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    “This is going to hurt you, a lot. In fact, it may be the most painful thing you’ve ever experienced, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. The first time a man uses your cunt, he’s shredding your manhood and permanently changing your place in this world.

    So go ahead and cry, sob even. It just makes me harder. After I’m done with using your mouth, and I plan on using it for many things, I’ll finally shove my cock in your cunt and show you what a real man can do with his cock as I pummel your prostate and make you quiver.

    You’re forever going to be mine, and I’m so glad little buddy.”


    When my wife found out I was watching gay foot domination porn and chatting with foot doms online she took it differently than I would have predicted. She actually persuaded one of her friends from work to be my foot dom- apparently he thought she was joking at first and found the whole thing wildly hilarious! At first they made a deal that she would let him hit it as often as he wanted to if he would come over a few times a week for a few hours and make me sniff and worship his smelly feet, but after a few months they started to get a connection & he slowly started coming over more and more often each week and staying longer each time.

    It worked out perfect for everyone for those first few months, but I never expected them to eventually fall in love! Although he is eleven years younger than me he is now the man of the house, and for the last 3 weeks I have been following his every order and being his hopelessly devoted slave 24/7. Since he moved in he’s made me wear a chastity belt and a shock collar, and he and my wife are constantly on top of each other like rabbits! Whenever I try to sneak off and hide for a while to just relax and try to feel normal again he zaps my collar and orders me to come pamper his feet- I spend HOURS each day endlessly sniffing, kissing, and making out with his often ripe feet.

    What started out as harmless porn watching & erotic online conversations turned into a life of total slavery as a pathetic cuck. My wife has never had an interest in making me worship her feet, it’s only his feet that taunt and tease me day after day. While they have countless orgasms each day I stay eternally denied and teased with his stinky toes, but I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.


    Moet je zien


    You’re roommate was a small town, bourgeois, conservative, anti-homo who came from an upper middle class suburb. You were the overly sweet twink with a high pitched voice & a pension for pastels and color coordinated outifts. It took a few ass beatings, but it didn’t take too long for you to learn how to coexist with your asinine roommate.

    You learned to always stay silent in his presence, to stay chaste & let him keep the keys for his own comfort and confirmation, and to always be obedient. You stay off of his furniture and keep the place neat & tidy at all times- including his bedroom, bathroom, car, and laundry. Whenever you 2 are in the room together and he props his feet up it means he wants them rubbed, if he brings them to your face he wants them rubbed and sniffed, and if he shoves them in your mouth he wants them worshiped and adored.

    By the end of the year he offered you a permanent place as his fag. He asked you to not enroll for the next year, but instead to devote your life to being his loyal slave. You were weary, but after all of the training and the several months of chastity you’ve grown to absolutely love him, just as everyone else always has loved him & his charismatic nature. In the end you gave up pursuing your law degree and devoted yourself to his beautiful soles.


    “Why do you deserve the promotion over me?”

    Devon was so excited when he found out he was being considered for a position on the executive board. He’d worked hard over the last few years to prove his worth at the company, and he was tired of being neglected. Not literally of course, Devon’s massive frame had earned him the nickname “The Friendly Giant” early on. He’d spent a lot of time at the gym and it showed, and the girls picked up on it too. But he was sick of being known as the office bodybuilder–he wanted to be known as the youngest executive at the company.

    But when Devon found out that the other office hotshot was up for the promotion too, he almost punched a wall. How could they consider Alexander and him for the same position, let alone have to consider anything? Where Devon built personal relationships with clients, Alexander focused on getting money as quickly as possible. While Devon was warm and kind, Alexander was a bigoted prick who thought he deserved the world. And while Devon treated women right, Alexander did the opposite but still got them into his bed.

    In his head, Devon had everything over Alexander. The relationships, the attitude, and even a few extra inches. If he wanted, he could pummel the arrogant bastard and everyone else probably would have cheered him on. But no, the two of them were up for a promotion that would not only come with extra cash, but the bragging rights. Devon had to find out why Alexander could possibly be his competition, so he went right to the source. Or well, the source came right to him.

    “Alex,” Devon huffed from the doorway, noticing his sworn enemy seated cockily behind his desk in his chair. He even had his feet kicked up.

    A disinterested look passed over Alexander’s face. “I was wondering where you were, wasting my time like that.”

