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My main blog, where I post anything and everything that amuses me.Also doubles as my main art blog. I'll be keeping most of the art I do here.

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2020-01-20 08:42:29

    it's so stupid, adhd is a dozen vaguely related neuroses in a trench coat, including such popular hits as

  • Can't Fucking Sleep Disorder
  • Can't Fucking Wake Up Disorder
  • What Is A Focus
  • Oops I Did It* Again (*Spent Thirteen Hours On Youtube And Forgot To Eat Or Drink)
  • The World Is Too Noise Today
  • All My Friends Hate Me (I Deduced This From A Three Word Text)
  • I Forgot About [thing] Literally As Soon As I Turned Around
  • ...and they decided to call it Trouble Sitting Still Disorder?????