Hello, there’s something I’ve always wondered and I’ve come to the conclusion that you’d be the number one person to ask about it…. So here goes are goodnites obvious under leggings? Or do they hide them well enough? Also what about when the goodnites are wet?

    They’re a bit obvious lol, that’s why I usually wear like a longer cover up with all my outfits so it covers my diaper booty lol.. I did that before wearing too so it’s not suspicious that I just started wearing those pieces. I’ll show you an example. You get lumpy butt syndrome when it’s wet 💦

    A very embarrassing and fussy moment was captured here. I had just been woken up for a diaper change (it looks like I was close to leaking or maybe already had). I have always hated wearing a diaper to bed. I love wearing during the day when it feels like my choice, but I hate wearing at night when it feels like I’d rather just air out and not worry about bedwetting. It’s caused so much stress in my life, I would definitely give it away if I could. I usually on a Northshore pad and hope for the best or I’ll wear a pull-up (so I can still get up and go to the bathroom if I wake up). So it’s pretty unusual to see me in a diaper at night. It’s usually when I’ve been drinking past 8pm (something I try to avoid). But on this night I had been taken out to a lovely dinner and I had been drinking far later than 8pm. Diapers it was and I’m honestly glad I did, because look at that diaper. My pull-up definitely would have overflowed.

    JFFs to follow my 24/7 experiment🌷