    “Get out of my desk and out of my office.” Devon didn’t care if he came off as aggressive. This was his kingdom after all.

    “But Dev, I’m just here to ask you something.”

    The frown stayed on Devon’s face, yet he didn’t bother pushing the other man out because he knew Alexander wouldn’t leave until he made his point. But when Alex did ask that hideous question however, with that air reeking of privilege and narcissism, Devon could feel his cheeks go red with anger.

    “I can think of hundreds of reasons,” Devon spat, marching over to the desk. “Why in the world would you ever think I didn’t deserve the promotion over a piece of trash like you?”

    Alexander smiled, kicking off his black shoes to reveal his bare feet. Each landed with a Clunk!” on the ground. Upon noticing that Alexander hadn’t been wearing socks, Devon could feel himself riled to the point of no return.

    “For starters, you’re too shy and meek to get anything serious done.”

    That furious anger left Devon immediately. He wanted to retort but held himself back, instead taking a seat in a chair behind him.

    “You are so busy listening to others that you never have thoughts of your own.”

    Devon scooted forward attentively, curious to hear Alexander’s idiotic points.

    “Your physical insignificance doesn’t convince anyone you could be a leader, no matter how hard you try to tell yourself otherwise.”

    Devon’s head felt a little sluggish. Just because he was shorter, smaller, and possibly weaker than Alexander didn’t mean he wasn’t fit for a promotion.

    “And I’m not just talking about one physical insignificance.”

    Alexander eyed Devon’s crotch with disgust. Immediately, Devon covered himself in shame, wishing his cock wasn’t so small that it always stood straight out.

    “There’s the mental insignificance too. A boy like you could never be as capable as a man like me.”

    The fog in his head thickened, although Devon blamed it on the powerful musk coming from Alexander’s massive feet. He scooted a little closer to get a better smell of them, telling himself he was just trying to locate the exact origin of the scent.

    “And most importantly, let’s not forget about your most identifiable insignificance.”

    Devon wasn’t paying attention anymore. He was too focused on the massive, Size 15 feet in front of him. There was something so magnetic about them, an energy that made him want to lean in. He didn’t even realize his microdick was beginning to stir.

    “That’s right, you pervert,” Alexander chuckled maniacally. “I knew hidden beneath it all you were just another pathetic faggot.”

    Even Alexander was surprised when Devon didn’t flinch. But he didn’t care, nonchalantly pushing his soles right into Devon’s face before making the command.


    What Alexander said didn’t really affect Devon as he was already completely absorbed by the full-bodied odor, but Alexander just wanted to display his dominance. The almighty demoralizing foot funk compressed a confident, straight male into an obedient, submissive fag. Alexander knew the competition would no longer be an issue, but he wanted to hear it from the cocksucker’s lips.

    “So homo, still eyein’ up that promotion?” Alexander taunted.

    “No sir!” Evan exclaimed. “I want to be able to serve straight men everyday, just like a fag should!”

    “That’s what I thought,” Alexander laughed as Evan immediately got back to worshiping his master’s soles.

    “Why do you keep staring at my feet?,” you hear your skater friend ask you.  “No I haven’t,” you say back. “Yah, you have. I see you keep looking down at them all the time. You got a foot fetish or something?”  You gulp, a bit nervous, and quickly say back,”No I don’t,” trying to deflect. Your friend gives a sly grin and raises his size 12 up to your face replying,”No need to by shy about it. Just admit you like feet.”  He wiggles his toes a bit at you and you finally break, confessing you are into guys feet and have loved looking at his feet. Before you have time to finish talking, he moves his foot forward, pushing his sole firmly against your face. “Smell it,” he chuckles lightly. You deeply sniff his foot, pushing your nose into his padded sole. He drags his bare foot down your face and starts squeezing your nose with his toes. You breathe in the air between his toes. “You like?,” he asks.  You nod your nose ‘yes’ against his toes. “Guess I’ll have to start making you sniff my feet after we skateboard,” he follows it up and rubs his foot up and down your face for a bit. “Lick,” he demands and you immediately drag your tongue over his bare soles, tasting the light saltiness of them. You lick at his toes and he eventually pushes his big toe in your mouth. After several minutes, he tells you to lay on the floor where he proceeds to just smother your face with both huge feet. Having you smell and worship his feet for the better half of the afternoon.

