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    RUBWAVE is the remix of STROKEWAVE.

    It has a few different components.

    1. It doesn’t talk about cock. It does talk about clit some – but since the listener isn’t specified I consider this pangender and largely pansexual. You have to be into women masturbating with you for sure.

    2. It features Flux who was not in the previous mix.

    3. It strips away most of the narrative in favor of looping mantras. It does replicate parts of the narrative, but much much less induction.

    4. It loops - it’s a full hour.  That hour itself should loop seamlessly.

    Haptics out soon!

    A note - nothing is perfect - but this is *precision* designed.  There a lot of hidden effects to reinforce the main theme.  It is complex even though it’s satisfying erotica.

    It is ideal for masturbating, edging, edging challenges, live sex, group sex, and mutual masturbation.

    CW: masturbation, groupmind, obedience, some mind emptying suggestions, serial recruitment, automatic agreement, brainwashing, servitude, mechanized obedience


    Kitten Azazel

    Bambi Sparkles

    Bliss @blink-blank-bliss

    Dolly Dixxon

    Flux @lynniegal

    Korrupted Innocence @korrupted-bunny

    Ring of Kees @ringofkees

    Please moo moo moo moo🐮