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2020-10-27 22:24:20

    As we all recall, several months ago Senator Joe Biden was seen as a non-viable Presidential nominee by his party. But as its leaders began to run out of options for stopping the Democratic-Socialism of Senator Bernie Sanders from seizing control of things in their party, they were finally willing to go back and settle on  Biden. Yet the events of the early Democratic primaries are a reflection of a radical cultural shift on the American Left; and you cannot permanently suppress a cultural reality by political means. Amongst Democratic party youth back in 2016, the Socialist candidate won as much as 80% of the vote in certain states. The modern Democratic party is rapidly becoming unrecognizable compared even to where it was in the 1990’s much less earlier. It would be entirely alien to its iconic forebearer president John F Kennedy (who obviously had no great affinity for Socialist/Communist ideology).

    One phenomenon that has always accompanied the rise of Socialist/Collectivist ideology has been the rise of mobs (and the same is true today).  And these mobs are always encouraged and embraced by the persons of influence  who propagate such ideologies.