    Adam was the last person you expected to see in your hotel room right before your wedding, you guessed your future wife had let him since she never refused anything he demanded of her, he had made himself comfortable in the room, with a drink in his hand and a smirk when you walked in.

    “Ugh hey Adam, this room isn’t for guests the ceremony is at th-“

    He cut you off before you could finish “obviously I know this room isn’t for guests since I’m the only one here, I thought I’d do you a favor and have this conversation with you alone, since this might be your wedding day and all that”

    Your mind starts to race, you’ve been avoiding being alone with Adam since you’ve known about him, afraid what he might say to you, embarrassed both of you knew he was fucking your fiancé before you met her and still is.

    “Oh well I guess that’s nice of you thanks, what did you wanna talk to me about?”

    “You never asked for my blessing to marry Amy did you”

    “Well I never thought I would need your blessing to marry her”

    “Well you’re fucking mistaken, you knew she’s been riding my dick for 3 years now, Amy is a good fuck, obedient, doesn’t complain and she got you to do all the boyfriend shit so she doesn’t bother me with that shit, and you know she wouldn’t marry you if I told her not to right? You realize that?”

    You were confused by the conversation and how comfortable he was telling you all this about the woman you’re supposed to marry in an hour, but you also knew he was right, Amy would call off the wedding the second he tells her to, you had to find a way to save yourself from all this embarrassment.

    “You’re right Adam, you’ve been here before me and I should’ve asked it slipped my mind, but please don’t do this, I love Amy and want to marry her more than anything please give me your blessing Adam”

    His smile gets bigger “I knew you’d know the right thing to do, you’re a good cuck, and the bitch can do worse than you so I’ll tell you what, she told me how much you make, 50% of that will be transferred to me every month and I’ll let you go through with this thing”

    50% of your income is a lot of money, you start to consider it for a second but you realize you can’t let yourself be humiliated in front of all your friends and family.

    “Yes, okay, I can do that”

    “Smart move”

    You realize how desperate you must’ve sounded because he starts to push even further.

    “Make sure you don’t miss a month cuz I’ll be quick to make that call, considering how generous I’m being with you, you’re gonna address me as Sir from now on”

    You nod your head thinking about the possibility of losing your wife.

    “Alright, thank you and I’m sorry for not asking for your blessing before” you say trying to calm him down and get the day to go smoothly.

    “That’s not how you thank and apologize to a man” he said and he extends his barefoot to you, he doesn’t need to tell you what to do, you know what you have to do to keep your wife, you get on your knees, kiss his feet and say “thank you Sir”

    “Good boi, I’ll send Amy tonight when I’m done emptying my cum in her”


    See this, fag boy ?  The only down side of wearing flip flops is that you always get the soles dirty with dust and dirt from outside... But your tongue will take care of it, right? Once my Alpha Feet are clean, you will continue by licking the insole and the strap, I want them perfectly spotless ! This is a standing order from today on, and be grateful that I do not add the bottom side to your chores...


    Thank You, Sir - it’s not a down side, it’s a treat!

    “Ok Sir, one shrimp cocktail, one Belvedere on the rocks, and a bottled water.” I put the tray down and slid it close enough to him to get a hint of his scent. It was glorious. He was glorious. It’d been a summer of serving soft jawed, manicured, white collar men. Now this hairy bull was at the resort. I was going to worship the ground he walked on. He gave a grunt as recognition. “Did you want that charger to your room?” I asked. Trying to make the interaction last. Another grunt. I cleared his last drink and started to walk away. “Take your tip.” He said. I turned back confused. I looked him up and down (dear god). No wallet, no bag. “Uhm that’s ok Sir, I can’t tip myself on a room charge. It’s my pleasure really, you let me know if you need anything else, someone will grab me, ok?” I said. “Jesus you talk a lot. My pit. Sniff it. That’s your tip.” He said. I wanted to throw myself in the pool. “I—are you? This is a joke or a test or something right?” I said. “Take it or leave it.” He replied. Against all my better judgement I took a knee next to him. I could pretend I was tying my shoe. I leaned forward. It’s hard to describe where my mind went. Maybe the stone ages? Because instantly I felt a shift in my psyche. It was like I’d been a gatherer all my life and I was encountering my first hunter. I wish I could describe the musk of him, he didn’t smell dirty or sour. He smelled feral. Like he was somehow more man than anyone I’d known. His pheromones were potent. Waves of warmth spread throughout my whole body. All that I was experiencing amounted to nothing more than me quietly whispering “fuck”. He cracked a smile. “G’boy.” He said. “Thank you Sir” I said still feeling wobbly. I’d risked my career and it was totally worth it. “What time you done?” He asked. “11:30 Sir” I answered. “Come to my room. I want you.” He said. “It’s my pleasure. See you then.” I said. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and got up to walk away. “Sir…please don’t shower,” I whispered. His expression went from smug to serious. “Neither one of us is going to shower before tonight. Understood?” He answered. “But I’m working you i think you might not like the way—”, I started, “Do you understand?” He almost growled. “Yes Sir! Sorry I didn’t mean to, I just meant that,” I started to ramble. “You talk to much. I’m gonna keep that mouth busy tonight.” He said leaning back and closing his eyes. “Can’t wait,” I said.


