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    Billy semi-hated his sisters new punk boyfriend. There was just the cocky attitude about him that he didn’t care for not to mention that he was only 5’10 and his sister’s boyfriend Luke was 6’4, always towering over him. The only thing Billy was drawn to was the 19 year old’s size 12’s and his foot smell. Every time Luke took his shoes off, the smell would fill the room. His sister had complained a couple times on it but Luke didn’t seem to take notice or change his behavior.  The three of them were in the den area with Jenny, Billy’s sister, coming in and out of the room to help their mom in the kitchen. Billy was originally on the couch watching some movie when Luke came in and sat down opposite of him. He had slipped off his shoes and after a short while, after Jen had exited the room, lifted his big bare feet up, and plopped them in his lap.  Billy could already smell them after the shoe were slipped off but it was now more apparent as they were right under his nose. Luke lifted one foot up, pushed it against Billy’s chest some, and said,”Hey, my feet are kinda tired. I need a foot massage.” The smell already getting him exited but he couldn’t blow his cover, responded,” Hell no, I’m not rubbing your rank feet.”  Luke grinned, easily lifting one foot up, and pressing it against Billy’s face. Billy watched the hulking foot press against his nose, pushing him back into the armrest as he heard Luke sarcastically say,”Awe, you mean this foot? Guess you want me to rub them in your face then since you don’t want to give them a massage.” Billy pushed the huge foot away but Luke quickly brought it back, lifting his other one up, pressing both against his face. Billy felt the pressure and his nose rub against the soles as his view was engulfed. He breathed in the baked foot smell of the HS senior as he felt the bare soles rub over his face. Billy grunted out and Luke responded,”How do my feet smell?” Billy managed to pull one of them down and croaked out,”Fucking stink.” He then saw his sister come back into the room and grab a chair. Billy tried to put up more of a fight against the huge feet as Luke wasn’t letting up. She looked over at Luke had said half teasing,”You know your feet stink and you’re going to make him sick right.”  He responded,”Hey, he didn’t want to give me a foot massage so he opted for this instead.”  Billy wrestled with them for several more minutes and managed to keep his feet down in his lap just as their mom popped her head in asking for Jenn to help her with their neighbor next door. Jenn looked over at Luke and said,”Give me like 15 or 20 min then we can go.”  She got up and followed her mom out as Billy slightly relaxed. Luke turned his attention back to him, quickly shoved his 12’s back into his face, and said,”Keep smelling.” The soles consumed his entire face, covering him in foot odor as he lay there letting the bottoms rub against his nose. Billy inhaled as Luke rubbed his toes against his nostrils. ”Yah, fucking like that don’t you? Like my foot smell all in your face.” Billy got momentarily scared and tried pushing one foot away, stammering,”I don’t…” Luke quieted him up by covering his face again. “Shut up. Anyone would have bolted from the couch by now but you’re just staying there taking it. You’re loving this.”  Luke rubbed his bare feet into Billy’s face more persistently waiting for confirmation. When he didn’t get one, he squeezed Billy’s nose with his toes, and asked again. “Yes,” Billy reluctantly answered. Luke laughed at him and moved one set of toes down, slightly pushing them against Billy’s mouth. “Lick.” He licked between the punks toes, tasting the saltiness of them. Luke continued teasing him for several more minutes till he ordered him to put his shoes on. As Billy did, Luke said,”Looks like I got myself a new slave.” Luke stood up and looked down at him and ordered,”Get down and kiss my feet good bye.”  Billy knelt down, replying ‘yes master’ , and gave each shoe a few kisses. “Good slave boy. You’ll be worshipping them again soon.”