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    (Also my first try at cc!)

    I’m so, so, sooo excited to share this with you all. This has been the project I’ve been working on for the last couple weeks (hence my radio silence and general lack of posts). I’ve recolored the entire S. Cargeaux kitchen set from the base game in all of Anna’s colors!

    This set is my favorite one from the base game and I was always bummed that it came with a crappy tile countertop and didn’t have many colors. I really love bright kitchens with lots of colors, so I took it upon myself to add some more swatches. 

    You get 3 styles of countertops for both the counter and islands with matching cabinets. I also fixed a weird uv issue where the top of the cabinets had a white line that appeared right on the edge. 

    The screenshots look like the cabinets are lighter than the counters, but that’s just the way I lit the room (aka poorly) and how I edited the screenshot (also poorly). They match perfectly and look fabulous, if I do say so. 

    I tested these on both my Windows partition and my Mac, so they should work without issue. If you have any problems let me know! 

    Thanks for following me! xo

    download (onedrive - works with dishwashers)
    alternative (simfileshare)


    i’ve finally updated these to work with the dishwashers. just let the new files overwrite the old. enjoy. :) 


    Hi everyone!

    I’d like to share that in four days I will be celebrating my stream by a long stream full of community games and my first ever shell tours! i’ve never done a shell before and made one in April to tour on my birthday and I’m so very excited to tour as many as I can on stream. As we’re super close to 900 followers on Twitch as well, it might be a little celebratory stream for that too! ♥

    If you’d like to drop by on the day or any of my other streams I’d love to say hi to you: click here to see my Twitch channel.


    I realise I said “celebrating my stream” but it’s “celebrating my BIRTHDAY” on stream! ♥


    Birthday celebrations starting one hour as per twitter announcement - in about 20 minutes!! I’m so happy to spend my day with you!! ♥

    new simblr: blackfern

    hiiiiii everyone, my name is lucien and im a new simblr that just started today!! ive been playing the sims for a little over a year, and i hope to eventually get into cc making down the line. until then, this blog will mostly be gameplay screenshots and lookbooks.

    its been a while since ive been active on tungle dot hell and im still looking for the perfect theme for my blog, so excuse the bareness for now and be warned that i may change my theme and general aesthetic often until i figure out what i want. i also have a lot to learn, so my posts might look a bit... amateurish at first.

    with all that out of the way, i hope we can be friends!! <3