    Take a whiff of these college jock’s smelly feet


    He knows the reek, but a fag is still gonna lick them


    Wanna sniff this jocks feet


    “Fuck dude it’s been a long day I really need to wind down.”

    “You wanna sniff my foot bro? I know it always makes you feel better.”

    “Hell yeah man you’re the best. Mind if I jerk off while I sniff?”

    “Sure thing take your time. They probably stink extra today. Been real hot out.”

    “Fuck man this is the best. Your feet reek so good right now. Especially your toes. I’m gonna cum real good. Thanks for helping out!”

    “What are friends for?”

    twitter: @pickerisock. Casually being stepped on by your cousin when visiting for the month…. You accept it.   Him teasing you with the smell his feet after a long day when watching movies… you accept it. Sharing his room, laying on a blow up bed, him still sleepy but watching him stand over you... him slowly cushioning one bare sole upon your whole face. Feeling it shake upon your face, sliding his toes to your nose and flexing them, seeing him slightly grin down at your acceptance of your place under him.  He then stands on your stomach momentarily before moving his other foot back to your face. Feeling the weight on top of you, his foot sinking into your face… you go with it, letting him rule over you in a victorious pose. You guess the next step is his toes in your mouth wanting to be licked. Challenge accepted. 

    Seeing most of the college friends in the other room, your college buddy slips off his flip flops, and pushes you down flat on the floor under his feet. You see him flash an evil smile down at you as both bare feet consume your face. You see nothing but the bottoms as the soles rub over your nose and mouth. Covering your nose with one pair of toes, he slides his other toes down to your mouth, and forces them in. "Connor....," you muffle out as you stick your tongue between each of his toes, licking between them. You lick his feet for a few minutes before you hear your college friends coming back. Connor quickly removes his feet from your face and you sit back up, you're back against the couch as if everything is normal. You glance up at him and he smiles down at you. Ever since you've met him, he's had a thing for putting his feet in your face and having you suck his toes. Getting more bolder during parties as it gives him a rush. Lucky for him, you also enjoy being foot dominated by him.


    Do you prefer to lift your ass up when u fart, or keep full weight on ur seats face?

    Depends, sometimes I like to stay full weight on my seat’s face, rip the fart, let it bubble out, knowing they can move at all, and letting them squirm in my crack with that stink. Other times it’s nice to lift up, command them to get their nose right against my asshole and inhale as it comes up, or open their mouth, put their lips around my hole, and swallow it, before sitting back down full weight and laughing as they struggle to handle it

    Dom Qoutes - Diablo

    "What...did..I...say??? No sneaking air! No fresh air! NO ESCAPING!!! You were so cocky and arrogant thinking you'd beat me. All it took was a few stinkfaces to end you, so now I'll teach you how to survive a real facesitting. This sweaty, deep crack and heavy mounds of fat ass should give a real idea of how doms like me are."

    *Check out @DiabloWrestler on Twitter*

    Dom Quotes - Nathan Wyld (Aka Nuclear Nathan)

    "Yeah boy, that's the spot. Place your nose right up and snug to my sticky pucker as I twerk over your face. I feel the first... one...coming.....ahhh yeah. That was a big one. How'd it smell fart sniffer? Are you even still alive after that? I'll take the silence and limp arms as a no. Ohh I can't stop them com..ing...ahh!"

    *Check out @nath_wyld1 on twitter*