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under 21 yrs old leave NOW!!!!! 49 year old woman who knows what she loves,likes and wants. I have a NAUGHTY, NASTY Blog but that doesn't mean you need to send me your dick or kitty pic's unsolicited.. What you see on my Blog are mainly REBLOGS... If something belong to you please drop me a line I will take it down.. I am a Smart Ass, I Cuss and I say what is on my Mind. I am a ALPHA female but I am submissive... If I OFFEND you to FUCKEN BAD!!! If you don't like what on my Blog Be GONE...

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    He is her strength and when she needs him, he is always there to guide, to cherish, to protect; but this time he needs her. He needs her hand in his hair, he needs her body to make him feel again, he needs her to tell him it will be okay. He just needs to be held...and she needs to hold him and cherish him, as much he needs to protect her. That is their duality.


    His Strength when he needs, his Safe Place ALWAYS!!!!

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