period-accurate pirate outfits that aren’t tailored to be revealing and impractical for ‘sex appeal’ just because they’re women

    4. hans zimmer’s entire score but especially the iconic ‘he’s a pirate’ main theme

    5. When the movie came out, morally-gray characters like Jack were actually not really a thing yet in pop culture, and it’s not Pirates’ fault that there are a ton of stupid shitty copycats out there.

    6. I run a corseting panel at cons and literally use Elizabeth’s lace-up scene as a video clip of what historical corseting was actually like, because the only thing they got wrong in this scene is that tightlacing wouldn’t be a thing for about another 200 years (and you couldn’t tightlace with the corset style Elizabeth is wearing anyway). It’s one of the most accurate corseting scenes I’ve ever seen.

    7. Will’s hat.

    8. That scene with all the pirates on the gallows where that little boy starts singing Hoist the Colours? Yeah, that’s fucking legendary. The rest of AWE was kind of a trash fire, but that scene gave me goosebumps.

    9. There’s this great shot in the first one where they really drive home the class differences inherent in this time period by having the governor talking about progress and civilization to Elizabeth in their carriage, and then they cut to a shot outside the carriage where a beggar gets splashed by mud from the wheel. It’s a perfect way to underline that everything is not, in fact, a nice little upper-class fairytale, and to give some weight to Will’s storyline, because he has a lot more in common with that beggar than with the governor.

    10. For its time, the CGI was fucking amazing.

    11. And let’s not forget the work of the makeup department, which had to actually invent new ways of putting on makeup for this movie.

    12. The governor’s death scene. Holy shit.

    13. They could have gone with a Jack/Will/Elizabeth love triangle, but they didn’t. There are some hints Jack is in love (or at least in lust) with Elizabeth, but he recognizes that she loves Will, and that’s that.

    14. You’ve got to admit that wedding was unique.

    15. The introduction of fantasy elements to historical fiction outside of Tolkein-esque fantasy, and how it contributed to and expanded the Fantasy Media boom we’re still enjoying today.

    1. They had a woman of colour play a goddess.

    2. They had a woman pirate right in the first film, when the tradition is to only show male ones (hell, the PotC ride at Disney had a wench auction scene until recently). And it was a female pirate of colour at that!

    3. Elizabeth may not have known how to fight in the first film, but she wasn’t helpless either. Her first instinct was to fight, but she also had the brains to recognize when it was best to hide instead. Plus when given the chance she stabbed Barbosa that one time.

    4. Elizabeth’s lack of fighting ability was not simply because she was a woman, it was clear it was due to her societal circumstances, since we saw other women of different socioeconomic backgrounds being able to fight (and when given the opportunity to learn Elizabeth took to fighting like a duck on water).

    5. The Hoist the Colours scene where we see pirates of multiple ethnicities and their varying flags, reminding us that pirates came in all shapes and sizes and weren’t just white men.

    6. One of the Pirate Lords being yet ANOTHER woman of colour. She may not have had much of a speaking role if memory serves, but even her presence is already a big deal.

    7. The pirates accepting their King is a woman without much fuss.

    Pirates is amazing I will not here a bad word

    Davy Jones CGI is legendary and a ton better than some of the stuff done today 😄

    I’m pretty sure that female Chinese pirate was a nod to a real, documented female pirate king who was Chinese and had a whole fleet of ships at her disposal but I can’t remember her name rn

    My favorite part about the Bretheren Court voting wasn’t that they were against Elizabeth for becoming King as a woman and newcomer. They were pissed at Jack for being a chaotic neutral who broke the decades long tradition of an egotistical stalemate by voting for someone besides himself.

    Also, the deleted scenes from Black Pearl and At World’s End that divulge more of Jack’s troubled past, like how he was branded as a pirate by the East Indian Trading Company because he stole a ship full of slaves and freed them.

    Werewolves are stereotyped as ravenous monsters because the transformations burn so many calories that they’re essentially starving afterwords. The more “controlled” werewolves are just the ones who figured this out and loaded up on calories beforehand, whereas the “wild” ones assume it’s part of their wolfish nature to hunt and eat whatever’s nearby.

    The transformation back burns calories too, but by that point they’re exhausted from running around in the woods all night, not to mention the physical strain of two transformations. And filthy people showing up at Denny’s in the early morning are assumed to be hungover, so the ravenous beast idea is applied only to the wolf half.


    are you suggesting people who eat at denny’s are essentially werewolves

    not just essentially 

    Please, it would be at Waffle House


    So Northwestern werewolves can just starve, I guess.

