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    People on Facebook got angry at him and accused him of abusing his cat because he had him in the tub “against his will” not knowing that that breed needs daily batheing to keep their coat healthy and it’s wild. He was just being positive and cute and people were shitting on him.


    You don’t need to bathe your cat every day. They do that themselves.

    But once or twice every few months is okay to my understanding

    Ravioli is a cornish rex, meaning he doesnt have fur, only “down”. cornish rexes lack the guard hairs that repel dust, allergens, grime etc and need to be fully bathed at least once every 7 days & wiped with a warm washcloth 1-2 times daily, more if the house the cat lives in is particularly dusty or has lots of airborne pathogens. it’s the same with Sphynx (hairless) cats, which iAmMoshow (the guy in the vid) also owns! iirc he has two sphynxes, ravioli, and a standard domestic shorthair. he knows what hes doing!


    Sometimes… pets don’t know what’s best for them!

    but even if the cat didn’t need it, set aside that it does, why would you see this man bathing his pet and being soft and gentle and telling kitty I love you…and think this is animal abuse? like ??

    It’s racism

    ^^^ there it is


    Why he light skinned?

    Because Martin Luther was white and German.


    did someone confuse Luther with Jesus omg

    I suspect they confused him with Martin Luther King

    Oh no

    I mean, I get mixing them up based on names alone, but I’m concerned about the people who think Martin Luther King Jr. routinely wrote with a quill or dressed like a Renaissance man.

    At that point it’s your own damn fault for making that kind of mistake

    but why is martin luther the fastest sold playmobil figurine

    Protestants be shoppin

    <>Really Big Coin Skrekkøgle

    This is our Really Big Coin. It is big because it makes other things look small when photographed next to it. Actually, it is a 20:1 replica of the EUR 50-cent, you see it being milled out here. We needed to do quite a bit of sanding, lacquering and smudging to obtain the desired look and some climbing to get into required shooting position (you need to get up real high to take good pictures). The result is a short series of photographs, attempting to visually scale down real-sized objects.


    Images and text via


    what the fuck

    Me scrolling through the images: oooooh photos of miniature things with a coin for scale

    Me when I reached the text: waIT A MINUTE

    I legit thought the coin was a pizza someone kept throwing next to things.

    Ok Kipo it's amazing and everybody should watch it. Its adorable, imaginative, amazing mix of music, very diverse characters, and amazing story and action. It's got a very "avatar the last airbender" vibe to it so please do yourself a favor and watch it!!

    And it’s a children’s show that has a main character say, “I’m gay,” out loud, which is a great thing for kids to hear said out loud!