    I didn’t do a survey of all werewolves asking where they like to eat before posting, sorry

    one of my absolute favorite things about fanfiction is the the way it just “i will take this shamelessly self-indulgent/ridiculous as absolute crack concept and i will treat it seriously.”

    because my god it lets you explore those really insane contrived ideas, or the ones that 14 year old you would have sighed about but been embarrassed by, but in a way that really examines it all, lets it have depth and nuance, lets you turn it over at every angle to find the surprises and the touching moments and the painful parts and the ways it both is and isn’t silly or exactly what you want it to be.

    it takes all those ideas and just lets them have dignity.

    fanfiction will let you write or read about two dudes accidentally raising a baby while running their coffee shop which one of them uses as a front for their assassin side gig all while they slowly fall in love, or about a woman who is just like you and so many like you, even in the embarrassing, not-cute-quirky ways, who survives an apocalypse and has to do so at the side of the actor she loved so much but would never have looked twice at her before the end of the world.

    and it lets you do all that while plumbing the emotional, moral, philosophical depths, and the ways the dream holds up and where it wrinkles, how you can let realism in, but not in a way that ruins the fantasy, instead only enhancing it.

    mainstream literature and published genre fiction has been doing a lot of this kind of thing for straight, white, cis men for a long, long time now, and it has strongly boxed out everyone else and fostered a culture that ridiculed anyone else for wanting to have that for themselves.

    but fanfiction lets us all have that, and it doesn’t ask us to present it with a wince, with a shy mumble; it never asks us to be embarrassed by what we love or what we want.

    just take it seriously, fanfiction offers. because you deserve to.


    Legit dated a guy in 7th grade who looked like O’Hare from The Lorax. Also had that hoodie. It was a crisp October day of 2013. I had just become a furry, and I wore a black fox tail every single day to school so I could be a fox. I went to a charter school at the time, so we frequently had families come to tour the school to see if it was a good fit for them. And I’m in the hallway, taking a break from my math problems. And there walks by a family, and a kid my age who’s wearing a fox tail. I immediately decided that we were destined to be together since he was the only other male fox in my age at the school. (The other furries pretended to be wolves and were too old for me to date).  So a month goes by, and he enrolls in the school. He’s in the 7th grade class though. And I was in 5th grade back in 7th grade, because my school put kids in classes based on ability, not age. And it took them the second semester that year for them to put me in the 8th grade class, because I wasn’t dumb as a doornail. I just flunked the entrance exams.  Anyways, I had a best friend (let’s call her Ali) And she was super into My Little Pony. And so was he. So suddenly, they become really good friends. And I keep trying to make a pass at the guy, but he just ignores me, he only wants to talk to Ali. Eventually, we become friends. And I ask him if he wants to date me and he accepts. About a month later, he confesses that he’s only dating me because he can’t get Ali, and he’ll dump me the moment that Ali asks him out. I was a dumbass back then so I thought it was fine and perfectly normal. The three of us had a Minecraft house together and we beat the Ender Dragon and Wither. Everything was perfect... Until Valentine’s Day.  I went hardcore for Valentine’s Day. I bought him a cool sketchbook and a box of chocolates. Then I made him a custom-painted figure of his My Little Pony oc, and a hat with fox ears. I give it to him, and he’s like “wow cool, thanks.” He didn’t get me anything though. (Actually, to this day I’ve never recieved a gift from a significant other despite being in multiple serious relationships). So it’s after lunch, and I’m doing math. When I hear screaming coming from the 7th grade classroom, which is next door. For some odd reason my boyfriend was running around the room, screaming like a banshee. After school, he refuses to tell me what happened and says he just had a panic attack from eating too much sugar. I confide in my other friends from that class and ask what happen. It turns out that the teacher thought the fox hat I made was stupid and made my boyfriend rip it off. So in a fit of rage, he started screaming, and then took a large gulp-cup of Coke from Jimmy John’s off of the teacher’s deck, and threw it at him, just narrowly missing and splattering all over the whiteboard.  We broke up like a month later. I didn’t keep much contact with him after that. Although, a year later he eventually realized how good I actually was and begged to have me back. But by then I had moved on. Now its 2 years later. I am a freshman in high school. I get a file transfer on Skype. Its from my now-ex, who I hadn’t spoken to in over a year. I click on the file, its a Word file. I read it. Its a furry fanfiction he wrote about himself turning into a shark and me taking him back because he is now a sexy shark furry. I blocked him. We haven’t spoken since. I have no idea where he is now in life.  Moral of the story: Don’t date someone just because your fursona is the same species.